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The Basketball Game

My wife and I were all excited our favorite team was playing for the conference title. We got our shirts own with the school logo, school colored sweat pants, fixed our drinks, and turned the tube on. We were not picked to win but had been playing well in the tournament. My wife has a large frame about 5?” tall, beautiful 36DD tits, 29″ waist, and 38″ butt. She handles her weight well at 155 lbs.

, she is very strong. To look at her one would guess her to be 25 lbs. lighter.

The shirt she wearing was one of mine that buttoned in the front. She stretched it across the front with her large tits such that she left it unbuttoned showing a lot of cleavage. We were both settled in for the night not wearing any underwear planning to go to bed as soon as the game was over.. Her nipples were pushing hard and very visible against the thin tight shirt.

I made a comment that she was making me horny with her tits swaying and bouncing every time our school scored. She said wait till the game is over, I don’t want to be distracted.

Our team was ahead at the half and with all the excitement we had been guzzling our drinks. I called my good buddy, who is also a fan of the team to make sure he was watching.

He said he was but he and his wife had had a argument and he was in his man cave, a storage room in his back yard. He went on to say that he had his wood stove on and it was toasty warm with a pot of lima bean ready to eat on top. He ask us to come on over and watch the rest of the game.

I ask my wife as I talked and she no way, no make up, no underwear, and no time change before the game would start up.

My friend pleaded, he said it not any fun to watch the by himself. He said he was in some jogging sweats, not worry how we were dressed. I asked again and my OK. He lived about a mile from us so we grabbed our coats and ran to the car.

We have know this guy for probably 20 years, back before he was married. He got his wife pregnant and had to get married.

He often told how badly they were getting along. We had been to cookouts, birthday parties at his house, so on and so forth.

He had always flirted with my wife in front of me and when I was not around, just harmless fun. He would say things that my wife would normally take offense to, but would laugh and enjoys his sexual remarks. He once was behind her at the grocery store and walked up to her and whispered in her ear, “lady you have a beautiful ass”.

He continued “come on home with me and I’ll let you have some of my large dick”. She told me she was about to piss in her pants as she checked out. She went to her car loading the groceries when “friend” came out of the store. She laughingly said you are a s. o. b and shot him the finger. He got in his truck and asked her over to his window. She walked over to his truck and he said, I want to show you what you do to me.

He was wearing shorts and you could plainly see the outline of his semi-hard dick in the leg of his shorts. She cussed him again and when she got home she laughed till cried telling me what was said and what he did.

It was always something like that. Once I pulled up to talk to him as he was gassing up his truck. Before I could say anything he blurted out, when are you going to have your wife give me some, to which I said she would hurt you.

So, we arrive at his man cave and the game had just started. My wife planned to leave her coat on to hide her braless tits but it very warm with the wood heater and my wife pulled her coat off. As we drank and cheered my wife’s tits would sway and bounce. Our friend would make nasty commit after nasty commit and my wife began to do things just to aggravate him.

The game ended and we all hugged. When my wife and friend broke their embrace, her nipples were hard and you could see his semi easily through his sweat pants, he obviously did not have any underwear on.

He saw me looking and apologized. He said that he and his wife had cooked the beans and had plans similar to ours, a quite night, lima beans, and then some good sex. She for got the Texas Toast at the grocery and that started an argument.

He said he had taken Viagra to make sure he performed well. That was why his dick was sticking straight out of his sweat pants. He said you know how I feel about your sexy wife.

We sat at the table, friend hiding his erection and my wife put her coat on, shooting the bull. Our friend got very serious about his relationship with his wife and said he probably would not be with her much longer.

He said they rarely had sex and when they did she was not responsive.

We decided to leave and he asked us to stay awhile, he was having as much fun as he had had in a while. He poured a shot and we saluted, clicking our glasses to our friendship. As we talked he told us that another good friend of ours had told him that my wife had pretty tits.

That he had seen them once when he caught us naked in the spa, I remember it to be true. He got up to turn on the radio and I looked, his hard had subsided. A song came on the radio and he asked my wife to dance.

They broke apart after the song and my wife was laughing saying that thing was poking me through the whole song. She said it is hot in here, obviously not only because of the wood heater.

She took off her coat and her nipples were hard. I commented how come you have hard nipples if so hot. She did not respond. She said it is getting late we had better go.

We all stood up and my wife started to put on her coat, with her arm stretched to her back the out line of her tits and nipples were left nothing to the imagination. I was looking at her and she started laughing again.

She was looking at our friend. YES, he was hard again. He said show your tits and I’ll take care this later pointing to the lump in his pants. I said flash him so we can leave.

My wife dropped her coat and pulled her shirt over head and paraded around the room. Our friend had his hand in his pants playing with his dick. My wife then bent over with her big tits hanging and flashed him her ass, then sat down and said it is your turn to our friend.

He pulled his sweat pants down, his dick popped out hard as a rock.

I said, damn (to my wife), please take care of him or his dick is going to bust.

My wife motioned him over. His dick was pointing right at his her head. She took it in her hand and started sucking him. In no time he came in her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

He stepped away, thanking her. However he was still hard as a rock. He was staring at her and she was looking at his hard dick. She looked at me and I nodded. She got up took her pants off reached over grabbed his dick. She turned and leaned over the table putting her elbows on the table and spread her legs. I went to the door and watched just incase his wife came out of the house.

He was playing with pussy and she said “do not cum in me”.

He started fucking her slowly and would pull out briefly to cup her tits and look at her voluptuous body. He then started fucking her hard and fast. Suddenly her pulled out and shot cum all over the floor. He staggered over to his pants and my wife pulled her pants and shirt on we all hugged and we went home where we fucked the night away.


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