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Daytona Day 1 of 5

Daytona Day
1 of 5
I am only going to set this up once so…
Master had 5 of his buddies over last Sunday (2/21/16) to watch the Daytona 500. It was in the mid 40’s so my naked ass was outside grilling some food and the guys were just sitting around shooting the shit. For those that don’t know, I am a 24/7 sub/slave for my husband/Master so at home I am always nude.

Anyway, eventually the talk turned to the race and who they thought was going to do what. I am and always have been a big Dale Jr. fan so, like an idiot; I put in my 2 cents worth. After a lot of trash talk a bet was made. Jr. was going to win, of this I was sure, so I bet by services, a nice way of saying my holes, on this sure thing.

If he won, each of the guys was going to give me $500 and Master agreed to let me have 2 days of freedom. If he didn’t win but beat their drivers (Johnson, Logano, 2 guys picked Edwards, and Kenseth) they would each give me $100. For my stake in the bet it was easy, even though they had free use of me all that day, whoever beat Jr. got my slave services for 2 hours privately.

If their guy won, they got me for 24 hours. Jr. was in it to win it, and my trash talking increased throughout the race, and then lap 169 and the wall. The guys were thrilled, me not so much.
Because I was running my face so much and Jr didn’t even finish, Master decided that as an act of contrition, I would give 4 hours to them except the 2 that picked Edwards.

Because he finished ahead of all of them, they each get 6 hours. As further compensation for a smart mouth, Master wants each guys visit chronicled. So yesterday Logano guy dude’s (I am just going to call him “T”) wanted his 4 hours.
Master called me at 9am and told me that I was to be at T’s house at 10am. I was instructed to wear a collar and my bikini. The bikini made sense; I just assumed there would be some public humiliation involved as you don’t see a lot of bikinis in February in Iowa.

The time, however, was a bit odd to me. Most of the time if I am loaned out, it is in the late evening but whatever. I know T, and I know he has a roommate but I didn’t ask if he was involved or invited. It didn’t matter, for 4 hours I belonged to him and would have to do who, what, when, where and how I was told.
I arrived at his door shortly before 10, which meant he had me until 2.

I knocked, was told to come in, and as soon as the door shut I was pushed to the floor and the question of the roommate was answered. Almost immediately a cock was shoved down my throat and my bikini bottoms were pulled aside so the other one could shove his dick in my pussy. I only took about 10 minutes of pounding before they both pulled out and shot their load all over the respective holes.

I was told to get up and fix my bottoms so they could take a look at me. So I adjusted my bottoms back over my cum soaked pussy and stood up. Cum was running down my chin, dripping onto my chest and I could feel the other load slowly dripping down my thigh.
This is where it gets strange, I was then told to go gather their laundry and load it in the truck.

I wasn’t told I could wipe the cum off so I didn’t ask, just set about my task and about 15 minutes later, I am sitting in the bed of the pick-up with 3 baskets on laundry wearing a bikini, a dog collar and drying cum and we are on the way up town. We got to the Suds-O-Mat, I was given a $20 bill and told to go do their laundry. Now even though this is a small town, there were a few people in there, one old-timer that I recognized from our bar, and a couple of middle aged women who oddly enough I didn’t recognize.

Needless to say, I was the center of attention when I walked in. While I am somewhat used to be displayed in public in this manner, it is usually just a quick trip into the liquor store, or gas station. In and out and the folks can talk about the chick that came in wearing a bikini and contemplate if that was really sperm on her face or something else. But here I was broad daylight in the freaking Suds-O-Mat, the two ladies started whispering between them and the old man just smiled and stared.

It is highly probable that at some point I have had the guys cock in one of my holes, but honestly I don’t remember.
Anyway, I started loading the washers when T and his roomie came in. They sat next to the old man and started chatting amongst themselves. The 2 ladies were still folding and whispering when T decided to answer their question. In a loud booming voice he shouted “Kunt don’t get any of that cum on our laundry.

” The 3 guys started laughing and the ladies just shook their head and went on about their business. Once all the clothes were washing, I went to where the guys were sitting and did what any good sub would do. I got down on my knees, palms on my legs and my head bowed. I couldn’t see the 2 ladies, but I could feel their eyes glaring at me, and the shame and humiliation were really starting to turn me on.

It wasn’t long before I heard the old broads leaving and very clearly heard words like whore and slut ring out as the door closed behind them.
I really have no idea how long I stayed in “sit” position, but I did hear the door open and someone else start loading a machine. The guys were talking about me, saying what a good whore I was, how good I could suck cock and that I could deep throat almost anything.

The old guy chuckled and finally asked if he could have a go. So T pulled a leash out of his pocket, connected it to my collar and handed it to the old guy. I am not picky about age, or even cock size, any cock needs to cum and I like to be able to do that. So I didn’t resist when the old man stood up pulled me to my feet and lead me to the bathroom.

As we walked through I noticed the young lady who had come in, she just looked at us, smiled and shook her head as we walked past and into the tiny room.
He went in first pulling me after him; the door was barely shut before this old guy pulled out a very, VERY respectable cock and told me “suck it bitch” and he started shoving his cock down my throat. He had to be a good 7” but he was also so thick I could barely get my hand around it.

