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69 “Goth girl”

69 “Goth girl”She`s my ‘Goth’ girlfriend 27 yr old, pretty, not over-tall, great hips and tits , shape like an hourglass dressed in black, lipstick to match , bits of lace whisping about, boots well you know the look has the name of Mary. I`m Guy and I had taken her out for the evening, like you do on a Saturday and well she`d had a drop or three, just to loosen the limbs and she was really beginning to […]

Wanking pals with wendy

Wanking pals with WendyWendy was my latest special babe. She was my slave in love and I was going to share her with my ugly wanking pal Martin. His best asset was his cock and I would make sure that was the first thing she saw of him. I had taught Wendy my kinky ways and if she hadn’t enjoyed it I would have ended it. In fact she had learned to turn the tables on me and she knew […]

Ellen at Leisure – Femdom World

Her black tailored business skirt stretched across her hips in a perfect fit, the white blouse tucked into the neat waistline withouth a bulge or ruche in sight. The elegance of her attire was emphasised and confirmed by the males in the room with her, and when she relaxed back in her leather chair and crossed her legs with a gentle sigh from her sheer stockings, those same males stiffened to full erection almost as one. Ellen looked at them […]

me and wife never knew my mate was bisexual

me and ann had been married at the age of 18 and where now both 32 and we had experimented and loved to set up scenarios with people we knew and had fantasised off fucking this night we had been clubbing and invited two couples and a girl we knew back to ours outside i met an old workmate and his mate and he asked if they could come back ann said yes wispering to me my mate allan was […]

Sharing my sister part 3

This part 3 where my education really began. As stated in part 2 the previous few days were taken up by the Easter Holidays so no opportunity offered it’s self. But on the Wednesday morning I was woken up by the front door slamming as my mother left for work, leaving the house free with just myself and my 2 sisters as my dad would have left about an hour earlier. As usual I had woken up with my cock […]

When The Tied Turn

I woke gently from my deep sleep, my eyes straining against the brightness of the morning light. It was too bright. Our bedroom was never this bright in the morning, the smell of dew mixed with cut grass and the chattering birds outside were altogether overpowering. Our room wasn’t normally this bright, the smells not normally so vivid and pungent, I could almost feel the warmth of the sun touching my skin first hand. As I finally fucked my eyes […]


My first BJ also my first story, not very exciting but sure what the hell. Was quite a few years back now, in the days when you stand outside the off license and ask people passing by to get your drink..My friends and i (about 15 of us) heard about a bonfire party in the woods (deerpark for those from Dublin :D)It was brilliant there was loads of people up there dozens of groups massive bonfire music blaring and plenty […]

Mel’s after party

We were out in a pub getting her d***k enough to go to our favourite spot where she would let me screw her in the car while people watched from outside. It was several weeks since she had met one of her “colleagues” for sex and she’d got bored with our usual sexual routine so I knew she was up for a little variety. I noticed her eying up a bunch of black guys who’d sat down at the other […]

Dirty Whatsapp Convo with my Slut Tammy

Me:U hav no idea how much I’m littarally dyin for u to suck my dick Tammy:I’m dyin to to it once u walk in my door ima undo ya beltMe:Mmmmmm it will b tooooo gooodMe:I want u proooper showing me how much uve missed suckin this cockMe:I want u spitting all over my cock telling me ur my slut Tammy:I wanna suck it till u cum xMe:Mmmmm ill make sure I buss hard 4 uMe:Mmm the way I’m gona eat […]

Learning from the master

Her entire body tingled with anticipation as she prepared herself for his arrival. Her hands shaking slightly as she applies make-up Not too much – really he preferred her without any but she felt she needed the confidence it gave her! The underwear he’d bought her was laid out on the bed, as was the dress he’d specified she’d wear. She glanced at the clock on the wall as she buttoned the dress up, He’d be here in a moment, […]