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Kneel, Suck, Swallow (Part Two)

“My, you’re having a good time,” said Patricia after our first guest had left. “Oh, yes!” I agreed, “But I am hungry for more. ” “Good,” she said, glancing down at her cell phone where she had been texting with interested guys all evening. “The next guy should be here in about 15 minutes. ” I went into the bathroom to freshen up and apply more lipstick to replace what had come off my lips.

Soon there was a knock at the door. I took my position cross-legged on the couch while Patricia answered the door. This man was older than the first inexperienced guy, probably in his late twenties or early thirties. He was average looking, but as long as he had a working cock and a full load, I didn’t care.

He sat next to me, obviously less shy than the first pup.

“Hello,” I said softly, giving him a shy smile. He looked me over, said, “Nice,” then asked if he could touch my legs. All the while, Patricia sat close by, just watching with a slight but pleased smile on her face. I said, “Please do. I love my legs being caressed. And other body parts as well. ” “Stand up,” he commanded firmly but gently. I did, and he took my hand and pulled me next to him.

He started running his hands up my legs, starting at my calves and working his way up my outer thighs, then caressed my ass. “Mmm,” he said appreciatively, “I love the way those fishnets feel on your smooth sexy legs. I closed my eyes and shuddered with pleasure. “Mmm, yourself, handsome. I love the way your hands feel on my legs and ass. ” He then squeezed my ass cheeks firmly, and I sighed once again.

Turning to Patricia, he said, “How about you, sweetie? Come here so I can touch you, too. ” “You know the deal,” she replied. “This is for Jodi. But you can touch my legs if you wish–nothing else!”

So she came over and sat on the couch on the other side of him while he caressed and fondled her sexy legs. She was wearing a tight pair of booty shorts and had bare but smooth legs and a pair of black heels.

While he was occupied with her legs, I sat back down and started to occupy myself with the growing bulge in his sweatpants. I gently squeezed his bulge, then stroked it while his pants were still on. He gave a pleasured sigh, slouching a bit to allow easier access to his bulge. A small wet spot was starting to form where the outline of the head was, making me lick my lips in anticipation.

So I obliged, alternatingly squeezing and caressing it, my mouth watering to take in his rod.

As I stroked him harder, he slouched more, his hands slowing down on Patricia while he got more distracted by the growing sensations in his crotch. He slouched even more, then started to slide his sweatpants down. I helped him. A modest, but nicely-shaped cock, hard as a rock, popped out, already forming a bead of precum on its tip.

I got on my knees and he obligingly spread his legs so I could get closer. I started by flicking my tongue on his balls, then gently wrapping my fingers around his shaft while I started licking his balls all over. He moaned in pleasure, and a little more precum dribbled down from his tip, where it was starting to trickle down his shaft and onto my fingers wrapped around it. I had to taste, so I licked what was on my fingers, then worked my tongue up his shaft, licking clean his clear precum up to his tip.

His breathing quickened, and a brief moan escaped his lips. He was fully slouched now–as well as fully erect, just enjoying the sensations of my flicking and wandering tongue.

Bending my head down further and wrapping my index finger and thumb around the base of his veiny cock, I started to slowly insert the head into my wet and waiting mouth. Just teasing around the head at first, slowly working it in and out of my mouth, listening to his light moans as he lay there completely subdued by the pleasurable sensations I was giving him.

My lips went down just a little further, and his moan and the brief clenching of his pelvic muscles told me he was feeling it more intensely. The precum kept dribbling out of his tip where I sucked it down my throat.

A little deeper on his shaft, then slowly up, then just a little deeper still, getting my lips ever closer to the base of his dick and the tip of his cock ever deeper in my mouth.

Slowly out again, then deeper still. As I took more of him into my hungry mouth, my tongue started licking and stroking the sensitive underside of his cock–where most guys have the richest concentration of pleasure-sensing nerves. I played those nerves like a skilled violinist stroking the strings with his bow–except my bow was my tongue: and I flicked and swirled and stroked it up and down and sideways and in spirals on that pleasure ridge.

His moans were replaced by low grunts in between ever-increasing gasps of breath, and his pelvis started to rock slightly. I stroked a little faster as he breathed harder and moaned a bit louder, then I stopped, just holding his dick in my mouth. Panting, he caught his breath as I just stayed kneeling there between his legs, just holding his cock with my lips.

I raised my head, smiled, and said, “You like?” “Oh yes!” he replied, “I love what you do with your tongue.

