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Sex Stories from a Girls point of view.

Honesty it meant nothing to me at the time, sex meant nothing to me at the time, it felt no more different than when I ran around nude on the beaches in Southern France, little girls do that sort of thing all the time, little realizing the effect we were having on the men looking at us darkly, and the sinister thoughts running through their heads. That would come much later in my life, by then I would be prepared […]

A world apart 2:In lust we trust(I)

(continuation, follows the end of A world apart) -Your bitch? Damn it …-Honey, your moans havent´t proof that you had a bad moment … I see you something awkward , if you want to leave to be, but you will have to go back to where you’ve been recently …– I agree , I only want my freedom…– Ok , come about nine o’clock at night in the apartment next to the Leblanctower, there we will explain you the details […]

Feminized my Mother

My Mother divorced my Father when she found him in their bed fucking a neighbor girl he was eventually sent to prison, ever since then she’s been on this anti men kick. When I was 14 I came home from school and saw My Mother rinsing some dishes in the kitchen so I snuck up behind her and grabbed her boobs, she slapped me and said go to your room or else. I awoke the next day ,took a shower, […]

A First Time for Isabella

Wow! I couldn’t believe it. My girlfriend, Isabella, an amazing girl, yet one whom if you were to see her on the streets, you might think she was one of those stiff ladies. Normally she’s businesslike, commanding, straight and narrow. You know the type! But, tonight… We were at dinner and we were discussing what to do. We had a late dinner, as she was busy in the office and couldn’t get out late until her projects were caught up […]

Travel Trouble

Travel Trouble My wife Mary and I had recently retired and had sold out house and boughta motor home. We disposed of everything we couldn’t carry with us andsaid goodby to our friends. We decided to use our new freedom to see someof this great country and become full timers. Along the way we took inCivil War battlefields and other interesting places. A month into ourjourney, I stopped to fill up with diesel fuel one afternoon. At the nextpump there […]

Came back home from tour.

Hello our friends. We came back from trip to tour of husband’s aunt (Bhua). We all got real close to her. She saw the holy places she wanted to visit. Also she and my hubby shared her with other people. Aunt loved sex as much as we do. It was great to have with us. The trip was very good. We came back home our maid and her son welcome us. Aunt still did not know our relationship with maid […]

slave mother

This is a fantasy story of my sexy long haired slave mother. We live in a small town in India. I was bought up in a traditional environment: dominant father,submissive mother kinda situation. I had seen my mother in various submissive roles and knew that she could be dominated, but was just afraid of my father. When i was 18, my father left my mother for some other women. Now it was only me and my mother. Describing my mother, […]

The initiation of a Sex Slave Mommy

I kneed meekly in front of my 18-year-old(**Edited**) son with hands behind my back in a submissive posture. I was visibly trembling with nervous anticipation. Ashok looked down at my scantily clad sexy body with both love and lust in his eyes. “Mom, you were a vision when you walked up to me, so graceful yet sinfully erotic, a sex goddess and a sluttish whore roll into one! I just love you in this outfit. I think from now on […]

sexyy neighbour

Here is my new story. Hi I’m Rocky, Thanks for amazing response to my previous story “Loosing Virginity To Maid” I’m happy to share my new story with all. Few months ago I got married and we shifted to a new apartment. Change of job and got good promotion. It was newly constructed apartment and so not all flats were filled up. My married life was very exciting and is very happy. My wife is very beautiful and has very […]

Fun at the beach pt7

"I’ve been waiting for this a long time Angel. I’ve been following you career for several years. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. " "Thank you Mrs. Whitman, that is very kind of you. " Angel stood still as she felt the woman’s hands lightly touching the diamonds on the front of the panties. Her fingers spread across the front and were gently massaging just above Angel’s pussy. "Omigod," Angel thought, "this is going to be […]