I can get him what he wants!! Luna, the hot Christmas present?!?

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  • Date: 25.12.2022
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Hey my dear and I wish you a wonderful first Christmas day ^^ I also wanted to give someone something hot this year ;)) He was the perfect candidate. After work, I “wrapped” for him like a hot gift and placed myself under the Christmas tree. When he finally came to my apartment, he was so overwhelmed by the wrapping paper ^^ Then I told him his present 😉 He was allowed to ask me what he wanted and he wished; Not having to do all the work XD This wish was my command ;)) I dropped the wrapping paper and I started to give him a hot and white Christmas: PP First I made his cock hard through his underpants. That didn't take long at all either. When his cock was nice and hot and hard, I spilled some lube on him and sat on his hot cock ;)) Would you have lasted longer in reverse than he did ;)) I wish you a Merry Christmas ^^ All the best and kisses : **