That was amazing!” “I am so hot from sucking you,” I replied, “My sissy clit is dripping and my ass can’t stop wiggling. ” “Let me see that ass,” he softly rasped. “Get up and turn around. ” So I did. He grabbed my ass, fondling and squeezing it.

Suddenly, he got up and told me to bend over the couch so he could get a closer look at my round and smooth ass.

I gladly obeyed, bending over and resting my elbows on the cushion. He kept fondling and squeezing my ass, then sometimes running his hands around the circumference of my soft and pleasantly thick upper thighs. But always his hands returned to my ass, and I could feel his hardness pressing against my asscheeks and the dribble of wetness coming out of his cock and onto my left cheek.

“You can feel more of my ass if you want,” I hinted.

“I am very clean. ” “Oh yes,” he said eagerly, “I bet that tight little hole of yours feels good. ” “Mmm, yes, it is tight and it is oh so hot and hungry to be filled,” I panted, feeling my sissy gurl cock throb in my panties and pump out even more precum. (I produce lots of it, and it had been flowing in a steady stream all evening long. ) “Let me get some lube,” I managed to gasp–so excited I was that he was going to fuck me.

“Please, though, be slow and gentle at first; I am very tight. “

He said okay, then I fumbled around in my purse until I found the lube. Barely able to take the lid off–I was so trembling with anticipation, I first lubed up in and around the opening to my hole (so much heat emanating from there), then I coated his waiting and throbbing cock with generous amounts of lube. My fingers were sticky and slick, but I didn’t care; I just kneeled on the couch, holding on to the top of the back of the couch with my hands and pressing my head into the cushion on the back.

My knees were on the edge of the seat cushion, legs slightly spread. He sidled up to my waiting ass, fondled it for a moment more, then, guiding it by the base, started sliding his hard cock slowly into my waiting hole.

“Just a little way at first,” I said. Mmm, I felt his entrance as his spongy head opened the way for his hard shaft to start penetrating me. His dick was hot, too, and the combined heat from it and my hole was almost unbearably intense, but oh, so pleasurable! “A little more,” I gasped, feeling it deeper.

It was good, I was loosening and relaxing quickly, and asked him to put it in all the way. “Give me some slow and deep strokes,” I said, “then slowly pick up speed. ” He said nothing, but I felt it slide back in until his bush was pushed up against my ass. Then moving out and in gently at first, he started fucking me, slowly gaining speed. I moaned harder.

“You can go faster, baby.

” “Ohhh,” he groaned, picking up speed. His hands gripped my ass harder, and soon his balls and thighs were slapping my ass as he let out a grunt with each wet and hard stroke. “Oh, oh, OH!”–I was moaning as well, and as he built up speed, little squeals of delight fucked their way out of my mouth. “That’s it! Fuck me, baby, fuck me hard! Give it to me, like the dirty little slut that I am!” That excited him even more, and he started pounding me.

It was almost too much, but at the same time so good, I didn’t want him to stop. “Yes, yes, YES! Give it to me, baby!” I shouted. I was squealing and moaning, he was panting hard, making those masculine grunting noises guys make when they are working hard, and I reveled in the sound and feel of the slap, slap, slap of his thighs smacking my ass, and the sensation of his tight balls knocking against my ass.

I reached down with one hand and slid in into the front of my panties and started to stroke myself using the copious amount of wet precum that had flowed out of my little but quite hard sissy cock.

Then he tensed up, started to take it slower, but deeper with more jerky thrusting motions, and a deep groan escaped his lips. His hands tightened even more on my waist. I knew that he could not hold back any longer, and sure enough, I felt his cock spasm and jerk in my hole, ejecting hot, thick ropes of cum.

He kept filling me as his cock jerked and thrust, and I could feel the wetness flood my hole until it started to come out around the edges of his slowing, but still thrusting cock. He milked every drop into my ass pussy, until with a great and satisfied sigh, he slowly pulled his cock out. I couldn’t even move for a minute, and just stayed there on my hands and knees, letting his seed dribble out of my now wider hole, enjoying the wetness of it all.

He quietly dressed, and I asked Patricia for a towel. With a knowing smile on her face, she went into the bathroom and brought a lot of tissue and a hand towel. I cleaned my ass as best as I could. He thanked me, then put on his coat and left. Nothing sentimental, just a satisfied content look on his face.

I finished cleaning up. “That was hot!” Patricia said.

“I loved watching you too get it on. ” “And I loved every second of it, too,” I said, as soon as I was breathing normally again. “I wasn’t expecting a good fuck, but damn! that was just what I needed. ” “You didn’t notice,” she replied, but I was playing with myself when he started fucking you; it turned me on so much. ” “Did you cum?” I asked.

