Like an erupting volcano

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  • Date: 18.12.2022
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When a woman gives you a blowjob and you cum, does she continue or stop? I think it's definitely a lot hotter if you just keep going until the orgasm is over and maybe shortly after. I'm going to try this with my friend today. At the beginning I lick around his shaft with relish, gently touching every millimeter of the cock and snuggling it! He's steadily getting harder and every now and then I feel a slight twitch in his member. I play with his glans, kissing it gently and gradually taking the tip into my mouth. I suck on it tenderly and keep pushing it in until just before my throat. My movements become more definite and demanding now, I suck the penis, eager for my reward in the form of semen. When I feel the hoped-for twitching and final swelling, I know he's about to come! I gently stroke his shaft with my hand and intensively spoil his glans with my tongue. The first shot of cum squirts out in a high arc, as do the next shots and of course I don't stop until it's finished and every last drop has been splattered!