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Subwife shared for first time MMMF

By the time they entered the room I had already been through an emotional roller coaster….

When I came home from my classes on the Saturday evening before Valentine’s day I was looking forward to a relaxing evening with my master in the sauna. He informed me as I was getting ready that he had a room booked and two men coming to use me with him. One I will recognize from the portal and someone else…

At first I didn’t want to believe him, then I felt a little sick and then on the way there I fought a continual internal struggle between wanting to serve him and fulfill this fantasy for him and wanting to stand still and just refuse to go there.

I know that he has the right to share me with whoever he chooses. I know it but I was still unprepared for it. When we got to the hotel and checked in I knew it was for real. My pulse was racing.

In the sauna I tried to relax and remind myself it’s his choice and I have deep trust in him and know he will take care of me. We got a drink in the bar and he went outside to smoke.

Suddenly I recognized the guy from the portal ordering a Coke at the bar. My whole body broke out in sweat and I froze.

I asked my master for permission to go to the room and prepare. I showered and got physically ready. I drank a whisky cola to steady my nerves but more than that I tried to let my day slip away and mentally focus on being a good sub wife – slowly but surely releasing the cords to my vanilla self.

Master came up to the room bound my tits and added my cuffs. He told me where to stand and that I should greet the men by taking their cocks in my mouth. After that I had no idea what would happen.

I stood in position waiting; tits bound, butt plug in, collar and cuffs on, head bent gazing at the carpet for what felt like forever. Feeling sick, excited but mostly scared.

…And then they knocked on the door and entered the room.

I could see their feet and legs and for some strange reason was surprised that they were dressed! Without talking they removed their clothes and sat naked on the bed. My master knelt me in front of them and as instructed I took the first cock in my mouth.

Of course I have had other men before I met my husband and master but for the last 10 years his cock has been the only one I have worshipped.

How would it feel?

…. It felt good. The stranger pulled my head down until his cock filled my mouth and throat. I could feel him take control as he moved my head back and forth and I could feel the final ties to my daily self snapping one by one and my cunt getting wet.

“There is another guest” my master reminded me and I moved along to take the second hard cock in my mouth.

To my shock I noticed that now I was not scared any more but feeling horny and cock hungry. It felt good.

I decided to stop thinking and just let go which was a decision that was premature because seconds later I lay on the bed on my front with my weight pressing on my bound tits and six hands working my body and a cock in my mouth. There was no decision to be made! They now had control.

And oh my god!

Between them they turned my ass bright red, sucked and rubbed my cunt so expertly that I lost control. No chance to focus on how delicious the feeling in my clit was when at the same time my nipples are being squeezed hard and my ass struck. There was always a cock or fingers in my mouth and hands working me delivering a strange mix of pleasure and pain that had me cumming hard.

When they realised that I was about to hyperventilate one of them with simple, firm but gentle grip, brought me back to a space where my breathing steadied. The sub deep in me responded and I felt myself instantly calmed and ready to do whatever they wanted.

My master decided when it was time for them to fuck me. I was glad as I wanted them to use me for their own pleasure now.

(Reading this back I can hardly believe what a slut I was. At the time it felt the most natural thing in the world. )

One by one and then …all at once with double penetration…the three of them fucked my cunt and mouth, made me squirt and squirm and cry out in pain and pleasure. From behind and then on my back with my legs held locked high and wide.

I came and came and was made to squirt. Then each stood over me to shoot their load on my face and in my mouth.

I was allowed to clean myself up and lay back on the bed and I started to come down and come back after almost 2 hours with these guys. My legs shook but gentle hands on me helped me not to “lose it”. The guys chatted about football and I just focused on breathing.

As the guys dressed and got ready to leave I could look for the first time properly at their faces and the whole thing seemed surreal. These guys are complete strangers and yet there we were behaving as if it were perfectly normal to fuck someone’s wife.

Suddenly I was alone with my master again. I showered and started to actually realise what we had done. My master told me he was proud that I have taken this step for him.

I was shocked how much I enjoyed it. Back home we fucked some more and I fell asleep to relive it over and over in my dreams.

When I awoke in the morning my sore cunt and the nipple (that one of them used to send a deep erotic pain through my body whilst he got off on my suffering) reminded me that it wasn’t a dream. I suddenly felt overwhelmed with shame.

What had I done? Had I enjoyed it too much?

When my master awoke and served himself to more from my sore body we realised that despite my shame my body was still horny as hell.

Thank you master for forcing me to do this and pushing my boundaries again. Thank you for doing the way you did, with the guys you chose, and all 3 of you for how you did what you did.

My master ominously calls it “a good introduction” which makes me scared and wet to think what he wants next time…


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