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Y & X….google translate

“Good evening Y. Do not turn around, but still look over the city. ” He could feel it startled her when she heard the deep voice, while the surprise of HE suddenly stood behind her, out here. She held extra hard on drinks the glass, but were frozen to the ground. “Nice to finally meet you Y. I understand you are here alone tonight, something to your dear hubby had to stay home. What a shame.

“, He whispered in her ear and with a rather light hånlighed in his voice.

“So tonight Y, you MIN and I want to do what I say now. Because you know you want to explore what we were chatting about, correct? “.
He led the big hands up and placed them on her bare shoulders and it was like an electric shock that shot through her ??body. She nodded gently and wanted to turn his head.

“Oh no Y”, he raised one hand and turned her face back. “You will not see anything. It’s only me to see you. And I will see all of you tonight. “

Suddenly it was as if she felt he disappeared, as in the same again to be there.
“Raise your right hand, palm side up, right in front of you and close your eyes. ” She did as commanded and in the same instant, she felt something soft be put in her hand.

“Now listen very carefully Y. In one hour, you will leave the company. You will find a plausible excuse, I know you do. “

Her breathing became heavier and noticed how soon the knees could not hold it anymore.
“Then you go up to your room. Are you a nice warm bath and when you are online you will find a chair from the round dining table. Sets the middle of the floor.

There you sit, chair upside down so that the backrest is in front of you. Then I will come to you, exactly at midnight and I’ll just see you sitting naked on the chair, with this in front of your eyes. Got Y? “She nodded eagerly.

She had so much to the bathroom and squeezed so tightly between the legs that it almost hurt. There she stood, waiting to he would say more or do anything else.

What was gone now, a half a minute or a whole maybe, she did not know. Was he away or he just waited. Then she did it, turned abruptly. He was gone!


She had excused themselves by saying that she had a severe headache and that she would take a few pills and sleeping. Had hurried up to her room when she was delayed because the CEO’s wife absolutely had to catch her 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time and would talk about flowers.

OMG (Oh My God)!

The bath was soon over, for she did not need to make further clear when she had spent almost two hours, prepare at home. She had taken her time to sc**** the legs, and she had given her pussy, maybe a few more strokes than necessary, which had also made ??her the shower was so excited by itself, so a little finger orgasm had been needed. The idea was of course that her husband should be here too.

So she thought it was appropriate that she therefore took a little extra good when they had one night together without the kids and a whole morning for that matter.

She looked over at the clock by the bed, which showed 23. 57. Wrought towel on the floor, whistled a few times with her perfume. Small ran into the small living room of the suite and grabbed a chair. But where would she sit down.

“Øhmm how was it he had said she was going to do?” Kl. 23:59 she sat on the chair with her ??legs spread around the back of the chair and felt already a little air glide across the smooth labia. Ignored it, tied fast the red scarf on eyes with a knot and put his arms down so that his hands rested on the small trembling knees. Panting heavily out!

Suddenly the electronic clicks and the weak influence from the heavy door opened and closed again.

No steps to listen to the soft carpet, but it had to be him. She squeezed the inner thighs together, as if to hide his pleasure in his lap, but knew it did not help. She was already soaking wet!


He saw she was sitting with his back to. Her naked body gave glare from the large ceiling light. He dimmed the light and walked calmly towards her. I could see she had been busy.

The towel was thrown on the floor in the bedroom and her hair tips was still damp, but she smelled great. He placed a small bag down and walked right up behind her. Her naked body was delicious studying from behind. Light tan, soft and sensitive skin, which was so well cared for as he had fantasized about. She sat on the chair seat with legs, but could not have feet completely into the floor, so the painted toenails had to keep his balance.

The arms were stretched forward and rested his hands on his knees. The slightly curled blonde, mid-length hair was set back in a tight ponytail, she obviously liked to have always. Then he brought his hand forward and let two fingers slide over the tight lower back.

“Hmmm Y. You are just as I want you. I can feel you have waited long for this moment. “He could see she was about to open his mouth to say something, so he quickly led the other hand around and put his index finger on the light swollen lips.

“Schyyy, do not say anything. Not before I give you permission to express yourself. Remember, I decide what you can, what you should and what should happen. “She nodded and the half-open mouth took a deep heavy breathing.

