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Wow my pregnant sister and me

Wow my pregnant s****r and me
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I am a little boy of age 19. My f****y consists of mom, my dad, and I. I have a married s****r aged 24 now. She is living in Punjab. Last month my s****r had given birth to a baby girl. I haven’t seen the baby, since it was my exam period.

I had my summer vacation and my mom asked me to go to my elder s****r house to see the baby. My s****r was very beautiful after her c***dbirth. She was very big now. She was looking plump and looking like Kate winslet of Hollywood. It was when I went my s****r’s husband was going for a business tour. He told he is unfortunate that he have to leave and he asked me to stay with s****r for one month, so that I can help her in keeping the baby.

My s****r was also relieved when she saw me.
At the age of 19, starting of adolescence I was eagerly watching my s****r. Now my hormones have started working and I was seeing my s****r in new manner. My s****r had good breasts. My s****r’s boobs were very big that her blouse could not hold them and utmost they were showing their cleavage. Since my s****r was feeding her baby, she was having big tits I think is full of milk.

Her boobs I are like ripe mangoes. Also my s****r has a very good backside too. Her buttocks were like water melons. While my elder s****r was walking I can see her big globes of flesh giggle under her dress. They are very big so that it can be used as pillows. Since my b*****r in law went out my s****r and I alone I was getting bored. I told s****r and she told “don’t worry b*****r I will entertain you as you like.

” I can’t understand her words. s****r told that mom had told over phone about my visit and mom insisted me to study my lessons. So, s****r advised me to study my lessons. I was studying biology about female anatomy. I can’t understand anything. I asked this to my s****r to help me. She asked me if I had seen any women nude. I said “no s****r. ” she told “so you don’t know anything about female anatomy, and want it to be taught.

“she asked “do you want to see from s****r?. ” I said “yes s****r. ” o. K. Then I will teach you about a female’s body. She told first that a female’s body is like a luxury car. First my s****r removed her saree palloo and showed her boobs, which are very well packed, in her blouse. Showing her cleavage she told this is front bannet of your s****r. A female is rated by this part.

Then she removed the blouse and I was seeing my own s****r’s breasts in her lace bra, which showed her beautiful pink nipples. My heart was pounding and I was astonished by the size of my own s****r’s milk jugs. She then asked me to remove her bra hooks. My hands were shivering when I touched my s****r’s bra hooks; somehow I managed to remove, now my sexy s****r turned around to show her amorous assets to her b*****r.

Wow! What a site for this b*****r to view his own s****r’s white fruits. Now for explaining my s****r told that these are called tits of a woman, they also call them as boobs, breasts. This part is equal to horn of a car.
Then she showed the pink nipples and said this is a your s****r’s nipple and this is where all human beings have their first breakfast. Telling that she slowly pressed her nipples gently and small white fluid came.

She told it is your s****r’s milk and you can have some after your lessons are over. She told this part is equal to head lights of a car.

She asked now “b*****r do you know that every women in earth, including your mom and s****r have three under them. “I said “no s****r. ” she then said every girl’s body has three holy holes. Saying this she removed her skirt and then asked me to remove her panties.

I removed my s****r’s panties with great interest. Now for god’s sake; I was in front of a fully naked grown up women (ripe women) that too my own s****r. I can’t believe my eyes. What a beauty? s****r was big and huge, she had the best ass and boobs in world. Now s****r sat in bed and opened her legs wide enough to show me every details of her anatomy. She asked me to come closer.

The next part is a combination of three 1) when I did she told pointing to a small protruding and said that the first hole was your elder s****r’s piss hole.. 2) then the second hole came. This hole my s****r said is the way to heaven, called vagina. And this hole is entry for a male’s organ for giving c***dbirth and it is the exit for the baby. She said it is the engine part of the car.

To start the engine the key from male must enter (key is penis) 3) then my s****r turned and showed her plump ass and pointed out a small opening and said that was the back entry for heaven. s****r then explained that for proper functioning of female engine oil called sperm from the penis must be pumped regularly inside a female asshole and vagina. After the explanations are over I asked my s****r how the small hole could be used for giving babies.

She said, “who said it is a small hole? I can hold even you hand inside it. “saying this she asked me to insert my fingers one by one. I did so and within minutes my whole hand was inside my elder s****r. She said my b*****r you are now having your hands inside the engine of your s****r. I laughed.
I said to my s****r that tomorrow was my birthday. s****r said she would give me a big treat.

Now she was nude. We slept in same bedroom. The whole night s****r told that today she had finished the theory part of women’s anatomy, tomorrow I will have practical. Morning I was woke by water sprayed on my face. When I woke I saw my elder s****r standing above me with her legs open wide. She was pissing on me to wake me. I asked s****r don’t waste holy water “please direct it to my mouth.

” immediately s****r showed her stream to my mouth and I drank the eternal fluid. How sweet is my s****r’s piss ” s****r now said ” happy birthday b*****r!!!. ” she then asked to lay on her lap and drink her milk. s****r’s milk wow!!! I neared her nipple like a small baby with eager and lust and sucked to get my morning milk. Every boy in earth must taste his s****r’s milk.

Now for morning shower s****r took my clothes off and brought to my birthday suit.

I was taken to bathroom and she watched me while I pissed and shited. I was shy of showing myself nude before a women. s****r told nothing to worry after all I am your s****r. Probably you have seen a wonderful show yesterday and why can’t I see my b*****r nude?. So I was kept nude whole day. s****r asked me to watch TV while she prepared morning breakfast. She called after sometime and I saw my s****r nude and lying on the ground.

I was amazed to see that she was having the food on her. She was serving her b*****r on herself. So my birthday feast was in front of me. s****r without hesitation take your food b*****r. First there were two breads on the two tit mounds of s****r. I took and asked s****r where the jam for my bread is? s****r told please take it from your s****r’s asshole. I slowly ran my fingers inside my s****r’s asshole and took enough jam mixed with my s****r’s yellow shit and spread on the bread and started eating.

Then there lay cornflakes on her milk white belly. I asked s****r where is milk for it. s****r asked to pump her breasts. I slowly pressed her milky tits. My s****r’s milk started to ooze as I placed my hands on it. I think she has buckets of milk in her heaving boobs. Now the milk slowly flowed through the valley of my s****r’s tit hills and came down far to shallow pond of her belly.

Then I soaked the Kellogg’s with enough of my s****r’s milk and began eating it. When I finished the food I was thirsty and need of water and s****r asked me go down and face her water hole. When she started to piss water of my s****r came as if it was from the water tap; and it hit my mouth and I drank with full pleasure.

After it I needed a banana and s****r was having it opened and inside her vagina.

I plucked and ate it. All day I and s****r was nude. We both were sl**ping and my b*o in law came of a sudden from his tour. He scolded my s****r for being doing this. He then challenged me if I was able to win my s****r then I can have her nude with me for one more week.
So, all the things are well done and set for the battle for conquering my s****r’s buttocks.

Both I and my b*****r in law were ready with our guns set ready to invade my s****r’s ass. My s****r’s husband gave me my s****r’s asshole for the battle and he took the vagina of my s****r. My s****r was laying above her husband with his tool inside her now and she slightly opened her ass for me to enter her tight pink color asshole. First I kissed my s****r’s asshole and then I touched and worshiped it before my attack.

Then placing some saliva on her anus, I entered the backdoor of my s****r. She screamed like anything and I started to explore the depths of my s****r with my tool. Also my s****r’s husband was pounding her, both our pricks were inside my s****r with only a sheath dividing them.

We both were splitting my s****r into two. She was screaming “don’t kill me bastards. ” I was not tired I was still continuing boring my s****r hoping that I could hit gold somewhere under her ass.

At last my b*****r-in-law came and he his penis came out of my s****r. While I was still exploring the depths of my s****r anus. After ten minutes I came inside my s****r and she was having her orgasm and she took me in her arms and said “you won your s****r’s ass dear b*****r. “so now my b*****r-in-law gave permission for us to be nude for one week. So we were nude all day.

We never drank water or Pepsi; for we took the piss of each other. Then we were lying on bed nude all day. I would wash her asshole after my s****r has had a s**t session. First she would go and shit, then she will come to me and show her ass, I will use my tongue and clean my s****r’s ass hole by licking the sweet shit of my s****r. The next day mom came to s****r’s house and heard all about our explorations.

I was afraid but she complimented my s****r for helping her b*****r to know about female’s body. Because if learning from prostitute may bring some diseases. She asked s****r weather she explained her b*****r of menses in females. s****r told that she could not explain because she was not having her periods at that time.
Mom told I shall explain it to my son since she was having her menses now. Mom removes her saree and she began to unbutton her blouse.

I was seeing in eager what my mom has under her blouse. Since my c***dhood I was eager to see my mom’s breasts. Now it was all before me. With mom wearing no bra, she was now showing her giant size boobs that can feed a dozen of c***dren. She told this is your first place of food. Then she removed her skirt and panties. Her panties were attached with a napkin which has bl**d in it.

Now mom explained me that it was for this a lady must have napkin with her. She opened her vagina and showed me the bl**d coming. Mom told son you and s****r have come through this hole only. Mom asked if I want to again enter her vagina. I said yes. Mom opened her motherly womb and showed me. I entered my mom and while my huge elder s****r was above us. I was sandwiched in between my own mom and s*s.

