THAT was totally in the EYE!! His FIRST time SEX in front of the CAMERA!

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  • Date: 01.01.2023
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Yesterday my roommate's best friend was visiting. I also get along with him quite well and I have to admit that I had a slight crush on him for a long time 😀 When my roommate went out to do some shopping for a moment, his friend stayed there and we were alone.. When he then banged out in the middle of the conversation that he knew about my little secret here, I didn't even know what to say and how best to react… I was briefly overwhelmed by the situation and suddenly I slipped out whether he wouldn't want to take part too . Actually, the whole thing was meant to be funny – but he went straight into it! What will my roommate say when he finds out about THAT?! Should I tell him? What would you do? Have I gone too far?! Kiss, Maya :*