He took his hand from her mouth slowly back and pulled away. She sat in a situation in a mixture of being petrified, but also in a spirit of joy. So many years, she had hoped to be able to experience the kind of submission.

Not that she would try it more violent yet, but this, that a man took power over her, as she had read about so many times in various novels. In her daily work, she checks in its position in the company, which she definitely enjoyed, but wanted so much to be able to play this role and enjoy impotence.

She heard a bag being opened. He rattled with a form of packaging.

All her senses were excited and felt how the skin around the nipples tightened, while they were tough. It gave a slight pump in the pubic bone and she tried to keep control of the body. “Put your hands behind the back, now!” He commanded her. Now she began to feel his power. Something soft waged around your senior and tightened. Had to be a soft rope of some sort. “Close your eyes completely.

He tied the scarf up and replaced it with the mask he had bought. A blindfold mask, which he knew made ??her totally blind. He had bought it with the rope and another surprise in the little sex shop around the corner of the hotel. He knew the owner, whom he had called and asked to open for him so he could make these small purchases.

“Stand up. ” He was impressed by her obedience and prompt acceptance of his messages.

He turned her around and could now consider her better. The breasts were of a good medium size, he shot a 80 B, maybe even a C cup, with still slightly pink touch over the nipples. The body was in training, without being too lean, but in good shape. The skin was smooth and soft and sexy pubic completely smooth. “Put you on the edge of your seat. ” He led her down by holding her in his warm hands on her upper arms.

Could feel the taut skin of his palms.

Because of the hands tied, she had to straighten your back completely and spread his legs to keep his balance on the edge of your seat. She saw suddenly it very simply making situation by opening up for her shot straight in front of him. Everything was dark around, but she sensed that he was in the neighborhood. The heavy deep breath, small hot air dash over the skin when his big hands slid past.

It gave a shudder through the body, when she felt an enormous heat on the inner thighs. The hands had a power and heat, which shot directly into her. The bleed is pumped faster and suddenly felt the heart had fallen for her bare pussy came now with so heavy blow, which was the heart rhythm. “Now you need to fully relax Y”. He slid one hand up on the smooth swollen labia and opened them.

The smell from the lap warm and intense heat. In the other hand he had his surprise. A remote vibrationsæg.

Gently he slipped the egg around her narrow entrance. She gasped loudly and had to open his mouth to release the sounds which had built up inside. Although the egg had not yet turned on or inside, she could feel how horny she really was and when he again hit the dune, she had to give way.

The stomach cramped, his back tightened up further and the first orgasm swept through her ??entire home. A stifled groan came from her mouth as she put his head back.
X sat in front of her and enjoyed this first orgasm. It was dripping out boldly with orgasm juices from her pussy and the smell became more intense. He played remains outside only and when the orgasm subsided, he slipped into the egg and put it well organized.

“Y! Did I give you permission to have an orgasm now? “. She talk heavy and tried to find a normal weather drawing again and shook his head. “Exactly. Had I not told you that I charge? “He took her one nipple and pinched it. Enough that she let out a little scream. “Do you hear. I decide when you need something. Got it? “. The other nipple was also a slight twist and both nipples were now clearly red and white.

She nodded insistently. “Well my slut. ”

Now he felt even this throbbing sensation in the abdomen. His thick limb was over the left groin and dented good in the pants. Sitting on the big bed, he opened his tie and shirt and took both of. Got up and would take the pants off, took the remote control in his pocket and pressed first

Y sat on the chair and still enjoyed the after-effects of orgasm.

Never before had she come so quickly by so few touches. In the dark, deep emotional scars she got up and tried to mark the egg he had slipped up. With small pinch contractions, she felt the soft oval shape of the vaginal walls. She moved a bit around on the seat so that the egg is not slid out. But where was he gone? In the midst of her surprise at this, she was struck by lightning.

It shone up through the body from the egg vibrations and felt she was about to take off from the chair. Just as she was about to enjoy it, it stopped. Oh no, do not stop, she thought.

As he undressed himself, so he she turned her head around. He had just turned off the egg and enjoyed her tense reaction. It was obvious she wanted more and now tried to look around for him.

