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Hot Bi Stories get under your skin. Because with a Bi Story make women with women and men around with men. The mix can be easily from any combination. Not infrequently, Bi women and men also give the threesome out, because they can easily to all nibble a bit and their sexual preferences meet to the fullest. Hard dicks are as just blown not only of unbridled sluts, but sometimes also types go up to his knees and slide the hard dicks all the way into the mouth cunt. And women can live out their craving pussies and tits in the Bi stories. Since the moist Fickspalten be greedily licked while will casually hilarious sometimes with a hard lout. The taboos bi men and women can just nibble from both sides of the sexual buffet, and there will always be taken care of for sexual variety.

sexperience with hostelmate

Hi everyone, my name is ajay, I am an average looking guy with good height and weight from vijayawada in andhra. And hardly my life has just 3 sexperiences that also with guys, I am bisexual(I enjoy sex with both girls and boys) I just love the pleasure.. this incident happened nearly 7 years back when I was in my 12th with my hostel mate. I started masturbating from my 10th since then that is the only way for my […]

Young and Hung

Having pursued my bisexual urges in just the last 3 years since I have retired, I wish I had jumped off the bridge years ago. I head to the community center 3 times a week to swim laps. I get plenty of stares in the locker room at my thick 8 inch cock swinging between my legs. Just last week at about 9am a young man struck up a conversation with me while changing after we showered. He was about […]

Tits Have Benefits

transgender – crossdressing – shemale – transformation – feminization So there I was walking up to the most gorgeous creature in the room, a beautiful woman with incredible tits and ass and beautiful long black hair. This was the woman of my dreams who despite being the person who I could most open up to, nevertheless had been unobtainable in my mind. I had been a shy retiring nerd who could never hope to win the affections of a beautiful […]

Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 05

tranny – bisexual – bdsm – strapon – anal – couples – transformation – lesbian – double sided dildo This time Emily and I got up and left Jessica and Chrissy. We went to our room, as I stripped out of my pretty outfit as Emily jumped into the shower. We showered and went to bed. I don’t remember anything until I heard Jacob and Lana in the kitchen the next morning. I woke up and Emily rolled into my […]

me and wife never knew my mate was bisexual

me and ann had been married at the age of 18 and where now both 32 and we had experimented and loved to set up scenarios with people we knew and had fantasised off fucking this night we had been clubbing and invited two couples and a girl we knew back to ours outside i met an old workmate and his mate and he asked if they could come back ann said yes wispering to me my mate allan was […]

A Gay Diary

Excerpt from a gay diary I have decided that I like guys better than I like girls. Guys make my dick hard or the right guys do. No girl that I have been with has done that for me. I have found my fantasy guy. I have a computer teacher late 40’s maybe early 50’s he is round kind of Santa looking. He bent over in class today and I thought I would love to push my cock into his […]

Sophisticated Mom To Cheap Slut

It was 2 years back. I was 20 at that time. We are a f****y of 3. We live in an apartment in Chennai. My father works abroad and comes once a year. So, it is just me and my mother staying here. Our apartment has multiple blocks. Each block has 4 floors. We live in the 4th floor of our block. Each floor has just two houses. The doors of the houses will be facing each other and there […]

Romance Comic Cover Stories – Chapter XL

Chapter XL – Air Orgy (based on Pictorial Romances No. 12 cover, St. John, March 1952) I know what people think about us, stewardesses. People always rate us as the ones who care about the passengers, gently help them if they need something, serving our customers the way they wish, and so on. This is totally true, you know that. But there is the other side, the kind of thing you don’t usually share with anyone but yourself and your […]

Eric’s Problem, Adult Friends, 1/1

Eric and I had worked for the same company for 10 years and hadsurvived several retrenchments, down-sizings, and reductions in f***e,probably because we were very good at our jobs. Company politics beingwhat they were, only our competence kept us employed, because we weren’tattached to any of the power cliques that seemed to determine companypolicy. In short, we were too low on the totem pole to be chummy with theexecutives who decided the future of the company. We were both field […]

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XIII

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XIII “Lesbo is Classy”, with Karine Doyle (based on a pinup art by Rust), Elvine (based on a Gil Elvgren pinup) and Bebe Jones (based on an Al Buell pinup) Elvine: Karine Doyle: Bebe Jones: My name is Karine Doyle and today I am going to tell a story that I lived with two of my bestest friends, Elvine and Bebe Jones. We are friends since Junior High and we got the luck to […]