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Amelie part 5

In spite of the new job and all the strange things that had begun to happen to her in the last week, Amelie got out of bed early on Saturday morning, because she had things to do!A new gym was opening just down the block and she had managed to get a coupon that would get her a large discount by joining that day AND there would be an additional free first session with a personal coach to the first […]

A bizarre walk to school

My name is Luke, I am a junior in college and am engaged to my highschool sweetheart Ashley. We rent a house a few blocks from campus, nota short walk, but not far enough where we drive. We both are majoring inBusiness, and have 1 night class on Monday nights. Ashley was ingymnastics in high school and always was self conscious about her smallbust size, she is an A cup. If you have seen a female gymnast then youhave a […]

Blackmailed By Step brother (Fantasy)

This is going to be a fantasy story of mine that I plucked from my perverted mind. Hope you enjoy guys and gals…… Since I can remember my step brother Zach and I have been complete opposites. He on one hand is outgoing and kind of a jock playing all kinds of sports and easily picking up girls with his short, wavy blonde hair, baby face and fit body while me on the other hand is kinda of a recluse […]

Jason and Kershaw

Jason and Kershaw were college roommates. Both were straight,good-looking, well-built athletes, Jason was white of Irish descent,Kershaw was black. They got along well and often dated the same chicks,which tended to be co-eds that put out since neither of them were lookingto fall in love, as young as they were. One night, Jason and Kershaw got d***k over a few pitchers of margaritaswith two girls, Tammy and Sheila. After the girls had a few too many, theysplit, but the room […]

roommate guest

When he left work that Friday, Matthew Davis had the firm intention to notleave home until Monday morning. It was one of those rare occasions wherehe would be himself in the apartment he shared with someone he had knownthrough a mutual friend, Patrick Mitchell. He had stopped by the gym and then the superPatricket before making his wayto their Brooklyn place. He was looking forward watching some movies afterdinner, the weekend had to be as lazy as possible and social […]

Petra’s 3rd sexy secret about Alex

Petra secretly seduced sweet sexy Alex in her dream, which was very real – in fact in her own bed Petra knows now the second secret side of Alex: her submissiveness to her girlfriends in real sex Petra soon discovers her third sexy secret: very slutty foxy fantasies often playing with herself Petra and Alex exchange sexy secretsPetra and Alex chat almost every day in the net about lots of things, like likes in life and lovePetra tries the taste […]

Chpt 3 Inter-relationship Training Meeting

“OK Jay, everything’s gonna be OK. I know the first time is alittle intimidating, and especially when it’s gonna be with a dick likeDarrells’ but you gotta trust me man, once you’ve had it, you’re gonna bebegging for it all the time. Come on Darrell, get a good coating of KY onthat thing and Jay, just lay down there and relax. He ain’t gonna hurt youany!” Stan was of course acting like the coach, and he definitely had hishands full […]

The Doctor’s Favor

I was never a real big sports nut, but for my kids, I played the consummatesoccer dad. Our community had a “non competitive” league, and we’re alwaysshort on coaches. I new most of the parents and kids in my son’s age groupafter about 6 years in the league. I had worked at an assistant coach forthe past 2 years and had learned a lot about coaching. The kids came from all sorts of backgrounds, from wealthy to poor. One ofthe […]

My barber

I had had sexual encounters when I was younger with boys; moreexperimentation then anything else. But one of my first adult maleexperience was with my barber. I went in for a haircut. My barber’s name is Tony. Tony had cut my hairfor about ten years, since the times when my dad took me in. His shop ison the south side of the city. He runs a neighborhood shop; everybody knowseverybody else and Tony, somehow, keeps us all separate. When sitting […]


I had to admit I was excited. Landon and I had been talking about a sleepover for months. Back when we were in elementary school, Landon and I slept at each other’s house at least once a week, gorging ourselves on candy, playing video games late into the night. But when his dad changed jobs, they moved several towns over and it was a struggle to keep our Best Friends status alive. By High School, we were each surrounded by […]