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Monthly archive: April 2016


Jessie gasped seeing that Ravi’s manhood was over 6 inches. “Wow Ravi how long is it now?” Jessie asked walked forward and dropping to her knees. “7 inches,” Ravi moaned as he felt Jessie’s young mouth engulf his meat. Luke walked over to Jessie and started to suck on her left breast as he inched and played with her right one. Jessie moaned out load as she started to deep throat Ravi’s cock. “My gosh Luke” Our nanny is giving […]

Along the Seine river

yeah I did had a girl at the end of december. blonde, tall, green eyes with short hair. really good looking and we had met cuz she crashed in a party I was. we were really d***k and did it but I didn’t like it so much. though I remember I had fun with her and she was different in bed so… I called her the next day, evening and we went for a drink. then we went walking along […]

Blonde beauties bare beachvolley #4

The three tasty teen bare beach blondes watch with big eyes as my great granddod givesthem a practical lesson in pleasing oneself by playing her hairy horny hot wet sexy twat The eldest confesses she does it a lot but never talked until now yet openly about that the two other teens acknowledge they also know it already well but did never get as wet The right way to teach you to get as wet as I am is by […]

Strangers in a bar

You go out with your friends, just a short relaxing noting big. The bar you go is half full with people and its a ordinary day in the week. You sit down an order some drinks and your eyes go around. Then you see me sitting there and enjoy a drink. Our views meet and nobody look away. You know the feeling when you look into they eyes of someone longer then normal. Then you a friend of you talks […]

Ohne Willen

Die folgende Story ist nicht von mir sondern ein Netzfund und lediglich als Fanpost zu verstehen. WICHTIG! Diese Geschichte, basiert nicht auf wahren Begebenheiten, sie ist also nicht geschehen. Sämtliche Charaktere existieren nicht wirklich. Allerdings spiegelt sie meine am meisten ersehnten Fantasien und die Vorstellung meines Sex Lebens sehr präzise wieder. Ich bin jetzt 20 Jahre alt und auf der Suche nach einer Frau (Hübsch, schlank, 18-29Jahre [Am besten so wie der Charakter Simone in der Geschichte]), die bereit ist […]

My first meet with Mandi_xxx

Diary entry – Well I eventually managed, after several weeks, to persuade Mandi to meet me. Not sure if she thought it would be a drink, snog, tittie worship, sex and then gone……but she was wrong. I told her I was going to Hook for meetings so would stay locally to her in a hotel, I gave simple instructions – meet me at 7pm in the bar, text me when you get there, wear stockings, heels, business-like…..and take your favourite […]

Movie night

This is a story about an ex-girlfriend of mine, she was 5’4 with an athletic body due to her spending all her free time dancing as she belonged to a dance company.   We were in highschool at the time and were in abosolute lust with eachother.     We never had a date where our hands were inside eachothers pants. She loved to slide her hand down my jeans and grab my dick, she would work her hand down […]

Sweet Taste

Sara and i are always looking for thinks to spice up our sex like. One night while we were playing online things got slow so we started looking at sex toys. One we saw was a squirting dildo. Something new to us after reading about it and finding a few recipes for cum to put in it we found one that Sara thought would be very tasty. Mainly it was yogurt with a little water you could use any flavor, […]

Consequences Pt. 01

Jen sat next to Mike one leg under her. “You’re okay?” she asked, looking into his eyes. “I think so,” Mike said. “Just think so?” she asked. She snuggled into his arm. She grimaced self-reproachfully. “I feel so stupid. “ “The game’s dangerous,” he said. “I know, but … I should’ve made Tom wear a condom. “ “The game’s dangerous,” Mike repeated. “That’s part of the excitement, right?” “So … if I’m really pregnant?” she tentatively asked. Mike knew abortion […]

The Cuckold Groom

Chrissy made a beautiful bride. She and I were childhood sweethearts and loved each other dearly. Her old man had pitched in to give his daughter a good sendoff and it was quite a wedding and quite a party. Chrissy looked radiant in her satin and lace gown. I knew I was the luckiest man in town that day. Chrissy is the daughter of one of the most prominent men in town and the man responsible for my new job. […]