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public humiliation

Daytona Day 1 of 5

Daytona Day1 of 5I am only going to set this up once so…Master had 5 of his buddies over last Sunday (2/21/16) to watch the Daytona 500. It was in the mid 40’s so my naked ass was outside grilling some food and the guys were just sitting around shooting the shit. For those that don’t know, I am a 24/7 sub/slave for my husband/Master so at home I am always nude. Anyway, eventually the talk turned to the race […]

Female Lifestyle Dominant

I did not become a dominant by accident! It was party fate and it was a combination of three factors. The first factor is any hypothesis and only theory, but I’m sure it was a important part in my path towards the dominant side of B&D. A) Physiology We all have male and female hormones; science has proven that the behavioural traits come from these hormones. Meaning male hormones produce an aggressive behaviour and female hormones produce a passive behaviour. […]

Lads Holiday Chapter 7

I heard a knock at the door behind me and then the sound of it immediatelyopening and footsteps coming into the room. “Don’t dare move” Charlie ordered. He was holding the leash close to myneck, keeping me in position and his piss started to flow. I was consumedby the salty test, the need to swallow quickly like I was downing a pint. I could also feel the jizz drying on my face and the tightness of the tailplug in my […]