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My name is Xong and my wife’s name is Angie. I am 27 and she is 25. We have been married for 5 years and are happily living with our wonderful 3 kids. We chose not to have too many kids because we wanted to focus with our education. It all started when my friend Cher’s wife passed away. He has been very depressed lately and lonely. He tried to go talk with girls, but he couldn’t concentrate because none […]


Liz awoke to discover herself naked, her taut nude body obscenely suspended spread-eagle between two curved metal posts, the toes of her high heels barely able to touch the floor. It had been late Friday evening, as usual she’d stayed late at the law firm, where she was a senior partner, before calling for the limo to take her home. She remembered arriving home, taking the elevator to the penthouse and changing out of her business attire. She’d poured a […]

Cupid’s Arrows

Cupid’s Arrows copyright 2016 Brianna Luid Lori, a 56-year-old, portish, balding, closeted cross-dresser was chair dancing in front of her computer screen and webcam, joining the other dateless gurls in the chatroom on St. Valentine’s Day Eve. A lot of gurls were drinking and had turned on their webcams, so the evening had become a sort-of “lonely hearts” impromptu party. She wore ballet slippers over black tights. Her pink and black mini-skirt was adorned with sparkly pink hearts and fringes. […]

A Painful Experience

The doorbell rang, and I ran to answer it. John had left me alone in his house for a while, while he ‘attended to some business,’ whatever that meant. I looked through the little peephole and saw a young woman standing there. She was older than I was, of course, but she didn’t look to be more than about twenty two. A van with a ‘Pam’s Flowers’ sign on it was parked in the driveway. She looked harmless enough, so […]

fantasy of a mature woman

Story by rextian. That evening was very pleasant. We visited Carlos , a friend of my husband who had failed to know before, because he lived in Canada. But that night landed in the city and gave inn for the next day could continue its transit to its destination. We had dinner together and the three boys made me laugh a lot recalling their adventures and misadventures university. my husband is tremendous sometime caressed my thigh under the table while […]

Rodney Rules

The intercom buzzes and Melissa only manages to say, “Kerri” before you walk into my office. You look at me with those gorgeous sexy eyes of yours and I can feel the heat start to travel through my veins. “Are you too busy for me today, little girl?” you ask, that slight grin on your face. “I need some attention from my little Kerri. ” You close the door but don’t lock it and you pull the blinds closed across […]

My first bdsm meeting

This is a real story about me, written by a lady friend and translated by google translate. My first BDSM meeting (by Hot Red) A friend of mine is curious about the world SM , ( me ? ) that he had already told me often. I myself have nothing with it, so when he asked me if I wanted to SM gala I said no at first. He tried to get someone else , but that did not succeed. […]

Attack of the Naked Zombie Bitches. This is from a

Barging through the entrance of the diner is RexStunz and his mistress, Mistress Kim, as he calls her. Rex isa scumbag of a lawyer. He cheats on his wife, and cheatshis clients. He is the perfect definition of a snake. Speakingof snakes, Rex is always grabbing his dick. Somehow hehas avoided contracting any venereal diseases from all thewhores he screws. He wears loose underwear, and anytimehe sees an attractive woman he begins fantasizing offucking her. His overly large dick gets […]

On being pregnant, bad under garments and selfish

First off, know that being pregnant has some downside to it. No booze, no reefer, no real fucking and my boobs are already changing when I’m only 2 months into it. I now have 6 boobs. The boob in the bra, the boob under the bra and the boob overflowing the top of the bra. Times 2. Nipples are getting quite dark and thick, almost leathery. In the past 30 days I’ve gone from a light C to a DD. […]

my sceret

this is my first name is reshma. i was from small village. i was married at the age of 12. i was married to a man of 35 years..i got first male child at the age of 14 and at age of 16 i had a daughter.. now i am age of 30 and my hus is aged 43. we have 3 bedroom. first is occupied by me and my hus. second by my dauther and third by my […]