Naked, he went into the bathroom, with his thick long pompous and semi-hard cock dangling heavily. Lighted for the large shower and felt the warm water fosse of the large shower head. He needed to the degree for a bath, after a nearly 16-hour day and would enjoy it. Before that, he went back to the Y, however, with the sound of the shower great, as he could see she was listening for. For her head was turned in that direction and he stood right in front of her.

How would he like to fuck this woman right now, but had promised himself that he would be patient.

The remote control was in his hand and pressed the second again gave it a visible set of her body. The sound from the egg was weak and was drowned out by the water from the bathroom. He saw how she writhed around and enjoyed the sight of her pussy showing small pump stroke while egg fondled her.

Just when he could see that she began to enjoy it, he turned abruptly. His own reaction was also shown. The cock was now much more and was only a few centimeters from her cheek. She turned her head around now, her mouth quite sure bump into the big dick.


Amid the silence that filled the hotel room and made ??the atmosphere even more intense, she sat and gasped for breath, from the latest inner experience of the egg which had almost given her an orgasm.

She could clearly feel the juices running out of her open and swollen pussy. Only she could give herself finger, just for 2 minutes to allow the orgasm to complete this. As she sat down and went through this, was the silence with, interrupted by a ring from her cell phone.

It rang loudly from her bag as she remembered was lying on the little table by the front door. Who did however now! Oh no, I had agreed to call my husband at 01 o’clock.

Was time really so many. The ringtone persisted and was on forunderligvis higher. “I get a call for you my dear Y and put it on speaker. NOW! “She sank heavily and tried to gather his thoughts.
“Uh Hello Taxes”. She could hear his own voice may rise up in the almost shrill area. He calmly replied back and somehow, it was like coming back to reality, while they talked.

X enjoyed seeing Y, sitting there on his knees with hands tied and blindfolded as she tried to lead the conversation with her husband.

He thought it was an extra cheeky element to answer the call for her and had placed her cell phone on a small stool in front of her. He went behind her and as she spoke a little about the party course he grabbed her breasts from behind and massaged them hard and rubbed the naughty nipples between two fingers.

It startled her and instinctively threw her head back so her back head hit his semi-erect cock.

“Are you ok honey?” Came the question from the phone. “Oh yes, yes, well, then, I have just a little weird right now so” …. X put his right hand down between her legs and rubbed the exposed clitoris. Y writhing on top of his hand and would obviously have liked to finish the prækære situation, but at the same time she enjoyed his gnideri. He let go of her completely, grabbed his heavy limb and gave her a gentle slap on the left cheek.

Y tried frantically to gather thinking, lust and conversation. And especially now that she had been hit by something on the cheek. She felt a slight heat spread on the left side of the face. It was something soft yet hard. Around in some manner ….. could be. The brain was racing as she also had to respond to her husband. “The taxes will think I’ve had a little too much to drink tonight.

The red wine was all too good and you know me, I’ll first start it is hard to stop. Hi hi “…

Yes, it may have been his cock, he had given her this slap with. Throughout their little chats, they had never exchanged this kind of information among each other, but it may be quite large, she thought. And like a bolt from the blue, it happened again. Her home was hit by an explosive thunderstorm and tagged egg vibrates violently.

She turned around and gasped for breath as her entire abdomen was out of control. “Honey, I … Ohhh … can not now think …. arghhh … I gotta go … throw up!”

X had put the egg in once again via the small remote control and put it on full strength. How was it naughty to watch her squirm around in complete ecstasy while she still held the facade facing her husband on the phone.

He walked around the side of her and whispered in her ear. “You may go now”.

“Well goodnight honey, we’ll see you tomorrow” finished her husband on the phone. X disconnected and then he stepped aside. Y’s body was like a volcano erupting, while the egg buzzed at maximum strength inside her dripping wet pussy. She threw her head back, shot breasts forward, opened his mouth and then she let it all free.

The legs spread and from her deep interior came a sound of redemption up through the throat and into the room. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH,” she exclaimed in a breath. With the full f***e of the juices squirted out of her pussy and the egg was shot out.

