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Young and Hung

Having pursued my bisexual urges in just the last 3 years since I have retired, I wish I had jumped off the bridge years ago. I head to the community center 3 times a week to swim laps. I get plenty of stares in the locker room at my thick 8 inch cock swinging between my legs. Just last week at about 9am a young man struck up a conversation with me while changing after we showered.

He was about 30 years old in my estimation and a rugged handsome man. He could not keep his eyes off my crotch. This attention caused some stiffening to start. He was obviously very interested. He was very well endowed himself, giving me an eyeful while he stood close to my face as I sat on the bench. Being alone with him, he made no move to cover up or get dressed. He then said it was unusual to see another man with a cock as big as his.

I noted that he was much bigger than me. We exchanged glances at each others cock. Taking his member into his hand, he started pulling and stroking himself. As the bleed rushed into his tube it expanded in girth and length rapidly. Still standing facing me , I reached out and wrapped my hand around his thick meat and he relinquished the stroking to me. Leaning back against the lockers, he closed his eyes and a low moan escaped his lips.

I asked if he had a place we could go and continue in private. He told me he was free the rest of the day and lived close by. We dressed and walked to the parking lot exchanging information about our social relationships at home. Ben was divorced and living alone, me married with a retired wife at home. Following him a couple miles, we pulled into a long private driveway through woods at the end of a quiet subdivision.

He let me in through the garage and as we entered into the family room he turned and grabbed my crotch. I pulled him against me and he began unbuckling my belt. I asked if we could go to the bedroom and he led up the stairs. We both tore off our clothes and jumped onto the bed. His cock was standing hard at least 9 inches tall. I slid down his body and ran my tongue from his shaven balls to the tip of his cock where I lapped off a large drop of precum.

Sweet and slippery, it led me to coax more from his shaft. The more I stroked, it flowed in a steady stream into my mouth. Ben sighed loudly and asked me to keep going. I plunged down and pushed the head into my throat not stopping till his balls were resting against my lips. I flexed my muscles in my neck and did a quick in and out stroke. His body stiffened all over and his shaft swelled and throbbed even more.

I could feel his balls tighten and I withdrew till just the head was in my mouth, when he grabbed my head and moaned he was coming. The first shot was hot against my tongue and I started swallowing. String after string came fast and strong. It was more cum than I had ever had in my mouth at one time. I frantically tried to keep up with the flow and decided it would be better shooting directly down my throat.

I drove his shaft deep into my gullet. The flow subsided and his cock stopped twitching. It was so much cum I still had a mouth full of the delicious thick fluid. I moved up to the head of the bed and placed my mouth on his, parted his lips with my tongue and deposited much of the load into his mouth. We swapped the sweet reward between us till we both swallowed our share.

What a rush. I finally got to suck a cock larger than my own and was given a treasure trove of ball juice to savor. We laid there and enjoyed the glow of sexual pleasure for several minutes before talking. I asked him if he always shot such a large load. He told me he was a freak that way, able to unload a huge amount every time he came. And that meant 3 to 4 times in a row.

I was in heaven. I had found the fountain of youth and intended to drink long and often from it. The hard cock I had just drained was still rock solid and at attention,so I had no doubt he was being truthful about his performance. I told him how much I enjoyed sucking him and he complimented me on giving him one of the best blowjobs he had ever received. He would be getting many more if it was up to me.

My cock was dripping and so hard it hurt. He asked how I wanted to get off,and began to play with me.
He began a massage of my asshole with one hand and dropped down and took my cock in his mouth. Spitting on his fingers, he inserted one in my ass and slowly pushed it deep till his knuckles hit the rim. It felt so good I didn’t think I would last long.

Unexpectedly he shifted down and put his face between my cheeks and lapped at my bung with his tongue. He kept pushing until his tip entered my canal. Wow, that was electric. All at once he stopped and came up face to face and asked if I would fuck his ass. I agreed if he had condoms for me to use. He jumped off the bed went to the dresser and retrieved condoms and a bottle of lube.

Slipping a latex sheath down my shaft he squirted a few drops of lube on his hands and worked it onto my cock. Then he pushed the rest into his puckered hole. Straddling me he grabbed my cock and put it at the entrance to his ass and lower himself slowly. My head pushed past the ring and slide into the tight canal. How wonderfully warm and snug it felt inside. He didn’t miss a beat although he grunted when I bottomed out against his cheeks.

Sitting still he looked up at me and smiled, letting his insides adjust to my girth.
I told him how damn good it was being buried balls deep in him. After a minute he started rocking and sliding up and off my lap. I knew it wouldn’t take much to make me nut. The pace quickened and the slapping of flesh on flesh urged us both to climax. As his breath became more rapid I moaned my approval and he sensed me coming.

His big cock was pointing at my face and his full and heavy nut sack was grinding on my lower belly. I took his cock in my hand and stroked using all the precum as lubricant. My balls sent their juice up my shaft and into the condom, throbbing hard. Ben cried out and shot a long rope of cum up across my chest hitting me in the face. Opening my mouth I caught the second and third ropes.

He was not kidding about his freakish cum loads. He kept shooting all over my face and beard till I was totally covered in luscious sperm. Settling down on my chest, he lapped away at the mess he made and fed it to me.
This was a man I wanted to start a long relationship with. He told me he wanted to see me again. I had a the biggest smile on my face when I said that was my intention too.

Ben was self employed and had a very open schedule. It will be easy for us both to meet with our common link at the pool.
I played with his cock as we talked and he immediately stiffened. I could not believe the staying power he possessed. I wanted to suck him off again but he asked if he could lube up my ass crack and hump me. Who was I to refuse? We soon had the bed shaking and the lube was flying all up my back.

He made several long thrusts and grabbed his cock and stroked another big load across my back and onto my neck and hair. Again he lapped it up and shared it with me. We hopped in the shower and lathered each other till my cock stood up. That is a good sign for a man my age. He dropped to his knees and took me into his mouth Deep throating my entire length it was not long till I let loose.

He swallowed it all.
After dressing we set up our next meet for two days out. I know this will be a great relationship for both of us. As I drove away I thought about how it would feel to try stuffing that fat 9 inch cock up my ass. Although I am not a bottom, Ben could very easily persuade me.
More to come about Ben and I.

Check back.

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