What a great experience I am having? After that I was taken to bathroom for bath. I was asked to sit down and my mom and s*s had started to piss on me. The water was sweet and hot. Then my s****r started to squeeze her boobs and milk came over me. I was bathing over my s****r’s milk. This is a true story & not a fiction if you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed doing then do send me your comments at [email protected]


Sex with my b*****r
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I am bindu (nick name). I am from a big joint f****y and I am too a reader of iss. I have completed my 12th sci from a good college. My f****y consists of 17 members. This is my first time to express my experience with my big b*****r “the night on the step day of my marriage”.

Writing in front of you after 11 months of my marriage. I have been married on 10th august 2005 with a well developed well fine doctor. Okay here is my story…
I was working in mnc bpo company as a live supporter agent in pune, xxx technology. Our team members were satisfied on my skills, because I was expert touch typist and having good communication skills. I am just 24 years old, last year I was 23 and they handled the subscribed job to my home place, providing me pc and connection with studio, cause of some f****y restriction…..
I was engaged on July 10th and as on engagement ceremony, marriage date was fixed right after 1 month.

I was too excited and frightened to see any male’s penis in my life, but I was unsuccessful. Just seen on net. I just want to see the real penny of any guy, boy, anyone and that was my target in the life. I was unsatisfied that may be I will die without seeing the same… And when my marriage was fixed I was totally humbled that the days have come in my life, but was so frightened about having sex firstly in my life with an unknown partner.

I was totally, fully, sad that what will happen on the first day of my night. Questioning myself from the date of engagement over my home from morning to evening and full night, anytime, anywhere, while working, while eating, even while sl**ping. I can’t mention in my words the thinking. The days were coming near and near.
My big b*o. Bony was male beauty parlor technician, was well qualified and uses to fulfill all my needs in my life from school to college.

He was married with a young dance teacher which was from our city too. Hence she was pregnant she has gone to her home for rest… (She will come on marriage date) and my b*****r was having one shop of beauty parlor attached to our native residence place, where no ladies were allowed. He was nearly 6? tall with good personality and was national player of hockey (means he was athletic). Many of the colonies girls were trying to make friendship (love ship) with him, but he was too good and faithful and uses to think not to loose anybody’s life (especially girls).

In short to tell he was totally physically fit for any women (any women). Anyone though actress would also give her life to him, that much good he was through externally as well as internally.
Coming to the story, the day came which was 8th of august 2005 step day before my marriage. My facial and scrubbing and the other things which are done before marriage was going too held through my b*****r on that day.

Cause he was good technician. He suggested to all our parents that it is better to get those all sorts of pre-beauty aging in shop but after shop closing time (it means after 10 o clock). Ok. Whole day I stayed with my relatives who were here from many places for my marriage ceremony. After getting that mehendi and etc things, at late night, it means at nearly 11 o clock after dinner my b*****r and I was there on the shop for my beauty care.

Firstly I have told you that I was nearly thinking the same things that what will happen on the first day, because I was virgin and it will be more painful to me to manage that night with that new guy, but ignored. Me and my b*****r only we two were in the shop late night after entering inside he shut down the shutter.
We were on the step that when I was wearing my haldi’s saree my b*****r told me to take off my upper folds of the saree from my shoulder, where the beauty mate material may not affect the saree.

I was on the chair for the same. My b*****r start the process on my face, hands, legs and lumbar region, while doing all sorts of face wash and every type of scrubbing and massaging, I became too hot. My body was feeling, I can’t mention, even not have any words. One important thing was my b*****rs wife was not with him since last 1 and half month he was also somewhat impressed on my sweetness, but he was unable to express himself because was his innocent thinking and I was going to marry.

While all sorts of experiments going upon my body, he was totally free while doing all the experiments of those herbal products on me. Firstly done upon face and he strictly told me not to open my eyes, cause it may affect eyes. He cut two pieces of one fruitycuck and placed upon my eyes. After that he massaged my neck with that specific mixture, next he massaged it to my hands as well as legs till my knees.

While doing these all I was too hot and I started moaning. He was able to determine that what is wrong with me. He told me Nina stops those feeling, I am your big. b*****r and it is not applicable that we should make any wrong relation here, cause you are my dearest and nearest and sweetest small s****r getting married in the next step day. But I was unable to control myself, I pleaded my bony b*****r and let know all the things troubling me since the engagement date.

b*****r was red hearing these all things. He too can’t control himself, that he also doesn’t know that he is too in the same temptation upon me many times, but cause of innocent mind he haven’t troubled me or any other virgins before. But today he loosed his everything and the moment came in my life.
Bony bhaiya (b*****r) started massaging my breasts from upside blouse and said that I had been masturbating every night thinking of you since last 1 and half month (cause his wife was not here) then and waiting for this wonderful night, but not affording for the same (cause of big f****y) “now please don’t stop….. Let it go….

Please”, he now too pleaded me the same. Then he started. I was happy to hear all this from my own b*****r’s mouth.
He washed my face, legs, upper hands, lumbar as well as my mehendi,
everything in few minutes. He smooched me. Our tongues met and started playing. I had never expected all this so easily but now he was all mines. I slowly removed his t-shirt and was amazed to see his hairy chest, cuts, arms all and everything.

I was exhausted. He said Nina you are too sexy, and though you are my own s****r, I like you too much to much, never to my wife also. Then I asked” bony b*****r, can I ask you something? I never had sex earlier?” he said “Nina, this is the first time any guy has touched you there. And I always wanted me to be you. ” he was blushing. This was making me wilder.

He asked “Nina, would you like to give me a blow job the way those girls give in the movie” (he was knowing where I was working, that I have seen those xx) pointing towards dick. I wanted it badly but was still hesitating, as he was my b*****r and we were from one f****y. I said, “bony, I surely want if you don’t mind”. He said “oh come on Nina… Thanks”. There is no need to hesitate, so what if I am your b*****r.

Now we are from one f****y and now we are friend and though you are getting married day after tomorrow, it is good to know something before your first night and I will seduce you and you help me with it, that there will be no pain while with your hubby. And he told in sweet language that my little s****r will be burdened by that doccky and he will give her pain tooooooo.

So a friend in need is a friend indeed as like my b*****r understand. Just forget our relation and let’s enjoy this moment”. I held his cock in my soft hands and started moving it up and down. He was looking in my eyes and my eyes were r****g her body. I slowly moved my tongue on the tip of his 9” dick. Wow….. It was like a dream. This is my first time……… and we both were unable to expect this situation cause of my first time….. I asked b*****r how does you wife means my s****r in law take this huge cook, she is too cute than me, how she bears….. He shyly knocked me and said, ask to her only after she meets you….

Okay… I said I will definitely….
I covered his dick with my lips and started playing with his balls with my one hand. It was amazing…. His head of the penis was fastly moving up and down giving me the best of life, for which I was waiting from many years. I was finding myself uncomfortable taking his big dick in my mouth.
But he still continues. I was trying to take it completely.

He started moving hard too and fro. Aaaaaa……. Aaaahhhhhh…… Aaahhahhhh he was feeling that he was about to cum……aaahhhhh…. Nina… Aahhh… Faster… Faster Nina…..don’t stop please….. Nina … He was moaning…. He was about to cum but I don’t want to eat his cumm though he wants so. Lastly he didn’t inform me and he didn’t get to know as it was my first time. He was faster and faster to make me enjoy….. Aaahhhh… Aaahhh….

And in just another one minute he shooted all in my mouth….. Catching my hair tight. He chocked and pulled my mouth… He was still shooting his cum and it spread all inside mouth and throat and coming out. I was totally exhausted…… I was feeling bad at that time… that gummy gummy chicky cum…. So bad…. I fastly got washed over there in a moment.
Now he was opening the buttons of my blouse and after the same there were round, some small & firm tits which were erect.

His hands were now fondling my soft boobs. He kissed my boobs and pressed my pink nipple with his lips and there was a loud moan out of me. He slowly removed my saree along with panty. Wooowww…. It was a wonderful view of well shaven pink fresh pussy of mine to him. He was now again kissing me and also moving his hands all over my body.
I had never imagined that things will go so easy.

All my luck. He moved his hand on to my pussy and started rubbing it. My pussy was all wet. He stopped me and said I want you to kiss all over your body “he said innocently”. I smiled at him and he started kissing me from toes to ankle and legs and then thighs. As he reached between my thighs to kiss my pussy, I held his head with hairs and pressed it towards my pussy.

I was giving me pleasure and though it was new for me.
“Lick me dear…lick me…lick me hard…”. He started eating my pussy like a dog. He thought of doing it to his sweet s****r was making him hard. He continued licking me. “aaaaahhh…. Aaahhhh ahhhh…. Ooooohhh… Uffffff” my moans were making me wild.
Suddenly I came all over his mouth pulling his hairs with that wonderful pain. I had never seen such a big orgasm in my life coming from me first time as I am peeing.

His face was completely wet with my perfumed sweet juice.
Then he asked me if I was sure to fuck, I said I wanted it to be me to break my cherry I said please do it I love you so much while puling me into his arms, he started kissing me and raised my legs and opened them more to receive his large cock into my tight virgin pussy. As he was entering my pussy I said its hurts so bad he said that now I am at your hymen and that’s what’s hurting you, I said ok I am ready as I raised my hips forward and pushed toward his cook and we came together in the middle as over hips met while French kissing he was moaning and I was moaning as well , it felt so good inside me my b*****rs cook just knowing he was deep within her body and feeling his depths and having his arms around me and his legs around my back.

