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I was having this conference that was running for 4 days and I was so
excited about it cause I just arranged to crash on one of my old mates’

One of the dudes back in collage. I remember we were a huge group of guys
but now as life goes on , it took us here and there and everybody goes with
their own life, living in different citites and states.

His name is Josh. Josh is a tall blue eyed guy, long blond curly hair with
a body of a swimmer. We both now are 28 years of age. He had a hairless
chest only a thin line that goes from his navel way down to wonderland.

Oh and about me if u wonder, my name is Brian I had shiny black long and
curly hair, blue eyes as well but I had a well distributed hairy chest, I
had an athletic body as well, always loved to take care of my body.

It has been a while since we’ve been in touch so we chatted about our
recent life, some of our old days funny memories, gossiped about our old
mates, who got married and bla bla..

It was on my 2nd day there when I got back, I saw Josh in his underwear
watching TV, It was one of those hot summer days, so I just got rid of my
clothes and hit the couch right next to him with only my tight gray boxer

grabbed us both a couple of cold beers ,and we kind just started
talking and switching between channels.

I noticed that Josh is wearing this tighty whitie brief that had no pee
slot, it was bare naked front and very transparent that I can see the
details of his soft cock resting there in peace and i can see the shape of
his huge balls and the white brief is mixed with his own skin color just to
describe to you how almost transparent it was.

It just came out of me saying: ” That’s a nice underwear dude, seems so
comfortable. “

He looked down there to his crotch and gapped it saying :” Oh, yeah they’re
very cosy and comfy dude. “

He then grabbed the remote control and switched between the channels and
then rested the remote on his bulge.

It’s when it hit me that I really wanna touch him down there and I kinda
started checking his body all over , this muscled hairless body ,strong
chest with rose colored nipples and a six pack stomach, strong thight with
a masculine bugle in between.

I was never into men, I even have a girl friend, seen naked guys in locker
rooms and showers before never felt the way I do now. I guess there is a
first time for everything.

Josh kept switching the channels and each time he places the remote on his
bulge, It’s when I just said: ” why do you have to be the one to choose
what we watch “

and I just grapped the remote making sure the back of my hand gets a good
rub of his bulge and even after I held the remote I just gave his bulge a
quick soft hit to show that I’m just teasing him to throw any doubts away
of my action.

“Wohooow…!! doesn’t mean becuse you grabbed me a beer, means you can boss
me ,take over the remote and beat me on my thing…!” said Josh in a
childish angry way.

“If you wanna know who is the boss, I can show you who is the boss ” said
josh as he is just about to jumb over me.

” Oh yeah , you think you can beat me don’t you ?” came out of me as we
kind of starting werstling on the couch as he jumped towards me causing me
to lay down back on the couch.

He was holding my hands pressing our arms against each other , him trying
to push my arms back.

I had one leg on the ground and the other bent and resting on the back of
the couch. while Josh threw all his weight on one knee between my thighs
and the other leg was kindda leaning over the thigh of my leg that rests on
the ground.

I felt kind of electricity go all over my body as our body were touching
that way and I kind of felt I’m about to get an erection.

So I just let go of my arms power so he fall all over me trying to distract
myself from getting hard but I felt our bulges press against each other.

” HUh.. Huh??! Who’s the boss now?” said Josh in a winning tone. he said it
as we still moving our arms pretending to be struggling against each other

that kept our bodies rub against each other more.

I could feel his strong
abs rubbing against mine as we both are breathing fastly.

As he was pushing himself against me our nipples were rubbing each other
couple of times as well and it felt great sending shavers all over my body.

” Who’s the boss now? ” said jack as he was pushing his waist even more
against mine causing our man bulges rub even more against each other, I can
feel the details of his soft cock and balls over mine.

that’s when I couldn’t hold any longer and started to get an erection down
there, for a moment I knew this is gonna be really embaressing and he will
make fun of me as long as we’re alive.

” Oh , Oh, what we have here.. you getting a boner down here..!! ” said
Josh as he was lefting himself a little bit up and looking between our
collapsed bodies , right to where our male swords battling down there with
my bulge now bigger.

” Well you wish .. you wish to get your thing harder than mine to say that
yours beat mine” said Josh.

” but I’m not gonna let that happen..” and he started rubbing his dick
agaisnt mine, and it started to get hard in time.

I loved the way Josh is twisting the situation, twisting the truth of what
is going on here and just turning it into a game, but the truth is that he
likes what’s going on right now too.

” Well you haven’t seen a thing yet” I said it, rolling into the game and I
started pretending I’m fight back now.

we kept battling with arms faking the fight, all we were seeking is more of
that man to man body interaction.

we both now are rock hard rubbing against each other, pretending to fight
but just feeling each other body.

We started to sweat and breath harder which made it even more erotic , made
more hornier.

We were moaning among those fight but we turn them into fighting screams
and shouts.

by that time I was leaking precum already and wetting my boxer , and Josh
must have seen that as most of our fight was focused on our swords, in
other words our dick to dick rubbing session. and we love to look down
there eveytime we got chance.

” I see now what you’re trying to do here, Huh, You’re trying to shoot your
load all over me to say you beat me and got me all covered with you man
juice..”said Josh Again I loved how he twists things to get what he wants
and I knew where is he trying go ,we were just having an unannounced sex
agreement between us that we won’t admit, and so I just went with it saying
” Oh yeah so you think you can shoot before I do,I bet ya then.. and who
does it first wins the fight.

” Oh yeah so you better watch out cause I’m ‘onna fucking make you sink in
my milk and beat the shit out of you” Josh shouted in a cowboy accent as he
was riding ontop of me.

And we just strated rubbing and pressing our rock hard cocks all over each
other, feeling his strong muscled thighs pressing all over mine and our
sweating abs touching and rubbing.

we kept pretending to struggle against each other and fight with arms as a
cover of our hidden sex running session.

I loved the way his strong fat cock felt against mine, we just kept rubbing
harder and harder , It’s when we lost it , we stopped pretending we’re

we reached a point where we just surrender to the pleasure of what we do
and enjoy every bit of it.

I was running my hands all over his srtong bodyand he was standing with his
arms on my flexed abs, feeling his finger softly caressing them.

I felt I’m about to shoot so I put my hands on his ass checks and pressed
them against each other and pressing him down strongly against me.

He must have felt me too and we both at the same time started shooting our
squirts of pure men juices, We’re just moaning and moaning.

It felt like we’re never gonna stop shooting.

I never felt so much climax and orgasm like that before, I almost faded

and Josh just threw his strong body over mine, resting his head right next
to my nick, we both breathing heavily, unable to say even a word to just
justify our current position.

It’s when in a very Suffocating voice came out of Josh saying ” I beated

We both laughed and Josh tried to get off as it’s getting ridiculous to say
on top of me like that , But I pushed him down saying: ” you need to rest
that was a tuff fight”.

that was another twist or excuse that we both agreed to believe just to
stay more like that.

We just stayed there, no talking, just breathing, and slowly our breathing
is getting more calm and softer as we’re falling asleep.

I remember I was falling asleep enjoying the feeling of our wet stomachs
softly collapse back and forth as we breath..

causing such a sweet and tender interaction Still our semi hard cocks
embracing, feeling the mix of our men juices milking together on top of our

Shusssssssh We’re now asleeep like two babies, don’t wake me up.

* * *

I can turn this short story into more actions, well that depends on your
replies and comments guys.

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