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Panty Fantasies – Coleen’s Magic

Sissy – body change – panties – satin – feminization – lingerie – cocksucking – gender swap He swallowed hard, his body tense with anticipation and admittedly a small amount of fear. He didn’t _really_ know this woman and her beauty was no guarantee of her honesty. He was exposing himself as he had never done before, all in a desperate attempt to capture his dreams, to experience the most intense pleasures. Looking around the bathroom he saw that it […]

Wet Dreams to Crossdressing

Confessions of a Crossdresser I am a crossdresser. It is an addiction. I’ve tried, but I really can’t stop myself: fantasies, endless looking at pornography, shopping, dressing, masturbation, and inevitably, seeking men to please. I started out as a young teen as a panty fantasizer and have progressed to where I am today. I think that I am pretty “normal”: dating girls, and now a responsible man, married with a family. But, I have evolved to a cock sucking crossdresser. […]

Sylvia´s Slave

SYLVIA’S SLAVE PREFACE The story which you are about to read may, at times, seem quitepreposterous. I have often wished that it was an episode of a nightmare orsomething, but I assure you that it is not. Why, you may ask, have Iwritten this account? I have done so on the explicit instructions of mymistress who hopes that in the recounting of my ordeal I will once againrelive all the shame, humiliation, and agony I originally suffered. It isher intent […]

The Dealer, Chapter 2

I awoke in the middle of the night (well, it was 5:32 a. m. and thesky was just beginning to brighten). I had to piss like a race horse andmy mouth was dry as dust. There was also the fringe of a headache workingat my brain. My hard dick pointed at my face, throbbing and leaking as itusually does this time of the night. I squeezed the big spongy head andlicked off my fingers. My dick dew tasted like sweet […]

Niagara (continued Chapters 53-60)

Chapter 53. Katie-Girl spent, on-the-spot. Her screams pierced the early morning grace of the cataracts. “Henri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Again. His finger tips. “Papa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Oh, God! Oh, God! God! God! God! Please!!! Henri!!!!!!” Papa granted mercy and did not go a third time. He reached, but, pulled back at the last instant. “Assez…pour maintenant. “ “Qui, papa. Please. I need it so bad. Papa, please, I do. ” Her tone weighted heavily with pleadings. “Prochainement, mademoiselle. “ “Merci, Henri, I belong only to […]

Why I dislike most porn -1

I have seen a lot of it – Some is quite good – See here my more than ten thousand favourite videos!I have seen also many videos without acting or directors, why are they always better than pro-porn? I have written essays and reports for Playboy and Newsweek, which made the international editionsI have written several hundreds of erotic stories in three different languages, blogs in many more I will give reasons below why I think most porn directors are […]

Why I dislike most porn -5: blame this site

Bad porn has (bad) acting, added artificial moaning and abundance of a few four letter wordsBad porn originates from the United States of America just like rules taboos hypocrisy here Bad porn has men obliged to come in her face, while female orgasming is seen as unprofessionalBad porn influenced badly the actual sex-life of at least two generations of American citizens Bad porn hates genuine feelings, factual arousal, pussies looking different and personalityBad porn created the habit of shaving, now […]

Sexual Proposition p 2

To try and understand what I’m now doing and about to do, a look at how I got here is probably needed. I’ve been thinking about sex for a couple years, watching as much of it as I can find on the Internet for the last six month s. I really, really needed to find a big, erect cock, needed to do everything with it that I’d seen on the ‘net. I was diddling myself to orgasm a couple times […]

ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #6

iCarly/Victorious: If Wishes Were Hornets #6 – Carly “I wish my life was more like one of those fairy tales. “ When Carly woke up, she instantly felt an overwhelming wooziness, and rolled out of bed. She reached for her phone on her night-stand, but she just felt open air. She opened her eyes expecting the bright morning sun to be shining in, but the light was very dim. And as she looked around the room, she realized that this […]

Best Job Ever

I’m a limo driver. My limo has a backseat section with a TV, DVD player, drinks, the works. I drove to a set in Hollywood one evening, and found out I was driving none other than Scarlett Johansson home for the evening. “Scarlett Johansson?” I said. “Yes,” she said. “How are you?” “Good,” I said. I drove the limo to the house she was staying in, about 20 minutes away. She was going to pay me, however, she left her […]