Luna on toilet

  • Time: 1:40
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  • Date: 18.12.2022
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The wish to see a video in which I go to the toilet at home and pee quite “normally” has already been expressed to me a number of times. Now I finally fulfill your wish. I smile at you sweetly before I go to the toilet and pull down my panties. I'm still wearing my shirt from the night, which is pretty loose and allows a glimpse of my pink nipples from time to time. I sit down on the toilet and lift the top a bit so you have a good view of my pussy. The pee starts to run, it squirts quite a bit and feels wonderfully warm as it runs along my labia. The jet slowly weakens and the last drops flow out. Now I want to clean myself but I notice that there is no more toilet paper. Such a crap! So I lean forward and try to reach the closet in front of me, there are still tempos in there. I succeed, but not without a little sparkling wine dripping down my thighs. Now I wipe myself properly and rinse. Have fun 🙂