Anal destroyed on a Christmas date – my ass has never been fucked like this before!

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  • Date: 23.12.2022
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Christmas, that festival of love and contemplation, but for me it escalated again totally. I had a Christmas date and we got along great right away. He was just as relaxed as I was and we quickly found our “preferences”. He's just as into anal sex as I am. But he was of the opinion that he likes it much harder and more crass than I do. Of course I contradicted him and since I liked him very much, I invited him to my house. I was very curious whether he really is such a blatant fucker and likes unusual things. We got straight to the point and he spotted a roll of tape on me. He asked me if anyone had taped my butt and I said no. He was totally into it and immediately started to tape my ass. This widened the butt hole extremely and it was really mega open. It was so intense as he stuck his cock up my ass. OMG, I've never been taken anally so intensely. He really was a horny fucker and knew how to please a woman. I also came to orgasm several times and he squirted his sperm into my widened hole.