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Your fingers are perfectly suited to bring a woman without sex climax. Please review the fingers Story and get suggestions. First, you’re feelest slowly up to the crotch. She spreads her legs slightly. You ertastest where their most sensitive spot is. A soft groan tells you that you have found it. With thumb and forefinger you massage the clitoris, while a finger of your other hand slowly penetrates into the wet pussy. You feel that the clitoris is bigger and you can see it already. As big as a pea he has become and he shines in a hot pink to red. If these fingers Stories not cool? Take a second or even third finger and spoil the total wet pussy. Her moans getting louder and she is restless. Suddenly she jerks and screams her pleasure out loud. Her orgasm that you have, your actions through the fingers can, shake her body.


When I was in college, a girl I knew started coming on to me. That wouldn’t have been a problem, except she was, 1, very aggressive, and 2, married. I’ll call her Meg and her husband Josh. I’d met them through a good friend of mine, a woman I’ll call Ashley. When I say Meg was aggressive, I mean aggressive. I worked in a dry cleaners, Meg’d come in, ask to see me, and proposition me at the front desk. […]

fantasy role play that came true

me and mary have been married 14 years and are 34 and me 36 we love clubbing and getting high and when we get home we fuck like rabbits talking of who we want to fuck and one night we invited liz back to ours liz was a mates ex wife she was 5ft 4 black bopped hair to her shoulders curvy size 12 with great tits liz was quiet and me and mary often fantasised about her even mary […]

Kim 3

Life for Kim after the home reunion was she’d go to work at 7am and get the office ready for the day then at 9am her dress came off and in high heels and collar only she would take her place behind Helen’s desk ready to server her at a moments once. The staff were all women that Helen picked all young pretty and lesbian Kim also took care of them too. then at 5pm. she would go to the […]

fantasy role play

my gf and i used to imagine fucking peaple we know and say what turns you on about them but my gf was out with alice and came back d***k and acused us of fucking i had not seen alice for 3 years and met her in town we said hello and i said my gf only said that because of our sex games and told her about them saying she wanted me to fuck her then tell her what […]

5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 19)

This is the story of 5 high school cheerleaders who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner “help” them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading… Chapter Nineteen Cumsocket stared up at me from the floorboard of the truck, her long black hair fell in front of her eyes as she knelt there. She was dressed in a thin, almost sheer, cotton sun dress with tall heels strapped to her ankles. […]

Red Heads 2

This is two years after the Red Heads Are Best story. It’s a new fine day I come in to the office and start to get things ready by 8am. the workers will be here and the bosses in meetings, my days as Helen’s sex slave are not over but with the new people and growing business we need to be care full, but I still take good care of her dripping cunt as offen as possible. Mrs. H in […]

Hotel Fun (bareback)

Hotel Fun (Bareback Sex) Just thought I’d post another story. I was staying away on business and got back to my hotel in the late afternoon. I Went to my room for a bit to chill and then changed into my gym kit and went down to the gym. I only wanted a light workout. It was fairly busy but I was soon eyeing up one hot guy. He Looked early 20s with a swimmer type build, really hairy legs. […]

north Indian housewife in 7 days treatment part 5

Pande-ji: That’s like a good girl! I heard the whisper in my ears and also some whispering lecherous remarks. We were also close to the ‘garva griha’ now and had to take permission from Pande-ji to lower my sari to cover me. Me: Pande-ji, people will see me now. I must cover myself. Pande-ji without wasting words pulled out my sari and petticoat from my waistband and dropped it down and at last I was fully covered. Chotu turned back […]

The Ugly Truth

A friend and I walked through the park as a shortcut on our way to the bar across town. Along the way he gestured toward the upper end of the baseball field I looked at. “See that guy at the plate?” he asked. “Yes. ” I said and glanced over him, to find him kind of ugly. “He’s got a big cock and loves to have a man suck it. You should try it sometime. ” I felt surprised to […]

Missy’s Revenge

Missy grew up in a very poor f****y, and lived most of her young years in the projects. Her f****y’s small apartment complex was in one of the worst parts of town. Missy’s mother had left when she was only five years old and she barely remembered her. Her father drank every meal, and spent all of his money on alcohol. Missy and her s****r had to wear hand me down clothing, and were often un-bathed and unruly. She rarely […]