My pussy was full of bl**d, but I don’t care, because he was my own b*****r, no one else (I was crying, when my b*****r asked can I stop, but don’t allow him to stop). We continued…. He was very sensitive and was much careful, as we were slowly thrusting one another for at least 30 mins I felt his balls tighten, I must have felt his cock swell and started to kiss my pelvis, he then said can I cum inside of me I said you can, but….. Nothing happens if I gets pregnant and I started to tighten his legs around my back looking in his eyes saying fill my pussy with your seed and make me your women for these remaining days as he was feeling his balls to the point of no return he started to unload deep within me, pumping load after load deep inside me and were kissing I said uff my god I can feel your cum shooting in me, while laying there after unloading the biggest load of my life from my big b*****r, his cock was deep in me and still hard, now I started to cum again and could not stop, he was so wet and then he fucked me and seduced me greatly on that wonderful beauty night.

Well that night was the best of many nights to come.
Next morning when we wake up I found that he was unaware of what happened last night. But then the guilty feeling was still there in his as well as my mind. The whole day we went with that feeling. At night I went to sl**p in my room. As I slipped into my bed that incident started hitting my thoughts. My eye was close and was again feeling that softness in my thoughts.

Those thoughts were coming again and again to my mind and in few minutes I found my pussy getting wet. My hand was pumping it gently. I was surprised of this sudden change in me. From guilty I had started fantasizing my own b*****r. But, it was all so beautiful. His big dick and his soft skin…. I had never ever determined anything like that about my b*****r’s pleasure given me that night. Today I realized that he is so hot and beautiful with innocent, my s****r in law is lucky.

I hope in future if you all give me such response I will write more and more stories over my hubby’s clinic, clients and relation with b*****r after marriage.
Lastly one thing I want to tell you that I gave birth to a small c***d, I when we counted it was after our marriages 9 months and 7th day only. (usually baby delivers after 9 months and 9 days) and I determined that that baby is not of anyone but it is my own b*****rs….

Hey friends…. wait for the next part of it…I will be back soon. Your emails help me motivate myself to share my experience with you all. So if possible keep writing…. My email id is
Sexology Llessons With A Teen

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Hi I was Ramya again. I was very happy with all of you replied me well enough to appreciate my previous encounters. This time I will share an erotic story which happened between me and my friend’s younger b*****r before my marriage.

His name is Varun and he is the younger b*****r of my friend Deepa. Deepa and I are friends for a long time. She is my classmate. I usually like to visit her home and I go there many times before. We used to chat there more and more time as we can possible. Sometimes we invite Varun to give company to us. We were then on the age of 20 and he is on 18.

He is a very glamorous boy with fair skin. (Basically I am dusky). I enjoyed his company not only in an ordinary way but also in a sexually way. I showed my boobs to him many times without knowing to Deepa, but I don’t know whether he see it or not. I looked at him with sexy thoughts and used to peep into his internal beauty of his body. But I was very vigilant to hide my bad thoughts from him and my friend.

Ok, let’s come to the story. One day I went to Deepa’s house to go out for shopping with her. (UN) fortunately she was not there. There was only Varun in the house. Because others were went to a marriage function. I decided to talk with him for some time. We sit in the drawing room and chatted for some time and talk about various topics. Slowly it came into sex. I asked about his sex life.

But he was embarrassed and stopped the talk. I think he was not interested in sex. And he acted like he is like to go somewhere.

I decided to go back. I get out from the house and walk to the auto stand to catch an auto. (un) fortunately that time rain came and I can’t go to the auto stand. I decided to go back to Varun’s house. When I reached there, I was very wet and my green saree was more transparent now.

It sticks to my body because of its wetness. My blouse was also wet and one can see my black bra under it. I entered the house and pressed the calling bell. Varun was surprised with my return and look like shy with my sexy look. His shyness makes me hot and inspired me to make some sexy tricks. I shake my head and the water drops fall on his face from my hair.

And I acted like I was shivering with the wetness, but who knows I was getting more hot in my mind in that situation. I placed my hand in my shoulders crossly to hide my boobs. (It’s a new trick to wake up his sexy thoughts). I asked him to give a room to dry my clothes and I told him that I will go back after the rain. He muttered something and led me in to the second floor and showed me a room.

He let me there and went back. But he peeped to my back side when I get in the room. I didn’t closed the door completely. He went to see the TV. I peeped to the TV and see that he listen to a seminude film. I understand that he is melting for sex now very well. I planed a trick to fell him down in my net and fuck him. I undressed my saree completely.

And now I was only wearing my wet blouse and ‘under-skirt’ (petticoat). I went to in front of him. Suddenly he switched off the TV. And he wondered and became shy with see me half-naked (without saree). I acted like I don’t see his shyness and asked him to give me a saree of his s****r to wear.

Suddenly he come back to his conscious mind and came with me to the room.

I see a bulging in his lungi. He entered the room and opened the cupboard and searched for a saree. I start to unhook my blouse. I opened one hook. I do it at his backside. But at the same time, we both were standing behind a mirror and Varun saw my great boobs in the mirror. He turned back with a yellow saree. And he gave it to me. He got out from the room.

But I didn’t make any attempt to close the door. I unhooked my second hook of my blouse. Suddenly a hand was placed in my shoulder. I know that is Varun.
But I acted like I got fear when I turned back. I know my wish could be done within minutes. But I asked him with angry (another trick) that “what he is doing”. And I told that I was elder than him and please see me like his s****r.

But he doesn’t care my words. And he moved his hands down and wrapped my stomach. I made a weak try to break his hands. But Varun strongly tied me. Then I showed the co-operative mind to him. He took the right hand from there and circled my navel. I fell into a great emotion and murmured “ah…oh…..varun…. I like it…please do more …ah. ” These sounds made him hotter. He called me “Ramya akka…..”, he placed one hand on my left boob and tried to unhook my blouse.

I helped him to do it. Now I only wear a black bra. He caressed my boobs some more time. Then he untied my under-skirt and kissed at back of my neck. He is an amazing sexy boy. He slowly bit my ears. Then he placed my wet hair on his face and chest. He now completely removed my dress. Then he licked my soft legs. After that he used his tongue to lick my navel and boobs.

He was really incredible. I moaned like a baby ”amaah…..” Now his dick (his milk gun) was bulging strongly. He takes it in his hand. “Oh…” I had never ever seen such a ‘big’ one. Those who had occasionally fucked me before had their devices much smaller than this one. Varun’s top edge seems like a big red ruby. He performed masturbation for me. Then he bit my ears. I closed my eyes with the great feelings.

Then Varun went inside and brought some wine and poured it on my whole body.

He licked my whole body. Then he placed his penis on the gap between my boobs. It became harder. He takes it back and starts the fucking. Then in a hurry he tried to push his device into my wet pussy. But poor boy.. He couldn’t enter inside my tight hole fully and it was very painful for me too.

So he pulled it off from me. But it was amazing. Then I started my work. First I caressed his hairs and massage his back. Then I used some oil and gave him a sexual massage. I massage his body and move my hand through his backbone. He feels the pleasure. I told Varun to be slow on me so that we both can maximize the pleasure. We then decided first to take bath together.

That was one of the greatest bath in my whole life. First I washed him. I soaped him and massage him. Then he washed me. Absolutely he washed me like a baby bath. He rubbed my whole body. He used soap to clean not only my face but also the sexual parts like my boobs, pussy everywhere. He sucked my breasts. And he massaged and rubbed it. The bath takes almost one hour. We both had bath and he said that he will dry my body with towel and took me into his bedroom and made me lie on his bed and thoroughly dried every part especially my shaved pussy.

Though I am not new to sex I was taken back at his increased initiative and surrendered to him. He had shown me real pleasure and I had an instant orgasm when he was wiping my cunt with the towel like a professional and to my dismay, Varun instaneously started licking and eating my starved cunt and this act made me mad. He started to exploit my hunger and really played with my body and created fire inside me.

He licked my boobs and my shaved armpits and lastly cleaned my ass. I became a helpless doll in his hands and I begged him to allow me to play with his cock and he readily agreed and we got into 69 position and my mouth tasted the mammoth cock of Varun most willingly without any inhibition.

My cunt got thoroughly licked by this sweet boy. I had several orgasms before Varun took charge of my cunt with his massive tool.

Now with much ease, he entered my pussy and mercilessly pumped his big cock and I enjoyed his stay in my body and finally after 20 minutes of non stop pumping, Varun released his white semen deep inside my cunt. I have taken so much liking for this boy.

The slow work became harder, hotter, and faster. We had an amazing, incredible, wonderful two hours of fucking. Then we wore our dress.

I smiled at him. When I stepped out the home, Deepa and her parents came there. I spend some more time there with her. Then I went back to my house. But that incident was memorable in my life. Again few times I went to her house. But no sexual incidents happened after that with Varun. But I allowed him to caress my boobs without anyone seeing. That incident has not affected the healthy relation with my friend.

I sure don’t miss to give sexy smiles to him every time when I saw him. Those interested can reach me at rums. [email protected] com
Orgasmic Sex With Son And Ass Bang
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madam meeta June 19, 2014
Hello i m Meeta, 47 years old working lady. I’m from a small town in West Bengal, few kms from Kolkata. I’m posted there. I live there with my f****y.

