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Sex Stories from a Girls point of view.

Honesty it meant nothing to me at the time, sex meant nothing to me at the time, it felt no more different than when I ran around nude on the beaches in Southern France, little girls do that sort of thing all the time, little realizing the effect we were having on the men looking at us darkly, and the sinister thoughts running through their heads. That would come much later in my life, by then I would be prepared […]

My Neighbour Aunty Kavitha

I live in Chennai this incident happened few years back during the incident I was doing my engineering final year. I had a neighbour aunty named Kavitha she was living with her husband near my house for rent. Till the incident happened I was not seeing her in any bad mood because I thought she was a good lady she had a great structure … One day I heard from her that her husband is going out of station for […]

The Break-Up

I was engaged to a beautiful and very sexy Mexican woman. I have nudes of her but will not post them. You’d agree that she is very beautiful. Over the Christmas holidays she and I had a few differences of opinion such that she gathered her things and left. Three weeks later she is handing me the $15K engagement ring I bought her a year earlier. Unfortunately I still owe on that damn ring. I decided to visit some of […]

Missing Mom Becomes a Prostitute

It happened when I was 13 yrs old, me and my mom are all alone,,, no relatives no one to support us. Mom used to search for employment and I used to help her out in all kinds of work. What I came to know when I became older was that my mom in her college days was a beauty and had so many guys around her trying for a chance to experience her body which was 37-26-38, 5’5’’ tall […]

New years eve party

This is a true story that i still regularly think about as it is so hot. Back in 2001 i was 18 and my girlfriend was 17, I’ve tried to upload a pic of her but i don’t think it worked. She was about 5,6 was not slim but not chubby either and pretty big tits for her age. Size 10 UK. Frizzy Blond hair. I had been going out with her for a good 6 months and she was […]

My Dream Girl

My name is Elisabeth Macleod and I’m a sex therapeut. I don’t look like it, though. I’m a six-foot- six, bodacious dame with long blonde hair, pale green eyes and alabaster skin. Yeah, I’m a tall woman. One of the tallest in the Boston Area. And I am proud of it too. Just call me the Scottish Giantess. People come to me to help them solve their problems. Especially those that are of a sexual nature. No, I’m not a […]

My movie world

After getting a lot of experience in watching the porn movie, I thought of making my own movie. This thinking was looking simple but when I get started planning on the same then everything really kept me busy and finally I drafted a plan to make the movie. There were many wrong ways to make such things but I had no such ideas or plan to get into the negative side. As I wanted my actors to behave properly with […]

BDSM family

Hi guys,This story is about me helping ma master for r****g my mother. I m Ram 22 yrs old this happened when i was 16. Our family consist of me , mom and dad. Ma dad works abroad and used to come here once every 2 yrs. My mom is a house wife her name is Simren. She has a hot and chubby body 38D breastsomewhat stomachy. She usually wears night at house and salwar outside home. She only wears […]

More bang for your buck from the Par

TrickAdvisorWe have analysed 190,000 profiles of sex workers on an international review site. (Since it is active in America, it was not willing to be identified for this article. A disclaimer on the site says the contents are fictional; we make the assumption that they are informative all the same. ) Each profile includes customers’ reviews of the worker’s physical characteristics, the services they offer and the price they charge. The data go back as far as 1999. For each […]

Pimping my mom – 2

hi guys hope you all like ma stories and experiances i had shared with you. Now i am here with a new experiance. Another episode that hapened in my life. hi guys i am Ram, as i told you that i was pimping my mom, there happened an incident. Once when i was out with my friends in beach i saw that one man was watching me, at first i thought he simply looked me but again after some time […]