It was only a matter of minutes before my nose was buried repeatedly deep into his thick gray pubic hair. He used my face for exactly what it is good for, a mouth pussy. Long, thick and quite honestly, very tasty cock was jammed down my gullet. I was really looking forward to tasting the treat that cums out the end but I only got to taste a few drops because he pulled out, grabbed a handful of my hair, wrapped it around his cock, started jerking and almost instantly a huge thick load of cum was spraying in my face and hair.

He wiped his cock in my hair, and then quite surprisingly, kicked me square in the pussy and told me to get out. Obviously he had either had me before, or knew about me from the bar because that kick in the cunt was hard, sharp, and dead on target. It also almost made me cum. So I stood up, offered him my leash and was lead back to T and his roomie.
The wash was done so I started loading the dryer.

Again, T reminded me loudly not to get cum on his laundry. Like there was any question as to what was on my face. The young girl sitting there waiting for her clothes, just looked up over her book and said just as loudly “That’s right whore, keep the cum off the machines too. ” The guys just busted up laughing. I could feel my face turn bright red and that was probably the most humiliated I have felt in a while.

Sadly, that coupled with the ache in my pussy from the kick, was enough I could feel myself getting wet. But I had a feeling that my needy pussy was not going to get any relief anytime soon. Once the clothes were in the dryer, I reverted by to “sit” and just knelt there waiting feeling the old guy’s fresh cum dripping off my chin and splashing onto my chest and crotch. Wishing this ordeal was over and that it would get worse all at the same time.

T went over to the girl reading, spoke to her for a few minutes. Her saying “go for it” was all I got out of the conversation. T left and returned a few minutes later, I resisted the urge to look up but my leash was grabbed and my head snapped up. He stood there over me holding one of those black metal flashlights. I could see there was a condom covering the end and he dropped it in my lap with a single word “Ass.

” I looked at him, his roomie, the old guy, then over to the young girl who had moved just across from us. I really didn’t want to do that right there and while I never spoke the words, my face must have betrayed me. He took the end of the leash and said “I said up your ass” punctuating each word with a slap across the face from the leather handle. I looked over at the girl one last time, saw her smiling, and did what I was told.

I raised my hips, pulled the bikini bottom to the side and using my own wet pussy for lube, slid down over the flashlight until I was back in “sit” position. A mixture of pain, pleasure and complete abject humiliation flooded over me and I started to rock back and forth just slightly moving the object in my ass trying to get my orgasm.
T asked the girl if he should let me cum and she replied not yet.

“SIT STILL” was again punctuated by hard slaps with the leash handle and I fucked myself to stop moving. So there I sat, broad daylight, cum covered, sitting on the dirty floor of a public laundromat with a flashlight shoved up my ass. Should be enough to bring anyone to tears of shame, but I was trying not to cum. How long I sat there I don’t really know, but eventually I was told that the dryers had about 5 minutes and I could cum if I could do it before they stopped.

That was all I needed, with complete abandon, not caring where I was, and without shame I started pounding my ass over that chunk of dirty metal. I came twice before someone knocked me sideways and told me the dryer was done. I gathered my wits, trying to stand up and also trying to keep that wonderfully hard object in my ass. I managed to get my bottoms situated enough to keep it in there and that was when I noticed there were 2 more young couples in there, just watching me.

Shame, humiliation, degradation, and excitement flooded over me. Obviously someone had put the word out that there was a show at the Suds-O-Mat and I guess I was it.
I waddled over to the dryers best I could, keeping that lovely flashlight right where it was. I took me about 30 minutes to get everything folded and loaded into the cab of the truck. T’s roomie had left with the original young lady, I found out later that it was his girlfriend, and he had called the others.

I was told later that the 6 of them had quite a good time fueled by my little exhibition. I was again placed in the bed of the pick-up and we drove through our little town with me laying in the bed fucking myself with that stupid flashlight.
By the time we got back to his place and I got everything put away, it was about 3:45. Without a word, he slapped me on the back of the head, pushed me on my back onto the kitchen table.

He pulled my bottoms aside, I thought he was going to take out the flashlight and give it to me up the ass but he just shoved it further up my ass and rammed his cock in my cunt. He hate fucked me like no other, slapping my face, spitting on me, twisting my nipples. There is not much that gets me hotter than being told what a worthless fuckpig I am while I am just being drilled and he called me every name he could think of, whore, slut, pig, cunt, cumdump and with each name he slapped or hit or twisted.

I begged permission to cum and he wanted to hear the it, when I finally asked “please let this useless fuckpig cum” he relented and I let loose. After I had cum the 2nd or 3rd time he grabbed me by the hair, pulled me to the floor and shoved his cock down my throat. One thrust and my nose was in his belly, he held me there by my hair and I could feel his cock twitch as he pumped his cum straight into my belly.

I thought I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen before he finally pulled his cock out, slapped me hard across the face and told me to get the fuck out of his house.
It was 4:28 when I got in my car and headed home with his flashlight still shoved up my ass. He called already this morning and told me he wanted it back. I am sure he will stop by sometime later this week to pick it up but knowing him that is all he will do.

Just get his stuff and leave, not caring that I am sitting there naked and willing. Tonight however, one of the Edwards guys is claiming his 6 hours. So I will detail that tomorrow.
Luv Ya,

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