My figure is 40d-32-38 so i m quite big and curvy with fair color, huge breasts, big pot shaped belly and round curvy lifted bubble ass. Because of these features men and boys always hit on me or stare at me with lusty eyes. I’m sexy and i wear both modern wear as well as traditional wear. I’m just writing this incident to write about my sexual experience with my son. If u have any problem with i****t sex kindly don’t read my story.

In the end u can message me about my story or ur sexual experiences but I’ll not entertain any friendship or sex request so don’t waste your time
I m a very strict, tough and a dominating woman. Rahul 22 years old was my stepson and u can say my sex slave. My husband is not active in sex but my libido is strong and deep and how Rahul got attracted to me is a very big story to explain.

He’s totally under my command and obeys and follows me sincerely. My husband is a busy
so he keeps on travelling and this way in enjoy my sex with Rahul. Rahul has a good muscled body and a big thick cock. He’s very good n sex now because i taught him well. I have turned into a sex b**st like me so that i can fulfill my sexual needs and fantasies. U can message me at my id at the end of the story.

Now days passed doing great sex, Rahul gave me amazing orgasms. That night my husband was not at home and i was prepared to have sex with him. I returned from the job in the evening and after dinner i wore that lingerie set that Rahul gave me. It was a black lace bra and thong lace panty. I was wearing it under my sleeveless short nighty. Then i called Rahul from my room and he came.

I was in a mood to sex but first i need some massage because of the work. I was lying on my belly and my nighty was up to my thighs, Rahul came in my room and asked mom…. What happened?? Ohh…my, u look so hot. Order me. I invited him to my bed and asked him to strip and get nude. He removed all his clothes and i held his penis and pulled him to bed.

I told him today my day at job was hectic. My shoulder and back is paining. He said I’ll give u massage and u’ll feel free. He said right now u r looking so sexy. Thanks for wearing this lingerie.
I was lying on my belly and he started pressing my shoulder muscles with his powerful hands. After his shoulder and neck massage i felt great and asked him to do back massage.

He said, can i do it sitting on ur hump? I said nothing just hummmm…he put his legs on either side of my ass and sat on my hips. He was always fond of my bubble ass. He was sitting on it with his cock was touching my ass cheeks. First he did upper back massage with body oil and then he lifted my nighty to my bra and did the lower back massage.

It was really impressing and wonderful. I was feeling very light and the pain was gone. I asked him to stop and then he got off my ass and sat at my ass side. He started licking, kissing and shaking my ass cheeks. He loved to play with my ass. He said it’s looking damn hot in this thong. U never let me eat it.
I got up and said today is ur day and removed my nighty.

Now i was in his favorite bra and panty. I got off the bed and he asked where r u going??I said to pee. Wait…i came back and he said u look so hot while walking in this lingerie. Ur ass’s motion is very sexy. Can u shake that ass for me? I turned my back to him and put the hands on the table started shaking my big bubble ass. My ass cheeks swayed left and right and i kept on doing that.

Rahul was saying wow mom ur butt is so sexy, looks like earth quake. He ran to me, got on his knees and held my thighs. He said don’t stop and then he buried his face between my ass cheeks. I kept on shaking my ass. Then we stopped he said wow i just saw ur shaking ass cheeks. It was amazing.
I looked at his cock it was full erect and few pre-cum drops were on head.

He was aroused. I said, u look horny. He said, yes mom a lot. U just made me. We sat at the bed side, doing all this i got little sweat and i opened my bra hooks and took off it. Rahul held my tits and started kissing them. Then he put nipple in his mouth and started sucking it, pressing them with hands. They were sweaty and Rahul licked them well. He also licked my sweaty underarms and said mom ur sweat is very spicy just like u.

He kept on sucking my breasts and licking my areola.
Between all this i held his cock in my tight grip and pulled it backward to open it. Then i rubbed its wet top part. His pre-cum was getting high and it was making more slippery in my hand so that i was enjoying rubbing his hard big wet slippery cock. My hand was moving on his cock from top to end. His big mushroom pink top was shining with wet pre-cum and inviting me to suck it.

Then he kissed my navel and belly and then as he moved i took his cock in my mouth and moved my tongue on it, licking his pre-cum. I kissed his pink top and put it my mouth, it gave immense sensation to Rahul and then i swallowed its full length in my mouth and as i swallowed he couldn’t bear it.
I pressed it in my mouth holding his balls in my hand.

He made a loud sound oohhhh…. And he couldn’t control and tilted his upper body backwards and then he lay on the bed. I was sucking his cock furiously, playing with his balls. My saliva was all over his cock. He was making great loud sounds and i was enjoying it.
I left it after few minutes and i walked on the bed and went to his face and i stood on his face with my legs on either side of his head.

I looked at him and ordered him, suck my pussy well and make me squirt then I’ll give u my ass. I pulled down my thong to knees and sat on his face. His mouth caught my pussy and he started licking my clit. Then i leaned forward and held his cock. Again i lick and spitted on his cock and also put his balls in my mouth, sucked and pulled them. I loved playing with his balls.

He was in my control and his face was buried between my thighs.
He was licking my clit and i was also enjoying my pleasure. My pussy was now wet and after 10 min, i sucked his cock so hard taking it full in my mouth that Rahul made a loud sound and said i m going to cummm…. His waist got a hard jerk and got lifted up and his cock ejaculated large amount of sperm on my face.

I was holding his cock with my mouth wide open to catch his cum. He made 4 consecutive shots and twice his sperm hit my face, then it hit inside my mouth.
As he stopped cumming it took his cock in my mouth licking all his sperms on the top. I swallowed his cum and made his cock and balls empty. A large amount of cum was on my face and Rahul was lying there helpless like a dead elephant.

Hi went near his face and kissed him deeply and said what happened to my strong boy. He said u just gave me an orgasm, i m in heaven. He was sweating heavily… i said now u have to give me a squirting orgasm…can u??He said just give me few seconds.
We were holding each other and he said u look so hot and wild with cum on ur face. Let me do ur facial.

He rubbed all cum on my cheeks and face and i licked his fingers. I said. It’s yum. He said now u look amazing. He came close to me and kissed me deep and long, licking my tongue with his. He was pressing my breast and was kissing me deeply. After a long kiss and few minutes, he said i m ready to eat ur pussy. I opened my thighs and he got between them.

Then his face got down and he started licking my pussy. I was lying there holding my boobs as high tongue rubbing on my clit was giving me enough sensations. His tongue tip was moving fast on my clit. He did it for long and in between all this he inserted his middle finger in my pussy and started rubbing it in and out on my vagina walls.
He was still licking my clit and i was moaning uummm…oohh.

. Yes…. Ssss. My pussy walls were getting more and wet. He was eating it very well. Amazing sensations were originating from my pussy running down to legs and from belly to tits and head. It was the start of the orgasm and sooner i felt tight and i squirted a large amount of liquid making a loud sound…ohhh……huh. My juices gushed through my pussy contracting my pussy muscles and while i was squirting Rahul was still sucking there, licking my fluid.

I was breathing heavily with an increased heart rate and my whole body was shivering and sweating. I was feeling weightless, currents running in my body from head to top. Rahul was still sucking my pussy and by this it happened thrice in intervals of 10-15 seconds.
Three squirting were amazing and too much orgasmic, my body lost a large amount of fluids. I was flying in the sky of heavenly pleasure. He did it well because i taught him well.

Then Rahul close near me i took a unclear sight of him. His face was shining because of my fluid. He said wow mom u squirted a lot. Now u look very beautiful and fair. Then he put his penis top on my clit and started rubbing on lips. His cock was hard again. I was still in pleasure but i can feel his cock rubbing. Then he held me putting his arms under my under arms and started kissing me.

He inserted his hard cock inside my pussy and poised for some seconds and then his hips started moving forward and backward. My legs were open wide and he was fucking me well with powerful strokes. My pussy was very slippery and his cock was moving in and out very smoothly.
Till now i regained some power and consciousness. I heard me saying fuck me hard……oohhhh yes…yes. Hard. We were sweating heavily and because of my dripping sweat our bodies were slipping on each other.

We both were moaning aahhh…huh…mixing our sound. She was holding my his tight arms holding me very close putting great strokes throbbing his cock giving me deep sensations and extra pleasures. Soon my legs were lifted up and he put some more strokes to please my pussy. I held his ass and wrapped my thighs on his waist, he kept on doing it and as he got slow, he was breathing heavily. So i pushed him aside and we rolled to the side so that i got on top of him above him with my breasts pressed on his chest.

I was time to ride his cock; i got up in sitting position and i shake my ass. He said yes…ohh. Huh…yes and i started riding him moving forward and backward. I was sitting on his cock jumping wildly and my speed was increasing.
He was rubbing my clit with his fingers. My wild jumps were producing thappp. Thappp. Sounds in the room. It was really awesome to hear them. It was showing my power to fuck Rahul and my ride.

Sooner after some time i felt tight and magical vibrations started in my body and i cummed again hitting another orgasm. I moaned heavily ohh…. Mmmmm and i fell on him and after making few shots Rahul in my flooded pussy, he made a loud sound aahhh…hhhhuhhhh…and cummed inside my pussy. He released a large amount of semen that filled my vagina. Both of us were dead now. We were breathing heavily and can hear each other breath and heartbeat.

Soon his cock got small and went out of my pussy. My pussy was dripping with his semen and we were still drowned in the pleasure, lying on each other motionless.
Then after 10 minutes we got up i washed my pussy, drank some juices and water and took rest of few hours. He was still holding me tightly playing with my body. In morning we got up and i noticed the erection on Rahul’s cock.

