Am I going too far now? My first time outdoors and then that!!

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  • Date: 18.12.2022
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It wasn't all planned that way. I was on my way to my family's Christmas party. When I passed a rest area I thought why not take the next step and get it outdoors. I had looked around to see if anyone was anywhere!! But I hadn't seen one so I just started letting myself go and getting it on myself. When I watched the video at home, I realized that someone was watching all the time. Krassss I didn't notice that, do you think he could see what I was doing in the car? I have to say that the whole thing is already uncomfortable for me, but that also turns me on somewhere that I'm being watched. Something like that is totally new for me and I don't know anything about myself. Do you think it's bad that I was watched, would you have done that too?