The perverse sow why does he do something like that?!? Have inseminated for roadside assistance!!

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  • Date: 18.12.2022
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On the way home I had to stop to pee! When I wanted to start my car again, it wouldn't start because it was freezing minus degrees and I had been standing there for 10 minutes before someone stopped! When he came up to me, I thought maybe someone was there who could start my car, since it was really really cold and I was really freezing… He didn't hesitate for long and said he could definitely get my car running again and opened his pants and just stretched his cock out to me, since I don't want to burn anything and it was already so cold, I accepted the offer and first blew him pretty hard! I got out on it and showed him my pussy in which he should fuck bare, he didn't burn anything and fucked me pretty horny in the car, someone could drive by at any moment but it was so hot that I just let myself be fucked! I didn't notice anything from the cold because I was so horny that I forget everything because of it! He sprayed me on my wet pussy and sucked everything! Was that a great fuck through the breakdown .. would you have helped me too!?