He was fully ready again. He said still u didn’t gave me. I said i was ready but it was not fun doing it tired. Now we can do it. He said sure…i said first we get fresh. He held me and said look at my cock it’s hardened again. I said i have to go to toilet to empty my anus. It’s full of shit not good to do anal. Once it is empty it’ll be fun.

I went to toilet emptied my rectum and did enema. I got fresh and soon Rahul got fresh. It was time for anal. Rahul was desperate to bang my ass.
I’ll discuss it later in my next part as it’s a very long process. If u like my story and want to say something about it, how u felt, ur emotions etc after reading it or want to share ur experiences message me at my id [email protected]

Com, and mention the story title in subject for easiness and don’t message me for friendship or sex invitation. I’m not here for that. Hope u like my story and please give ratings and post comments under my story. Love to hear soon from u.
b*****rly Love For His Married Elder s****r
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Truelovemaker June 23, 2014
Hi, this is a story about me and my elder s****r which happened in May, 2014.

This fascination for me regarding her started when I was very young. My elder s****r is 7 years elder to me, and I am currently 24. She is my chacha’s daughter and one of the hottest girls I have seen. She is 5. 4, white in complexion, dark long hairs, perky breasts and around 55 kgs in weight..
For an Indian society anything like this is considered to be something that is very i****t, so getting her to allow me to do stuffs to her was a very difficult work for me, but there was something in me that was always pulling me towards her.

There was continuous fear in me that if I push her slightly too much, then she might make a scene out of it, but her body was constantly calling me and I finally succeeded.
She always loved me the most amongst all my b*****rs and s****rs and we used to spend a lot of time together when I used to visit her place. We used to play cards with each other till late nights every time I was there, but were just restricted to just this because for her I was only a k**.

We used to pinch each other in the cheeks a lot and used to have a lot of fun running around each other trying to pinch. Of course during these games we used to sometimes have contacts to each others personal parts but it was nothing sexual for her at least.
She got married very early, at the age of 21. She is currently a mother of 2, both daughters, and my fascination for her started when she had just had her second baby.

This happened some 6-7 years ago. We visited their home to see her and the c***d. We had the normal chit chat and had our dinner along with the whole f****y. The people in her house sl**p early and every one was in bed by 11. It was late in the night when I entered the room where we had planned to play cards.
When I entered, I saw that she was feeding her baby.

The face of the k** was covered by her saree pallu, and hence I was not able to see anything. But what followed later on changed my whole perception about her. The k** was continuously playing with her the whole time. Suddenly my s****r took the k** from that position and placed it near her other boob, and for a split second or two, I got a bare view of her right breast and till today I remember that in front of my eyes.

Like general Indian girls, she did not have big nipples. She is very white in complexion, and her nipples were light brown and small. They were just so cute. She might have not noticed my eyes because she was busy with the k** itself. My s****rs breast during that time was maybe 34 C, currently she has reduced a bit and she is back to 34 B.
That was the first time I had seen the breasts of my s****r and that image has been printed into my conscience since then.

After that whenever I got a chance I used to take the opportunity to peek inside her clothes. The chances were very rare but the hunger in me for her kept on increasing every time. It lasted for a few days till we were there.
Following this, I had gone for my studies and my visit to her place was reduced a lot. Even the visits we had was restricted only for a day or two which was used only for playing cards.

One day while I was in my class, I got a friend request from her in facebook, but do not raise your hopes as nothing happened over chatting over facebook. She was quiet new to this online world and was just getting the hang of it. Her typing was slow and she had a lot of doubts about the usage and all.
I volunteered to help her in learning the INTERNET. This was just the beginning.

She asked me about some good websites to visit and all. I used to send her normal websites which would contain no sexual materials at all. But even though these websites purposefully dint show anything, one cannot help the adds and all that are present in them and sometime or the other she would see some sexual materials – which of course she never told me over our chat but only revealed once we met.

After completion of my course, we had gone to visit her place and this is where all the fun began. The day before me reaching her house I messaged her stating that this time I shall teach her lot of fun stuffs, and thats all. When we entered her house, it was all normal, we exchanged our glances, everyone met everyone. I was travelling with my parents.
After all the dinner and all was over she pulled to a side and asked me what did I mean by fun stuffs.

I said I shall tell her that while playing cards and that she should have some patience. At around 10 or 10 30 pm we started playing. Our topic shifted towards internet and she asked me about some good websites and all to visit.
I asked her if she had come across some different kind of stuffs on the websites that I had asked her to visit before. She said not much but yes she definitely saw some nude pictures and all.

I asked her if she liked it, and she just smiled, so that was the green signal.
I know I wanted to fuck her but dint know the way to do it and suddenly it was all there in front of me. The internet coverage in her place was poor and was only restricted to 2G as such. I showed her our this website and told her that she can read some sex related stories from here when she is bored.

First she asked me as to why am I showing her the particular website, to which i cooked up some answer and managed it.
She was a bit reluctant but then I opened some story and made her to read it. I think she liked the story because the next question she asked was how many more stories are there, and my answer that there are thousands pleased her a lot.
Then we played a few rounds of cards which was our favourite passtime but neither her mind or mine was in the cards.

Then we started talking a bit about sex and she told me that your jiju has become old very soon, while she was still very young. He was some 8-9 years elder to her. This statement was like a shock to me as I never expected her to utter those words. I understood the hidden meaning behind this.
I took it very calmly as I knew a few wrong steps and I will be screwed.

I told her that there are ways to do it by yourself, which she did not understand at all. I told her I will show it to her. After almost 5 years I opened the porn website for 3GP videos as that was the only one that the particular net connection would have supported.
I opened up a video of a girl playing with herself, and she used my headphones and saw the whole movie.

She was aroused and I could feel that from her breathing. After that i showed her one more porn movie that include all the hard core actions. She asked me if all these things are possible and do girls do all these stuffs, and especially do Indian girls do all these stuff. I told her that not all indian girls do such stuffs, especially the stuffs like doggy style, and riding on top and stuffs like that.

By this time I was very open with her. So I gathered some more courage and asked her to see a movie with only blowjobs. I told her that this was my favourite thing to get, following this I showed her one more movie that included pussy licking, and told her that this was my favourite thing to do. She asked me if I have any prior experience of pussy licking and I told her yes, and also told that my friend whom I had licked cummed 3 times in 5 minutes when I was sucking her vagina.

While she was seeing the last movie in my I-phone, I had freed my penis from under my jockey. It was only covered by my night suit now, which was so thin that my penis made a tent in it. I purposefully wanted her to see that bulge of mine. I saw her looking at it from the corner of her eyes and smiling too.
It was already 2 am by this time and we decided to call it a day.

It was a great advancement that we had made today and I dint want to push it further. When I got up from my position in the bed, my tent was clearly visible and neither I was trying to hide it, nor she was trying to take her eyes of it. She looked at it and told that I was the one seeing the movie and looks like all the effect is on you.

She smiled and nothing happened after that.
I was so horny but I dint want to jerk off because I wanted my sperms to go inside her, and I knew that all this could happen. The next day passed on uneventfully almost. In the evening I took a small nap and when I got up I found her on my side. I asked her what she is doing, to which he told that she was reading some stories.

I told her that I will show you something. I took my mobile and showed her a picture of a penis. She said that looks good. I told her that mine and she just smiled. Actually I do not have a very big penis like others say of 10-12 inches, I have a normal 6-7 inch penis with a very voluptuous red top. The picture which I showed her, I had pulled the skin down and the red top was looking very eatable and she loved the picture.

She stared at it for some time and then asked me to remove it, maybe she was loosing her control.
At night we again started playing cards around the same time but we dint even play one round completely. I told her that lets see some more movies and she agreed but this time we will see the movie together. She was a bit hesitant but then agreed. I had already freed my penis from my jockey and it was just my night pants that was covering it.

We only saw hardcore movies that day which included everything from blowjob, pussy licking, boob fuck, vaginal fucking, etc. Once the movie started my dick started to grow, and I started rubbing it slowly over my pants itself. She was also very horny as her nipples were fully erect and visible to me.
I gathered some more courage and started rubbing myself above my pants just enough for the precum to ooze out and make the pant slightly wet.

My intention was to make her more aroused. After watching a few movies I confessed to her that the first breasts that I had seen were hers and that was very lovely. She slapped me very lightly on hearing this, but again the reaction that you normally expect on such a comment is a tight slap, so that was actually a green signal.
After saying this we continued watching the porn movie. She moved herself in such a way that I was able to see her breasts more prominently from above her blouse.

I also took my hands inside my pants and started playing my penis. I knew she was looking at it from the corner of the eyes, but it was all about who makes the first move.
After sometime, I asked her if she would like to do the favourite thing of her b*****r, to which she told that she had never done anything like that. But she never said that she does not want to do.

That was it. I took her hands and kept it on my penis above the pants itself. For a second she was in shock and tried to remove her hands, but again at the same time watching all those movies had made her very horny. I kept her hand on my penis firmly and just started pressing it over her hands itself.
Slowly she started doing it by herself with her left hand.

That scene was awesome, while the porn movie was going on in the mobile on one side and on the other side there was practicals going on. I asked her to put her hand inside my pants which she readily did. She touched it and said that it was very warm. I told her that her saliva can make it cold, to which she just smiled.
I asked her if I can switch off the video and enjoy the touches of my elder s****r.

