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Ebony Goddess

Sorry that the opening to this is a little longer than I would like – but it’s important. I had just finished the 7th hole when the rain came. So I headed home when I noticed a well dressed black man standing in the rain while looking under the hood of his Mercedes. I stopped and asked if he needed any help. He said that he just needed a ride. He said, “I have to meet some clients at the […]

Taking it up the ass, putting it up an ass

It started off as a stupid joke, one of those things sororities want entering freshmen to do during rush week. All the older sisters in the house I was most interested in voted that all the new freshman pledges would have to try anal sex before the end of the semester. If we wanted to join up, we’d have to take it up — up the ass, that is. I was pretty eager to get in, so I played along, […]

The Girl I Never Met (Though I Wish I Had) Part 1

DISCLAIMER – Aside from my attending Job Corps in the Mid 1980s, the following story is FICTION based on an Erotic Dream I had last night. In other words – IT DID NOT HAPPEN & IS #NOT BASED ON REAL LIFE EVENTS during my stay in the Job Corps program I also posted it in my Pornhub Feed. As such, IT IS NOT STOLEN !!! ANY reports to the contrary are FALSE & UNTRUE !!! That out of the way, […]

punk white boy be careful what you wish for!

thanks to a good friend of mine Cindy for helping again with another great story! I had fantasies of her getting fucked by a black man. I mean she looked like she should be getting plowed by the biggest, blackest dick out there. At 5’5″ and 135 pounds, ten of those pounds are filling her 38D tits out! Her pussy is as tight as can be, even for my 7″ cock! Since there are no babies, her pussy is only […]

Stella and Marina: SM in Spain #5a

We are three: me age 26, with my girlfriend Stella Maris and her best friend Marina, both only 20. As I write our story, I’m the ‘opposite’: 62. The story happens in times, when kinky was still rare. We agreed to take turns in three roles each: Master, Servant, Slave; every set-up for full 24 hours. As Marina was our guest in Spain, we offered her to be Mistress first day, Stella servant, me slave. Marina was still a ‘virgin’ […]

Fucking the Inspector

We were having trouble with some drainage at the house and called the city to have someone come out to have a look at it. They gave us a time frame of about 4 hours for the inspector to show up so I decided I would take the day off from work to wait for him. I was dressed in a T shirt,. stretchy black yoga pants, I’m 42, 5. 8 small tits, wide hips and ass kind of pare […]

Zo lekker

It’s Saturday morning and I dream it or not?Normally I always wake up earlier than my wife, but now she’s waking up earlier. Because I still feel really mouth to my still small Sjaakkie. Soft and absorbent head slowly up and down, I feel that there is more in life comes Sjaakkie. Mmmm yes she goes with her tongue on the back of my cock. That’s one of my favorites places she knows natuuurlijk well after all these years. And […]


“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING SOLDIER?” Corporal Straffi screams. “Sorry, Sir?” Smith responded. “DID YOUR MOMMA PACK YOUR BOXERS FOR CAMP SOLDIER?” Corporal Straffiscreams. “No, Sir. ” Smith responded. “ARE YOU SAYING THOSE ARE ARMY PROPERTY SOLDIER?” Corporal Straffi screams. “Yes, Sir. ” Smith responded. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING DAMAGING ARMY PROPERTY SOLDIER?” Corporal Straffiscreams. “I did not, Sir. ” Smith responded. “THEN WHERE THE FUCKING CHRIST DID THIS HOLE COME FROM SOLDIER!” CorporalStraffi pokes his finger through a […]


Ranger John Day in the Life of a Park Ranger The distant sound of the Jeep scrunching the rocks and twigs on the dirtroad woke John Ulrich up. “Shit! So early?” he moaned, writhing his beefy ex-pro-linebacker frame inthe too-narrow cot and looking over at the windup clock which must havebeen part of the cabin’s furnishing since the 1950s. 9:45 already! This was one part of the job John never got used to, theearly mornings. At least it was Tuesday […]

The Cuckoldress and the Boytoy

The following is a true story to the best of my and my wife’s recollection. This is about my mature hotwife who went back to college and seduced her teenage lab partner. In most cuckold stories, the wives are gorgeous blondes with huge breasts and very cute or pretty faces. That is not the case here. Susan is the Consummate Plain Jane. She carries a few extra pounds from having c***dren. However, Susan is extremely sensual, passionate, and has the […]