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Escort Service Dusseldorf – what you learn about men as an escort

I lived in Dusseldorf and was actually working in a bank. I wasn’t even done with my studies, but I insanely had high expenses which exceeded my earnings so far. My parents were very wealthy and financed my life in part, but somehow it should end soon. Certainly, my father told me about this at the last family meeting in Munich. A bit desperately, I sat after my return on the computer and thought about how I could make quick […]

Fool Me Once You’re Out of Here (Lies eventua

Lies eventually do catch up to you. Christy was every man’s wet dream. At 5’9″, she had long, jet-black hair, perfect 36C breasts, and legs that reached all the way to heaven. Her skin was flawless, with a slight olive tint, which made it look like it had never seen the sun. She was college educated, had a fantastic job, in sales with a large d**g company, and loved to watch basketball with me. My only problem with her was […]

Cupid’s Arrows

Cupid’s Arrows copyright 2016 Brianna Luid Lori, a 56-year-old, portish, balding, closeted cross-dresser was chair dancing in front of her computer screen and webcam, joining the other dateless gurls in the chatroom on St. Valentine’s Day Eve. A lot of gurls were drinking and had turned on their webcams, so the evening had become a sort-of “lonely hearts” impromptu party. She wore ballet slippers over black tights. Her pink and black mini-skirt was adorned with sparkly pink hearts and fringes. […]

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter IX

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter IX “It’s for the Chest”, with Micki (or Micky) and Charlene (from Treasure Chests 01, Art Wetherell) Micki (blonde) and Charlene (brunette): This story is about two busty women. Two busty women who are friends with each other. Well… they are friends, but they are more than that. Much more than a simple friendship. Micki is a long-haired blonde woman who works at a construction supply firm, along with a short-haired brunette named Charlene. […]

Jeremy’s Punishment

“Roberta, we need to talk. ” I said as my wife got into bed. “About what?” She had her people magazine so I knew she didn’t want to talk, she wanted to read. “This is difficult, but I have to say it. ” I cleared my throat and looked for the right words. “I want your permission to cheat. “ She stared at me for a moment. “Are you out of your fucking mind?” She asked. “C’mon, be reasonable. I […]

Missing Mom Becomes a Prostitute

It happened when I was 13 yrs old, me and my mom are all alone,,, no relatives no one to support us. Mom used to search for employment and I used to help her out in all kinds of work. What I came to know when I became older was that my mom in her college days was a beauty and had so many guys around her trying for a chance to experience her body which was 37-26-38, 5’5’’ tall […]

The Surprise

The following is from my book. This is a true story. The legality of nude beaches in Australia can get complicated at times. There are conflicting federal, state and locals laws. There are four legal nude beaches in the state of Victoria, but there are several that are not legal. At some beaches you can get arrested for going topless. At other beaches you won’t get arrested for going topless, but you will if you go completely nude. And at […]

Petra’s 3rd sexy secret about Alex

Petra secretly seduced sweet sexy Alex in her dream, which was very real – in fact in her own bed Petra knows now the second secret side of Alex: her submissiveness to her girlfriends in real sex Petra soon discovers her third sexy secret: very slutty foxy fantasies often playing with herself Petra and Alex exchange sexy secretsPetra and Alex chat almost every day in the net about lots of things, like likes in life and lovePetra tries the taste […]

Lads Holiday Chapter 2

After having some very erotic dreams that first night in the hotel, I wasrelieved to find that the next morning Charlie didn’t mention anythingabout the blowjob i’d given him. He was totally cool and normal, and Irelaxed again and really started looking forward to the holiday. I didn’tget to catch up with my old mates that often so i’d been really lookingforward to it, and I knew these other guys would be a good laugh when weall got d***k. The […]


this story is a true stroy it happend to a friend of mine.. .. this one day I he was heading home one late night I found my girl naked in bed with someone else it was one of her coworkers they didn’t notice I was there it was very dark I saw my girl riding him hard watching her how ahe was moaning n saying ooh yes fuxking my pussy hard I then said wtf is this she was […]