She said yes. She said that she wants to see my penis. She pulled my pants down and my penis sprung up saluting her. She looked at it and said that it was very lovely to look at. I told her it was lovely to taste also. Meanwhile I took my hands to her breasts and started pressing it a little over her blouse. Ohh that was just so lovely to touch. I wanted to just rip everything off and eat them.

Suddenly we heard some voice from the hall, and we came back to our senses. It was my dad going to the kitchen to get some water. Once he went off, we decided to lock the room and continue again. She asked me to wait for some 15 minutes, she said she had a small work in the kitchen and she will be back.
I wasn’t sure what to say but said yes.

I was doubtful if he will return or not, and those 10-15 mins were really long for me. My penis had already died by the time she came. She came after about 15 mins, and entered my room. She told that her husband and her k**s are fully asl**p and so are my parents. She changed her dress and came in a nighty.
She kept her hands on my penis and said that looks like your little b*****r has slept.

She asked me to remove my pants and I did so. She kept her hands on my penis and they were really cold hands. She said that she had just washed her hands. She was doing a good job with her hands. I took her to the sofa in the room, we both sat down, I gave a small kiss to her on her lips.
Following this we were involved in a long passionate kiss, while my hands were hovering all around her body.

I pressed her back, her hands, her breasts and also moved my hands to her thighs. I realized that she was not wearing anything underneath the nighty. That made me very horny and I started pressing those lovely breasts of my s****r even more. I took her hand and placed it on my penis. She started moving it up and down a little. I asked her to kiss my penis. She had never given a blowjob, nor had she ever received a pussy licking.

It was all new to her.
She brought her lips forward and kissed the tip of my penis. I made her to pull the skin of my penis down completely showing her the red tip. She kissed the small opening in the front of the tip. I asked her to bring her tongue out and start licking the tip and she obliged with it. Then she slowly started going down to the shaft of my penis and started taking it inside her mouth.

Within a minute or two she was taking it fully in. I had shaved my penis a few days back so the hairs were pretty less, almost negligible and that was helping her to take it deep inside her mouth. She took her hands and started playing with my balls too, squeezing them a little. I had to ask her to reduce the pressing because it was hurting a little when too much pressure was applied.

Then I stopped her, pulled her upward to me and kissed her lips once again. Her lips were so soft that I kept on licking them for a long time. We also had a few tongue fights which was awesome too. Then I asked her to remove her nighty. She was a bit shy and asked me to switch of the lights in the room first.
I reduced a few lights, not all because I wanted to see everything.

So I just switched off one light just for keeping her word. I helped her remove her nighty and in a second I had my s****r nude in front of me. Ohh that sight is still so fresh in my mind. Then I realized that she had a shaved vagina. I asked her that when did she do that.
She replied just now, and smiled, and added that since I told her that I like licking vaginas a lot and enjoy the taste of the liquid that comes out, she has shaved it in order to give complete access to me.

I thanked her and kissed her in her lips and without wasting any time I went to her vagina. She sat on the sofa and I kneeled down to give just the proper height for me to lick it.
She asked me to be gentle and I said her to just enjoy the feeling. I kissed her vagina. That was the first time she was experiencing any of that and hence she wasn’t sure what to expect.

I kissed it a little and then I suddenly parted her vaginal walls with my fingers and inserted my tongue inside it. The moment I did that she left a loud moan.
I started tongue fucking her and she was getting out of control every minute. She kept one of her hands on her breast and started pressing them herself. She kept her other hand on my head and was forcing me to go deeper inside her.

Within a few pushes her pussy was completely wet and her juices started oozing out. The juice was so salty and mixed with her smell was creating a sensuous environment for me.
Her body had already started making contractions within minutes of me sucking her vagina, and suddenly her body contracted making me almost breathless caught in between the legs, but I continued my licking and she came in my mouth.
I always have a habit of going for multiple orgasms in the same time, hence I was in no mood of stopping and continued my tongue licking action.

This time I also inserted my finger inside her vagina. It went in without too much hustle. Hence I inserted one more at the same time and started fucking her and licking her at the same time.
I did this for not more than 2-3 minutes and during that time she had already cummed twice more in my face. I drank all the juices coming out of it. She then asked me to stop and was begging for me to come up.

Before coming up, I made my face wet with all her juices. The satisfaction that she got was seen in her face, but for me it was real satisfaction too as I was enjoying the feeling that because of me he got all those orgasms.
I went up to her face and started rubbing all her juices on her face itself. She licked my tongue and tasted her own juices from my tongue.

There was a sense of satisfaction as well as a sense of shyness also in her face, because at the end I was her b*****r. But I think at that point of time, satisfaction has taken over her.
Now she turned her attention towards my penis which had become smaller, she kept her hands on it and started making it hard again and within a few strokes it regained its stiffness. I asked her very frankly if she wanted me to fuck her, and she without any hesitation said yes.

And that was all the confirmation that I needed.
I placed her on the side of the sofa, I myself went in a half knee position and placed my dick in the love hole of my s****r. She guided my dick inside her and within a few stroke it went inside her completely. I loved that sight seeing my dick getting completely disappeared inside her. I kept it inside her for a few seconds and was admiring the moment.

Then I started twitching it inside her vagina a little just for fun. I told her that Di, I doubt I will last more this time because the feeling of me inside her was making me so horny that I was sure that I would not be able to control. I had seen almost 10-12 porn movies and still I didn’t cum. I hope you can understand the amount of pressure buildup in my shaft.

She said you have already made me cum 3 times in less than 15 mins. This is more than what happens to me over a fortnight. And even the ones that happen are not that fulfilling. But you have already fulfilled me so much. I never asked you to stop in only one time.
I told her that I never intended to stop in one, as I was just getting started. I started pumping her again and within a few strokes I was almost about to cum.

I asked her that where she wants me to cum. She told me that she had already done her f****y planning operation and hence I can cum inside her.
She did not even finish the sentence and I came inside her. Normally I would shot some 15-20 drops of sperms but this time it was very different. I dont know how much I came, but I shot way more than my normal limit.

I almost collapsed for a second after such a loud orgasm.
My penis was still inside her and I was feeling the warmth of my sperms and her cum inside her vagina. There cannot be a feeling better than that. Then I took my penis out and ask her if she would like to taste it. She said next time do it on me and I shall taste it then as she wants to drink the pure form, I just smiled to that.

I told her to start sucking my penis again and make it hard. She was in no mood of stopping either, the hunger in her was too much I guess. She took my tool inside her mouth and started the work of making my limp dick hard again. She said that she loved it even more when it was limp as it was very soft to play with her tongue.
While she was sucking my dick, I was staring at her vagina which was oozing liquid mixed with our cum and that sight was making me more horny again and again.

I was pressing her nipple with my hand and squeezing her breasts. Till now I had not eaten her breasts, and my tongue wanted to feel that so much.
I asked her to stop for a while, I made her to lay down to the sofa, and I started kissing those beautiful nipples. Because of all the work that we had done in the past 20 mins or so, she was a bit sweaty.

I confessed to her that I wanted to suck the milk out of her nipples the day when I saw her feeding her baby daughter.
She said, that the milk is not there, but the breasts are fully mine. I was licking one breast while I was pressing the other. Those breasts were so soft and the best part was her nipples, which were small and very perky. I was able to feel them with my teeth and tongue and I was biting it a little too while sucking them.

After sometime I shifted my attention to the other breast, and following that I was playing and licking her cleavage. I got on top of her tummy and placed my dick in between her breasts. She was a bit confused, but I made her understand what I was trying to do. She pressed her boob above my penis and I started my two and fro movement. Boob fucking was a great experience. I was fully hard by then, and I badly wanted to fuck my s****r again.

I asked her for her permission for one more time and she nodded with a yes. I told her that let me be below you and you come and sit on me. She agreed and sat on me, not facing my face. I made her to shift her position and face me as I want to see those beautiful boobs bouncing. She was a bit nervous but she turned.
Moment she sat on my cock, my cock disappeared.

I asked her to stay still and that I shall fuck her. I started my movement from below but that particular position is very tiring, I fucked her with full f***e for about a minute and then I was tired. Then she stopped me and started moving up and down herself.
I just laid back and was enjoying the feeling of her breasts moving up and down as well as the mixture of satisfaction and nervousness on my s****rs face.

After a minute or two, I made her change the position and started fucking her in missionary position over the sofa itself.
That continued for 5-6 minutes or so. While I was fucking her she climaxed twice, every time she climaxed, the pressure that was exerted on my penis was really great. When ever she was about to climax, I would keep my penis inside for a second or two longer to feel that muscle contraction.

Finally, I was about to cum and I took my penis and placed it near her mouth. She brought her hand to hold my penis and started her mini handjob and within seconds I sprayed my cum all over her face. She opened her mouth in the right time and a few drop went inside her which she drank happily.
I was so tired that I collapsed over her itself. We were both lying on the sofa, tired and fully satisfied.

I asked her if she liked it, and her smile said it all. The lovely smile of her made me feel relieved for what we had just done. It was around 1 am by then. We decided to sl**p together as no one was going to doubt anything about us.
We went to the bed, which we had not used till that time. I asked her if she wants me to eat her vagina again.

She asked me to rest for a while and do that again in the morning. We slept hugging each other, but we did wear the clothes, just for the safety shake.
I slept with my lips kissing hers and my hand caught in between her two thighs. She kept on playing with my dick the whole time we were awake that night. We did not discuss anything about what to say, what not to say about the night, because we had that trust in ourselves.

