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Panty Fantasies – Coleen’s Magic

Sissy – body change – panties – satin – feminization – lingerie – cocksucking – gender swap He swallowed hard, his body tense with anticipation and admittedly a small amount of fear. He didn’t _really_ know this woman and her beauty was no guarantee of her honesty. He was exposing himself as he had never done before, all in a desperate attempt to capture his dreams, to experience the most intense pleasures. Looking around the bathroom he saw that it […]

I always get my man

I think we’ve all been there. Infatuated by the “straight” guy in the class who you found irresistible. Fantasised about and wished that he too felt the same way. Well, mine was Adrian. I had just stated University, 18 and fresh just out of an all boys high school. I was studying Graphic design and really excited to be an “adult” in a co-ed environment. Not that I was after girls, but it felt great being amongst both girls and […]


I knew I had been invited to meet a divorced woman. Per our many chat’s it was not a happy divorced. The break-up began long before we started talking via the internet. When he started to spend more time with his “office bimbo” (in her words). The marriage became unsaveable. She describe herself as a lonely (in more ways than one) school teacher. I got her address and one day staked out her house. It was dark when she came […]


My BirthdayI was wearing a pair of cut off shorts with a shirt. Then Jill said “let me take your clothes off”. She pretended to have trouble preceding. So she got a 3” switch blade and with it’s assistance my clothes fell off. After her work was done she said “Ahhh that’s better. You can breath again”. As she looks at my equipment as if for the first time. Then she took my hand and slowly her sheer robe fell […]

The Dealer, Chapter 2

I awoke in the middle of the night (well, it was 5:32 a. m. and thesky was just beginning to brighten). I had to piss like a race horse andmy mouth was dry as dust. There was also the fringe of a headache workingat my brain. My hard dick pointed at my face, throbbing and leaking as itusually does this time of the night. I squeezed the big spongy head andlicked off my fingers. My dick dew tasted like sweet […]

The Dealer, Chapter 1

“Damn, Tony!” I muttered. “Your dick tastes like pussy!” I wincedas I spit his hard, Italian dick out of my mouth. He gazed down at my kneeling form and shrugged. “I’m married,” hesighed. “What’d ya expect? I gotta service the old lady once in a whileto make it seem legit. “ “Geez, Man! Wash it off before you bring it in here,” I remindedhim. “That thing’s foul!” I added rising to my feet. I flicked at hisright nipple with my […]

The Act

Part One – the mtgI enter in the classroom dressed very casually today. I was running late so I didn’t take the care to shower or even put on my makeup. I threw on my long orange dress, looked in the mirror and thot, “it fits snug but it’ll do” and I headed out. As I sit thru the lecture, my mind wonders. I watch the way she moves, the wrinkles on her aging face; I notice the tits sagging […]


Rome was their oyster now, but as Rocco and Liam towelled off and reclothed, they knew their evening was nowhere near over. The ache of his anal fucking continued to course through Liam’s lower half, but it did not dampen his excitement. He was the slightest bit disappointed that this time had been his first, because he was sure that no other time afterwards would be able to compete. But the night was still unfinished, and oh how wrong he […]

HAIKU’s in lots of tongues #1 – English

A collection of HAIKU’s, first in five languages: Dutch, English, French, German and PolishI start with three in English after observation of a voyeur video of a brunette beauty bating After every haiku in another tongue I will try to give a variation of it in English as wellI will first explain how it all started to happen here for me – quite unexpectedly in fact! In most HAIKU’s I try to play with the sound of it in four […]

You Don’t Deserve A Good Man

“Daddy, I am almost 30 and still single. What is wrong with these guys? I haven’t had a relationship with a boy that ever lasted more than 3 months. ” Sherrie whined. “Honey, I am you Dad. I will always be on your side. But you have just stated One true fact, one fiction, and one absolutely false statement. The One true fact is that you turn 30 in a month. The fiction is that, there is nothing wrong with […]