X could see her stomach cramped and pumped in a huge burst of energy, while the orgasm had taken control of her home. He turned off the egg that lay on the floor, stood in front of her and rubbed his cock so it was throbbing hard as he enjoyed her discharge.

While she was still consumed with this orgasm, he took hold of her head and brought it up to his cock. The mouth was open and without further ado he pushed the big dick into. She tried to gasp for air, but he wanted her as she was right now.

Y experienced a journey through the galaxies and universes, while the orgasm rolled through her. Never before had she been completely out there on lecherousness outer and experienced this severe intoxication in its interior.

Slowly she turned her back, gasping for air and wanted to lie down and relax as she was pulled with one in mind of his large hands. At the same moment, her mouth full of something very big and bulging hard.

She almost felt that the air was taken from her when she saw what it was. His dick rubbed up along her palate and filled her entire mouth. Rhythmic he began to fuck her mouth and she tried to take him.

Drooling increased and noticed how he went further into and down her throat. He growled deep and powerful, which attracted her immensely and wanted him to do what he wanted. Suddenly he held her head hard, as she had throughout his violent cock in the mouth and could soon not get air.

X withdrew his turgid cock out as he felt her choking spasms in the neck. Drooling poured out from her gaping mouth and down over the plump breasts.

She took a deep breath several times and sank. He sat you down briefly squatted in front of her and gave her pussy a few little smack with his large hand. She trembled completely and showed her pussy was sore, though he had not fucked her there, but the egg had taken effect, just as he had wished.

Straightened up again and noticed that she was ready again and he would give her the last experience for this time.

To swallow his entire cock and get his load directly down her throat. He grabbed her tight ponytail and brought her head to his cock. “Show me your tongue, slut. ” Prompt she reached the wet tongue as he gave a smack with dickhead. Well she was just as willing as she should be.

Then he stood to the right and led his cock slowly into her mouth with her ??outstretched tongue hanging out.

The hips started to find a good pace and felt how nossernes rich cargoes was slowly moving up through his voluptuous thick limb. And then he noticed it happen! Half inside the mouth he exploded the first thick hot loads of cum in her throat. It makes great in between the floor and he would be completely emptied.

Pulled out slightly and looked down. Although he had injected into her neck, poured out sperm from her mouth giving way.

He gave his cock a few jerks back and forth and felt that the next batch was coming. Pulled out and let the next couple of cargoes spray besides her face. The mouth was still open and her breathing arousing.
The cock was drained drop by drop and the rest dripped down over her body.


Y sat petrified as she enjoyed his large discharges. Although she thought she had stifled by both his cock and his cum, she was still in full awareness of that would be all right.

When he had pulled his cock out of her mouth, she enjoyed being sprayed while she sank and tasted his semen.

Warm, salty and slightly sweet!

His deep roar, had made her even more passive and at the same time more pleasurably of being his slave. She heard a click, but thought nothing of it. Sad and just enjoyed everything as it was. So often, she had imagined this situation through the countless novels and short stories she had read, but in reality, as now, was a far cry from these stories and her fantasies.

Without that she really thought about it, she took his hands up and rubbed semen st her breasts, first fingers to his mouth and wanted to taste more of this man’s juices. She felt after on his face and there was even more. The mouth smacked their lips, enjoyed and swallowed the semen, as was the honey from a jar, she had discovered and first since she was sucking his fingers clean it hit her.

Well I’m free now! Quickly she tore blindfolded and blinked. The light was good enough subdued, but still enough to dazzle her briefly. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked around. Everything looked like when she sat down. Except for the little stool next to her on her cell phone. Then down by itself and how her body was wet with his barn after creating. On the floor in front of her was a small oval-shaped purple object, as she reached out and took up.

The smile spread over her mouth when she saw the egg, which had helped to give her the inner experiences. Stuck out their tongues and licked the egg, which tasted of her, as she knew it.

Suddenly a single high beep from her cell phone. She deep emotional scars, picked it up, the time was 1:25 and opened the MMS was plug into. The image imagined her sitting in the humble position, with hands bound, blindfolded and his nectar shining on her body from head to foot and mouth open.

Under the picture was the text:

“Y !. I will soon find you again and have more of these experiences with you.
I am contacting you and not vice versa. X! “.

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