I had to leave her place the next day, as we came back to my hometown along with my parents. We keep on messaging each other on whatsapp regularly now, and are eagerly waiting for our next chance.
Please send your feedbacks at [email protected] com. I shall wait for your feedbacks, and I hope to make some good friends from this site, especially ladies. Love to all the readers, and special love to all the ladies who read my story.

Thanks for reading my story, and I hope i made you all Horny. Love you all.
Strip Games With My Mom
3. 07/5 (61. 43%) 14 votes

unknown June 18, 2014
This story is imagination story. My f****y consists of dad, mom, s****r and me. We lived in the apartments in Mumbai. My dad works in the private company in Mumbai as supervisor. He was busy with work in developing the company.

He was the right hand to boss in that company so he was always busy with the work. He regularly goes to gym to maintain the good physique and was fair and tall. My dad married my mom when he was 25 years and mom was 22 year. Next the mom was the house wife. She is the head of the managing all the works and maintain the house. She doing the exercise and yoga in the morning regularly in order to maintain good physique.

Next s****r studying in Arts College and maintain the good physique. Next it’s me I saw the porn movies regularly and masturbate regularly. This incident when I was finished xii std during summer holiday and waiting for the result. I regularly saw the porn movies. On day I saw the entire f****y fucking in the room. So I was fully excited and in the night I masturbate four times in the bed. I made the plan to enjoy with all of us.

Here I want to tell about my mom. She is so beautiful and huge melons of 38C size bra. While her walking in the floor its moves up and down. In the bottom portion it looks like a white pillar and small size appam I think. In the back she have two big size tits it also attracting to others. I don’t see my mom nude before. In the home mom used to wear the nighty but sometime she wears saree.

She was so gorgeous looking at that time. Next come to my s****r she is just Xerox of my mom. She has huge melon and tits. She wear the modern dress. While her walking in the road all the boys look at the s****r and keep the eyes on both tits and melons. I have the good athletic body and good stamina. i have cock size 7 inch length.
During the summer I made the plan to enjoy all of us.

First made the steps to seduce my mom. My dad did not satisfy the mom for the long time. So mom are so hungry for sex. I used to see the mom while bathing. One day I saw in the bathroom she caught me at that time. I returned to room and feeling shy. Mom came to her room and changed the dress. She called me to help in the kitchen. I ran into the kitchen and helped the mom.

We finished cooking and arrange the lunch in the Dining table. Mom and I started the lunch. She started to tease me. She licks the carrot very naughty. I understand the situation. I also tease the mom. After finished the lunch we went to hall and started seeing T. V. After sometimes we had the chat looks like normal speaking and after sometimes I becomes dirty talk. Mom ask the son can I ask one question.

Are you seeing me while bathing in the morning? Son replied no mom! Mom I will inform to dad saw truly. Son nodded the head down and say yes mom I saw on bathroom through the ventilator. Here onwards don’t do like that. If you want to see me directly and come and knock the door. Its make me confident and moved to next steps. I understand that she was likes me. Shall I tell one thing? I saw the bra and panty of yours its looks like old style.

Please try the new design and modern bra.
Mom accepted that and told that we will purchase in the town. In the evening we go to the shop. My mom asked the sales person where the women’s inner wear. They is replied that it was in third floor. We moved to the Third floor. I hesitated to go with my mom. My mom you wait near the opposite side. I Show it in the mirror.

You can able to see. I make the call to my mom and told bra was so nice and matched panty. She looks for her daughter also. She brought for her daughter also. We returned to home at that time her daughter also come. I parked the bike in the stand. Mom firs entered the home. Daughter asked where you went. She told to buy inner wear for me. Her daughter asked to show the inner wear.

Mom refused show her inner wear. She gave bra and panty which she purchased for her. She went to room and eager to see. She looks the inner wear it was so nice and happy to wear it. She wear that asked the mom to see that. Mom told It was so nice and don’t wear that regularly. She replied that ok mom.
Mom also satisfied with daughters replied. She said the thanks in the heart to my son for selecting wonderful panty and bra.

In night dad came and we have wonderful chat with f****y and ate the dinner and slept in their room. Me as usual thing how bra and panty looks for my mom in dreams. After sometime I masturbate and slept. My mom have sex with my dad and slept.
In next day as usual dad went to office and s****r went to college. Mom finished the morning the breakfast went to bathroom for bathing.

I noticed that mom slightly opened the door it would be easily able to see for me. I hidden in one place and started watching. I think mom couldn’t notice me in that place. But my mom easily see my action through the mirror. I think that this right time to seduce the mom. My mom going to finish the bath. So I ran into my room. My mom as usual came to her room and changed the dress.

Mom quickly finished the preparing the lunch. We had the lunch together. After finished the lunch we started talking and watched T. V. I used to see the star movies. I kept in the channel at that time one hot kiss came. I look mom. She will enjoy that. Slowly talking about the scene this so hot mom. Immediately gave one horny look at me. She asked that did you see the sex movie.

I said no mom. She once again asked same question you must answer honestly. Mom I need to take promise from you. You won’t say to anything to others. Mom replied that ok I promised you. I saw some porn movies through the net. Mom replied that oh! Mom asked to him what the videos you see are. He answered to mom I saw so many videos mom. She asked what type you like most.

Be honestly answer this question I am very much interested in i****t and strip sex mom. Mom saw him shockingly what. i****t ah. He replied that nodded the head down. I also very eager to play the strip game with you. Mom what do you mean. He replied while we playing one needs to obey the others words. Once you started playing you won’t quit the game in between it is the rule for that game.

Mom I won’t play with you. I requested the mom to play with me now. She was panic to play. Mom told need the time to think to play with you. He replied I promised you I won’t say anything to others about the game. Mom told she will tell tomorrow. In the evening her daughter came as usual going on. s****r told to mom I go the industrial visit to Pune tomorrow through the college bus and returned late night.

She busy in ready for the tour in the night. She woke up in the morning 5 0 clock and went to college. At that time itself mom also started preparing breakfast and as well as lunch also. My s****r leave home at 6 0 clock and I woke up at 9 o clock as usual and dad went to office as usual.
Mom went to bathroom and finished bathroom and returned to her room and dressed.

She going to hall and see son. His son I watching music channel. Mom told that I ready for your game. He was in heaven and jumped here and there. Mom strictly told you won’t say anything to others including your s****r also. He searched for the carom board. But the coin is missing. He planned to go to shop. Before going to shop he asked the mom to wear the bra and panty that we purchased on that day.

Mom replied ok my dear son and I will show one suspense. He went to bathroom and quickly finished the bathing. He dressed quickly and bought the new coins. He bought the energy drinks for both of them. He returned to home quickly and searching for the mom. Mom in her room and dressing. He also went to the room and ready for the game and started searching the handy camera for recording the game.

I finally found the camera and insert the new dvd to record the entire game. Now the time its 1 0 clock. Mom make the sound from her room my dear son go and have your lunch in the dining table. I finished my lunch and waiting for the mom response from her room. After 10 min mom called from her room are you ready dear. I replied I am ready. I went into the room.

Mom decorated the room beautifully. I feel that I was in heaven. I Searched my mom where are you. Mom will behind me. Mom have the black cloth for tied around my eye. I asked why you tied my mom She replied that it was the suspense. Mom already place the carom board in the table I asked the mom I need to place these camera for recording. Mom asked for what you recording.

Please mom I want to see at any time in my room. Mom told that it causes risk for me. Mom have one idea you record the show and give the cd to me I will keep safe for some days. After someday I will give it you. Are you satisfied with the Deal ah? I replied that Deal mom. Mom keep the camera in one side and press the start button. I once again say the rules.

One who scored you will obey the others words and who won the game others become slave. Mom told ok deal. Shall we start whether you start or mom starts? I replied that I will start the game. I asked mom how I can put the coins in the hole. It’s your challenge. If you have interest on mom play with confidence. White coin for you and black for mom I slowly place the hand in the carom board and found the striker.

I started striking the striker and white coin falls into the hole. Mom told that you win this turn. I was so happy and ask mom to give kiss on my lip. Mom accepted the deal and stand up and give long lip lock with his son. Next its mom turn mom did not put any coins and missed the chance. Next I put the coin in the whole I Told remove the black cloth covered over my eyes.

Mom did that. I was surprised to see my mom in that moment. She was so sexy with low cut blouse and show her navel and hips to me. I told the mom you are damn hot now. Mom replied so only I tied the cloth in your eyes. How was the plan and suspense? I told superb lovely mom I want to fuck you mom. Mom told wait for the turn.
Next its mom turn.

Mom put the black coin in the hole. Mom told me remove your pant. I unzipped pant and sit with my underwear in front of my mom. Then it’s my chance I put the coin and asked mom to remove the saree. Mom told me come and remove my saree its makes game hot. I stood up and go near my mom and remove the saree while removing I touched the boobs and tits and hip.

Mom won’t say anything. Then its mom turns mom put the coin in the hole. Mom have little confusion in decision whether to remove the underwear of me or remove my shirt. Finally she came nearer to me to remove the shirt while removing the shirt she pinched me in my chest. Next it’s my turn I put the white coins in the hole. I have the chance to remove mom two clothes in her body.

Immediately I think that remove your blouse and in-skirt. Mom feels shy to do it. I stand up and go nearer to mom and remove hook one by one. It was so exciting to see my mom in bra. She have good melon sized boobs hiding by the bra. While I removing hook I have taken chance to press boobs. Mom makes sounds. I removed the blouse through it. Next I find the knot of the in-skirt.

