Bizarre slave checkup: part 3 prostate milking and sperm filling

  • Time: 13:19
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  • Date: 01.01.2023
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It's time for your embarrassing examination, the annual checkup is coming up, slave T! Lady Despina and Lady Naomi Rouge will take a close look at you. Part 3: Now the finale is heralded! First I milk the prostate mercilessly empty, it's a good thing that Lady Despina is holding the tail hole closed with a thick dilator, so the slave's cock can't leak yet. The two holes are now finally stretched satisfactorily, so we switch from “manual operation” to vibration. A large, vibrating anal plug now replaces my fingers so that I can stand by when the load of slave juice comes out. Lady Despina provides the sweet agony of cock, he's distracted enough for me to smear his cum in his mouth and face…