“No,” she replied, “it just helped me enjoy watching you two more. “

“Well, I may have had enough fucking for tonight (but maybe not), but I do know I am still hungry for more sucking. ” (I was feeling just a little sore–but it was a pleasant and satisfying ache. ) “Good,” Patricia said, “There is a guy coming in just a few minutes and possibly another one in an hour or so.

” “Keep them coming,” I grinned, “and cumming, of course–until I am tired. “

Again, I went to the bathroom to apply more lipstick and makeup (cocksucking is hard on lipstick!) and get ready for the next yummy mouth toy. I finished cleaning my ass–just in case.

And that was the way it was for the next few hours: kneel, suck, swallow; kneel, suck, swallow; with a steady stream of guys.

And I did get one more ass fucking from the last guy of the night–but he came on my face. Some were thin, some were average build, a couple were a bit chubby. Most were in their twenties or thirties (more cum from the young), but a couple were in their forties and produced quite nicely. A few of them were very responsive, feeding me with their manly hot seed, but one of them was a dud we sent away for wasting our time.

One guy got cold feet and left before he even got his pants off, and another enjoyed being sucked for quite awhile, but apparently didn’t have a load ready. He seemed content enough, but I was disappointed I didn’t get to milk him dry.

Eventually though, I had sucked so much cock that my lips were beginning to get numb and my knees were getting stiff from kneeling so much. “Just a couple of more,” I told Patricia.

So with the last couple of guys, Patricia led us to her bedroom, so we could use her bed and save my knees. I enjoyed one nice swallow from one slightly chubby but cute guy (I like a bit of a belly–if it is a smooth, nearly hairless one like his). His cock was small, but his balls were very large and fat. “I bet they are just full of cum,” I thought–and I was right.

He made the cutest grunting and groaning noises as he filled my mouth, some of his hot seed dribbling out–and I can tell he was really getting an intense release.

At the end of the fuck- and suck-filled night, I finished with a short, but intense assfuck from the very last guy. By then, my hole was loosened up, so he was able to start deep and fast and go deeper and faster when he was fucking me.

And, yes, I must not forget that he gave me a few stinging swats on my asscheeks–leaving wonderful cherry-red marks and a pleasurable burning sensation that lingered until he left. When he was close to comming, he pulled out, and with a little help from my hand, he ejaculated a powerful and very voluminous facial onto my upturned and waiting face (nice long cock, about average thickness, with a slight downward curve). My lips and chin were saturated (and a squirt landed above my right eyelid).

I licked as much off as I could with my long tongue. Still, some of it dribbled off my chin and onto my lap, adding to the wetness of my already soaked panties.

But eventually, I got sated and was ready to call it a night. My friend, turned on by watching me with all of these guys, had decided to do another hookup herself. She readied herself while I gathered my things together.

I thanked her for a wonderful evening, then left. I heard later she had a great fuck from one of her regular soldier guys (she is a pushover for buff guys in uniform).

Driving home at about 3 am, even though my lips were a bit numb, my crotch was still wet and my sissy clit was throbbing. I couldn’t wait to get home. I was so pent up and full of cum.

So, after I walked in the door, I stripped down to nothing, briefly washed up, got the last bits of drying cum off my face and ass (including a bit in my right eyelash) and brushed my teeth, then lay down naked on my bed with a full sissy erection, still dripping. How much precum did I have? I wondered, since I had been dripping for hours and hours. But it was time to recall the pleasant sucking and fucking I had enjoyed–the most guys I have ever had in one night: eleven? twelve? And while I am sure that there are people who have had more in a night, I was more than happy with the feast I had enjoyed and savored.

So, laying naked on the bed with a smile on my face and my legs spread, I stroked my sissy cock, thinking of all the wonderful different cocks I had taken in my mouth and ass (still feeling a lingering pleasant soreness in my still slightly-stretched hole), and after only a couple of minutes, I couldn’t hold back, letting out squeals and moans of deep ecstasy and delight as my balls jumped up deeper into my scrotum, and my throbbing cock jerked so hard, exploding with voluminous squirt after squirt of hot cum arcing into the air and landing on my crotch, my balls, my belly, and my thighs, finally with the last bit running down my fingers clenched, and milking and stroking the last bits of pleasure and drops of cum out of my still-pulsing sissy cock.

I licked my fingers, cleaned up, then fell asleep sated with that so pleasant and content emptied-out feeling in my balls and crotch. My sissy cock was still hard, and took awhile to lay at rest. However, I slept very well that night.

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