I removed the knot in-skirt slowly going down. It makes me feel excitement. It was the first time I saw mom in bra and panty. Bra and panty which I bought on that very stylish similar to knot. Bra covers only the melons and tied on the backside. Panty covers only front side thighs alone and backside only small piece it covers the hole. Mom feels shy to sit in front of me. I laughed and see my mom.

Next its mom puts the coin the hole and remove your underwear. Mom took the scissor immediately near the table and cut the under wear. The big cock comes outside with full erection. Mom Stunned to see that and she told dance for seconds in front of me. She played the music in the phone. I started dancing while dancing cock goes up and down. Mom enjoys that dance. Next it’s my turn. I put one coin and asked I want to remove your bra.

Mom accepted that I go behind and remove the bra. Mom closed the boobs with two hands. I asked the mom to remove your hand. I played the item song in the phone and asked the mom to dance for few seconds. Mom danced well. While dancing boobs moves up and down. Next its mom turn but the coins in the hole. I am first one become nude I am slave to her. Next it’s my turn I put the coin the hole.

Ask the mom remove the panty. I am eager to see the mom nude. I ask the mom shall I remove that. Mom told ok come dear. I go in front of the mom kneel down place the hands on the tits and pressed. After few seconds I placed the hand in the knot and remove it. After removing it I took the panty and smelled it. Mom asked what you are doing with my panty.

i replied smell coming from the panty good. Mom immediately have the idea mom place hand in son head and pressed towards to pussy. I did not except that in that time. I can feel for sometimes and moved the head away. Mom asked you don’t like that. I replied that it’s full of hair so little difficult. Finally mom won the game. I am slave to my mom. Mom asked me go and take shaving set from the bathroom.

I ran into the bathroom took that. Mom told shaved my pussy without single drop of bl**d. I applied the cream and shave it. Finally I done that and pussy looks beautiful. I licked that for few minutes. I always keep my cock clean and shaved regularly.
I asked the mom did you like that game. Mom told I like so much and give one lip lock for 5 minutes. Mom shall we moved to real game.

I don’t understand that. Mom moved to kitchen take some ice cubes in the bowl and oil. Mom searching for the roop. Finally she found that and tied the hands of me. I asked mom why you tied my hand. You are my slave don’t ask any thing and gives one slap in my cock. Mom go to bed and lied down. Mom placed some ice cubes in the body. Mom told to me you moved all over body and put in my hole, if do that I will remove that otherwise you miss the heaven.

Did you understand that? I told no mom tube light I won’t allow you insert penis into cunt. Ok mom deal. I started moving ice cubes from the boobs then navel and put in the basket. I told the mom I done that. Mom told I will remove your roop. I turned back in order to remove your roop. Mom placed small ice cube in my hole. I jumped over my mom kissed in all the places.

After the kissing all the places and give cock to my mom to suck that. Mom started sucking. After few minutes I give fingering in the cunt. I removed the cock from her mouth and insert the cock in the both holes. We enjoyed for hour. We tried in all position. Final whistle blown I white milk form cock spread all over mouth. We slept for few hours. After 7 0 clock we take the bath.

My s*s and dad returns to home. We look normally to them. The story ends.
Annu Didi Ki Mast Chut Chudai
3. 50/5 (70. 00%) 2 votes

ashu June 24, 2014
Hi dosto mera naam Ashu hai main Delhi ki rahane wali hu mere ghar me mummy papa meri bahan Annu or mera bhai Sunny hai meri umar 25 meri bahan ki 23 or mere bhai ki 20 saal hai mera figure 36d-28-36 ka hai or main doodh jaisa gori hu meri bahan Annu ka figure 35d-28-36 hai or wo bhi doodh jaisa gori hai hum bhai bahan bahut hi mordan hai or aapas me bahut frank hai or topic par baat kar lete hai main hostel me rahati hu or mera bhai or meri bahan ghar par main or meri bahan hamesha mordan clothes hi pahante hai jese jins top miniskirts or hot pant etc.

To ab main story par aati hu ye story meri bahan or mere bhai ki hai to suniye mere bhai ki jubani hi dosto mera naam Sunny hai main or s****r bahut frank hai is kahani ki heroin mere Annu didi hai wo bahut sexy hai or bahut sexy kapade pahanti hai ek wo fb par chat kar rahi thi to mere aate hi chat band kar di maine pucha didi kaya kar rahi ho to boli kuch nahi bas time pass.

Didi – teri gf hai
Main – nahi didi
Didi – kyo
Main – koi mili hi nahi
Didi – try kar mil jayegi
Didi ne us time sleeveless top or hot pant pahani thi wo bahut sexy lag rahi thi
Fir subha jab me utha to dekha didi mirror ke samane apane baal sukha rahi hai or sirf towel me hai kya sexy lag rahi thi unka dodh jesa badan chikani legs mera to lund hi khada ho gaya me bathroom me gaya or muth mar kar aa gaya agale din didi nahane gayi to maine key hole se dekha didi bulkul nangi thi kya boobs the mera lund fir se khada ho gaya or main wahi par muth marne laga fir didi ne apani chut main ungaliya kani suru ki or thodi der bad jhad gayi main bhi jhad gaya ab main roj didi ko nanga dekhane laga ek din main tv dekha raha tha to didi hot pant me mere pass aakar beth gayi wo ek dam maal lag rahi thi fir hum baate karen lage.

Main – didi aapka bf hai
Didi – tha par breakup ho gaya
Main – ab
Didi – koi or mila nahi abhi tak
Main – apaka bf bahut lucky hoga
Didi – kyo?
Main – ap bahut sundar ho isliye
Didi – sirf sundar?
Main – nahi ap hot & sexy bhi ho
Didi – aaj bahut pyar aa raha hai apani didi par
Didi or main ek saath hi sote hai raat ko didi lower pahan k soti hai raat meri ankh kholi to dekha didi meri taraf muh karke soyi hui hai or unke boobs dikh rahe the maine apana heath unke boobs par rakh diya meri gand fat rahi thi ki didi uth na jaye fir maine dhire dhire boobs dabane laga mera khada ho chuka tha fir maine apana haath didi ki top me dal diya or bra k upar se boobs dabane laga kya batao dosto bahut maza aa raha tha fir didi hili or dusari taraf muh karke so gayi ab didi ki meri taraf thi main Annu didi chipak gaya or mera lund didi ki gand par lag raha tha main apane lund ko didi ki gand par ragadne laga fir mujhe se raha nahi gaya or maine apana lund bahar nikala or didi gand par ragadne laga mujhe bahut maza aa raha tha ab main jor jor se dhake marne laga or thodi der me main jhad gaya or mujhe kab nind aayi pata hi nahi chala jab subha utha to dekha didi chaye bana rahi hai main bhi jakar beth gaya or hum baate karne lage fir didi boli kal raat mujhe nind nahi aaye
Main – kyo didi
Didi – kal raat ek mote chuhe ne bahut paresha kya mujhe
Main – kyo didi?
Didi – pata nahi sayad bill dund raha tha wo
Main – bill mila use?
Didi – nahi yaar bechara haar man kar so gaya
Mujhe ab pata chal gaya tha ki didi kal raat sone ka natak kar rahi thi
Main – to kya pata aaj usko bill mil jaye
Didi – dekhate hai
Fir main raat ka intejaar karne laga jab raat me main sone gaya to meri aankhe kholi ki kholi rah gayi aaj didi ne mini skirt or dhila sa top pahan rakha tha jab didi so gayi to maine apana haath didi k boobs par rakh diya meri to gand fat k haath me.

Aa gayi aaj didi ne bra nahi pahni thi mujhe to bahut maza aa raha tha mera khada ho gaya tha main boobs ko dabane laga kya boobs the yaar maza hi aagaya ab main josh me tha fir maine top ko pura upar kar diya kya najara dodh jese milky boobs or uspar pink nipples mujhase raha nahi gaya or maine nipple muh me. Leliye didi ki siskari nikal gayi fir main jor jor se nipple chusta or jor jor se dabata ab main or didi dono josh main aa gaye 15 mint nipple chusane or ragadne ke baad maine apana haath niche le gaya or Annu didi ki skirt ko upar kiya or jese hi maine apana haath andar dala meri gand fat gayi Annu didi ne panty nahi pahani thi mera haath unki nangi chut par laga jo gili ho gayi thi fir maine ek ungali unki chut me undar bahar karne laga fir maine unki skirt nikaal di or top bhi ab wo bilkul nangi thi fir maine unki tange chodi ki wha dosto kya chut thi bilkul chikani or ek bhi baal nahi mujahase raha nahi gaya or maine apana muh unki chut par rakh diya fir or pagalo ki tarh chusane laga or apani jibh ko andar bahar karane laga 15 chusane k baad maine didi ki tango ko choda kiya or apana lund Annu didi ki chut par rakha or ek hi jhatake me pura andar daal diya didi k muh se chikh nikali fir maine dhake marana chalu kar diya ab didi bhi apani gand utha utha kar chudwa rahi thi fir maine tez tez dhake mare or fir main or didi 20mint ki dhamake daar chudai k baad ek saath jhad gaye or sogaye.

Ok bye dosto agra aapko ye kahani pasand aai to mujhe mail kare [email protected] com
Apaki randi Ashu.

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