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The Basketball Game

My wife and I were all excited our favorite team was playing for the conference title. We got our shirts own with the school logo, school colored sweat pants, fixed our drinks, and turned the tube on. We were not picked to win but had been playing well in the tournament. My wife has a large frame about 5?” tall, beautiful 36DD tits, 29″ waist, and 38″ butt. She handles her weight well at 155 lbs. , she is very […]

Young and Hung

Having pursued my bisexual urges in just the last 3 years since I have retired, I wish I had jumped off the bridge years ago. I head to the community center 3 times a week to swim laps. I get plenty of stares in the locker room at my thick 8 inch cock swinging between my legs. Just last week at about 9am a young man struck up a conversation with me while changing after we showered. He was about […]

First Anal

I want to tell you about getting my new toy and the fun I’ve had with it! My favourite way to masturbate has always been to rub my clit with a finger or old lipstick tube in my arse. This always gets me off! I’ve fantasised about having a cock up my arse, but always been too scared to try it and my husband hadn’t really made any moves in that direction. Last week I read about Tristam Taormino’s Ultimate […]

Who else wants to join the prolapse fetish army?..

Hello guys and gals! I’m here to tell you about a fetish I’ve just discovered that is so exciting that it actually revolutionized my sex life with a mind-blowing new level of cumming. I’m talking about women [URL] their asshole in an unbelievable manner that seems to give them totally shattering orgasms and sends me into a sexual frenzy that I couldn’t believe how intense it was. QueenPanther webcamgirl I first discovered this amazing new kink as I was browsing […]

A New Beginning

Chapter One Meet the family Jennifer was a twice divorced mother of two young girls namedAnnie and Sophie. Annie was the eldest at nine years old. Shehad straight, dark blonde hair and big brown eyes just like hermother. Tall for her age at 4′ 2,” and was thin, weighing only57 pounds. Annie was shy around strangers, but very engagingwith her Mom and sis. Sophie was similar in body type as hersister. She was 3 and a half feet tall and […]

Absolute Pain

Jack was your average man. He had a good job, good house, but was single. He wasn’t good at “getting” women, except for one. He was walking down the street when he saw her. She wasn’t an above-average woman, and he wasn’t a below-average man… So he decided to talk to her. When she, Maria, saw Jack, she hated him, and she knew also, that this man was going to try to get her in bed. Maria came up with […]

My Best Friend’s Mother II

I could hardly wait until it was time for my next session. I masturbated every night thinking about what had happened and what I hoped would happen the next time. I arrived at her house about five minutes early. I could already feel my cock getting hard as I rang the doorbell. Pam answered the door with a smile on her face. “Right on time,” she said as she stepped back from the door. I stepped inside and stopped short. […]

why i am your king!

“What makes you think you’re a king?” Sheila asked. James had shuffled up onto the bed on his knees in between her legs. His answer was to flex his groin muscles to lift his penis into a full, stiff, upright erection. The organ bulged with huge veins that wrapped around the shaft like lightning bolts of Zeus, showing every detail, every definition as they snaked under his satiny black skin. It was like the trunk of a great Sequoia rising […]

Sex With Tuition Teacher’s Sexy Mom

[bMy name is kumar (name changed) and i was 16 years old i was studying diploma in B’lore. When i was failed in 5 subjects my mom send to tuition in my near home. my tuition teacher name is pooja and she is studying in engg final year and her mom name is sridevi with a big whitish boobs big ass white navel. let me describe the story One day when my grand father died my family has gone to […]


Ranger John Day in the Life of a Park Ranger The distant sound of the Jeep scrunching the rocks and twigs on the dirtroad woke John Ulrich up. “Shit! So early?” he moaned, writhing his beefy ex-pro-linebacker frame inthe too-narrow cot and looking over at the windup clock which must havebeen part of the cabin’s furnishing since the 1950s. 9:45 already! This was one part of the job John never got used to, theearly mornings. At least it was Tuesday […]