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Zo lekker

It’s Saturday morning and I dream it or not?
Normally I always wake up earlier than my wife, but now she’s waking up earlier.
Because I still feel really mouth to my still small Sjaakkie.
Soft and absorbent head slowly up and down, I feel that there is more in life comes Sjaakkie.
Mmmm yes she goes with her tongue on the back of my cock.
That’s one of my favorites places she knows natuuurlijk well after all these years.

And I feel my cock getting harder and thicker.
Automatically I do my legs a little more open, and it shows them and give some licks my balls.
I feel her left hand around my cock and him what to back down on my stomach.
With her nails lightly scratching, oooh mmm what good I think and go get some more relaxing
Again she takes my cock in her mouth and sucks harder and pumped her head slightly harder.

I can not stop but must Geiligheid some panting and moaning.
I feel she gently squeezes my balls with her right hand.
“Ooooooooh some nice” I moan “oooooooohhhhh nice baby go through” We look at each other.
She sucks harder doing her mouth tighter around my cock which was now almost at full strength.
My wife is starting to moan and smacks himself even as my dick get her nice and wet

She takes my cock from her mouth and slowly pull my skin over my glans.
“Mmmm what a nice hard cock horny fucker you still love me” she whispered to me.
“Lift your ass again than then underneath my pillow I can still indulge better. “
She kisses my cock and wait for it to disappear into her mouth gets him out again.
But suddenly goes quickly with her tongue over my glans back some very nice touch.

“Aaaaaaaaaah” I groan with her tongue she goes over my pee hole and push it even
in a piece.
“Aaaaaaaaaah” I groan again “jjjaaaaaaaaah far but baby dick lick me. “
She stops and just lie peacefully and with her left hand still on my dick, starting
she gently pulling. myself with short strokes off
With her right hand she hold balls up to me and I feel her tongue pressing against my anus.

Around my anus is my most favorite erogenous spot.
When we make love, and my wife licks me there or edited with a wet finger, I will be so
horny like a bear.
“Oooooooooooooooh some horny slut” I tell her as she licks me about my star back.
With my legs all wide, I can not resist making. Gentle fucking motions
With her tongue I feel that they are now penetrates into my anus and edited.

Hard on my cock pulling I feel my sperm starts the way out to look.
“Ooooooooooh I treasure you so cum mmmmmmmmmmmm Oja Oja go by faster. “
She comes with her mouth over my cock and now worked with her tongue again my glans.
“Jaaaaaaaa I come, I’m going to squirt harder harder baby”, pinching and pulling hard as I come
a bezettene ready “Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”.
Globs of sperm flying to her mouth and tongue still licking my asshole.

After nothing more comes out she takes my hard dick in her mouth “mmmmmmmm yummy” she says.
“Happy birthday today is your day, tomorrow I turn huh”.

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