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long hair

Rinku – The Party

Mohit’s (my husband) eyes almost popped out of their sockets as I stepped out from the bedroom. I was wearing a white bikini top blouse & a shimmering silvery transparent sari which I had worn as low as possible. I had tied up my silky brown hair in a loose top knot leaving my fair smooth back bare naked except for the thin white string which held in place the two small patches of white fabric on my boobs. He […]

My Dream Girl

My name is Elisabeth Macleod and I’m a sex therapeut. I don’t look like it, though. I’m a six-foot- six, bodacious dame with long blonde hair, pale green eyes and alabaster skin. Yeah, I’m a tall woman. One of the tallest in the Boston Area. And I am proud of it too. Just call me the Scottish Giantess. People come to me to help them solve their problems. Especially those that are of a sexual nature. No, I’m not a […]

Neighbor in Need

My next door neighbor, Jennifer who is a real MILF, was telling me about the tough time her friend Diana is having. You know the economic crunch has hit just about everyone. Dianna had in fact lived in the house Jennifer currently rents. Dianna a MILF herself had gotten divorced and moved out. Dianna is in her mid thirties, a real looker for the age, highlighted blond hair, blue eyes and a body to match her attractive face. I have […]

LOve gay

love between teenagers And here we are … in his bed, under the covers I hugged him .. no, I could not let him .. it was stronger than me … I would not leave for no reason at all. It felt so good, so safe in his powerful arms. 15:00 am o’clock in the afternoon and as usual I was there in front of my computer trying desperately for some beautiful boy, my city to love, kiss have it […]

Surprise Cumshot on Vacation

I was on holidays the last few days and I experienced such an amazing story, I thought u all may be pleased to hear such a horny holiday story as it made me once mor cum whilst writing it 😉 (Pictures are taking from the internet to enhance ur fantasy =) ) Cumshot surprise on holidays It was a sunny and hot day at at the beach, a chilling wind was blowing from the sea and I was chilling in […]

HAIKU’s in lots of tongues #1 – English

A collection of HAIKU’s, first in five languages: Dutch, English, French, German and PolishI start with three in English after observation of a voyeur video of a brunette beauty bating After every haiku in another tongue I will try to give a variation of it in English as wellI will first explain how it all started to happen here for me – quite unexpectedly in fact! In most HAIKU’s I try to play with the sound of it in four […]

Lady sex with big cock

So let me start, my family consists of my father Shiekh Ali, my mom Fatima and me Sultan Ali. My father was a marketing manager of a reputed MNC company. He stayed at home only for 3-4 days a week due to his routine office tour in remote places of Eastern India. He stays home mainly on weekends and my mom is a housewife. She is 42, height 5-”6” and weighs 62 kgs. My mom is fair complexioned, long hair, […]

Friends: Achieving Phase Three

FRIENDS: Deleted Scenes – Achieving Phase Three Since Ross and Joey were unavailable, the girls had taken Chandler to a strip club to help him get over breaking up with Kathy. “Getting to Phase Three” is what the guys called it. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well, and Chandler was still despondent as they returned to his apartment. Kneeling around him as he sat in this favorite chair, they tried to get him to talk about his feelings, but that didn’t […]

College life 25

Waking here at college on Monday, both Kris and I were dog tired after onelong talk before we headed off to sleep. The weather didn’t help mattersmuch with a light drizzle falling while we headed to our first classes. The drizzling rain was still falling after my last class. Reilly spoke tome but very briefly. I think he wanted to keep his foot in the door, so tospeak, but I had yet to tell him that I was back with […]

Nika.Sluchay lakeside

My name is Veronica, I’m 19. Good figure, 4 breast size, rather large butt, height 155, long black hair. It was the beginning of the summer, we decided to celebrate with friends and went to the end of the session to the cottage to one of them, Lena. There were seven of us and we all met at a forum devoted to mysticism. Often met for that would try to hold on what may be a ritual, but every such […]