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sexperience with hostelmate

Hi everyone, my name is ajay, I am an average looking guy with good height and weight from vijayawada in andhra.

And hardly my life has just 3 sexperiences that also with guys, I am bisexual(I enjoy sex with both girls and boys) I just love the pleasure.. this incident happened nearly 7 years back when I was in my 12th with my hostel mate. I started masturbating from my 10th since then that is the only way for my pleasure, every night I masturbate in bathroom before bathing.

As it is residential college only for boys and I used to hear some stories regarding gay sex in my college. And I dont understand why do they have sex with guys untill I have experience one. On one fine Sunday, we usually go out and enjoy that day seeing hot girls and thier clevage in busy markets and some b grade movies in internet centers and come back to college by 9.

That Sunday was also the same, but I had some extra fun in the exhibition, I was made to go onto a girl in a heavy crowd and I was touching her entire back with my front with noo gap btween US, that was my first time I am touching a girls butt with my already hardened penis, I didnt cared about her face or her looks, all I Care is I am having pleasure of my life time,

I stood like that For nearly 10 mins near columbus ride, oh my god it was very good, I almost went near to ejaculation but I controlled it and went to my college and expecting that girl in my dreams and complete the rest, I slept early.

As I thought I began to dream something like, a girl rubbing my penis with her soft hand for some time and started smooching my lips with her rose petals, aaaaah I am enjoying it as it is real, the smooching thing gained some intense and I woke up suddenly and got shocked to see my room mate sleeping next to my bed,

I immediately moved from him thinking that I am smooching him as I was in middle of a sexy dream, suddenly my heart rate increased many thoughts running over my mind ( next day he will reveal everything to everybody, everyone will look me like gay and will behave differently ) for next 2 mins I was looking at him and very tense,

suddenly he moved Towards me and again started smooching suddenly, my nervousness came down and now I am somewhat cool and started to enjoy his lips and he is pumping his saliva into my mouth and I started to d***k it I am liking it I moved a bit towards him he slowly exploring my private parts with one hand and he caught my other hand and kept on his abdomen aaah

it was hot and smooth and I aatrted exploring I quickly went to his penis and I caught it my hand and next feeling his balls mean while he is masturbating me, my penis is soo wet like never before, his penis is also soo wet and I wanted to taste his precum so I Dip my finger in his pre cum and took to my mouth and I broke the marathon smooching to taste it, it was a bit hot and salty.

He with one hand started puling my t shirt down soo I followed I came to his nipples they are already erected and I took one of those and started sucking like a baby, he again pulling down my tee I followed and came to his umbilicus I pushed my tongue into it and rotating in it for some time,

again he is pulling me I went further down he is wearing shorts without underwear his penis made a tent slowly my anxiety for his is penis growing.

I pulled his short his penis popped out now he stopped pulling me down now I got understood that he want me to play with his penis. I grabbed his cock it was a bit larger than mine and is like a hot corn ready to serve.

I moved his foreskin back and I smelled his precum and his cock and moving all over my face, I think he is irresistable and suddenly grabed my head with his hands and pushed it into my mouth it touched my pharynx and I coughed suddenly with a big noise and immediately moved to my place so that I anybody can wakeup with that sound.

I was under my bed sheet and watching carefully whether any body woke up with cough, I was awake and I am remembering the taste of the his penis and I became impulsive to such his penis, slowly I went into his bed sheet directly moved to his penis.

I grabed it, it gently chewed his foreskin and moved it back meanwhile he started to move his legs around my waist and He locked me between his legs and I prepared my self that he wants some good stokes in my mouth I started to taste his glans the soft smooth meat with pre cum oozing from his penis aaah it was goo he is trying to wave fast in my mouth but I am controlling his speed by grabing his hip with my hand.

Aaaah he is pumping hard in my mouth and in the middle I am stopping him to suck his meat as like a baby trying to extract milk. with my hand I am massaging his back and I tried to explore his anal area. I am enjoying his penis in my mouth he is pushing his penis to every corner of my mouth thick mucus coming from my mouth and he is using it as lubricant.

It went for 5 mins I guess but every minute was very pleasureful at that time he suddenly with drawn his penis out and I was mastubating his penis with my hand and a full load of cum splashed all over my face he jerked for 4 times and my face is full of his semen.

I started licking around my mouth and I came back to original position and the rest of the semen he licked all over my face and we started smooching again.

Later he gave me a hand job and I ejaculated really good amount than past. we continued this for twice later I can never forget this experience. And I am waiting for the next sex adventure since then. Thank you.

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