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Wife’s Night on the Town

“Hey babes i want 2 go out let my hair down 2nite x”
– My wife texted me while out picking up a little shopping on an early sunny Friday evening.

“Ok sure where u wanna go 2nite? x”
– I text in reply as I’m sitting in the living room, watching TV.

“Well the thing is i’ve been invited out for a drink with Josh x”
– She answers.

“Whos Josh? x”
– I quickly ask.

“u know Josh my ex I told u about from a couple years ago x”
– She texted back.
“used to be my personal trainer at the gym x”
– She quickly followed up.

“o yh i remember i’ll go 2 bank soon get some money out for our drinks x”
– I text back before standing up, having a little stretch.

“thats the thing he only wants me to go with him so we can catch up x”
– She returns.
“is that ok? x”
– She asks.

“o ok yh i guess so x”
– I text back, slumping back down onto the sofa, deflated.

“thanks babes i’ll b back in 10mins drop the shopping off and get ready
he is gonna pick me up in an hour luv u x”
– She explains.

“see u in a bit luv u too x”
– I put my phone down beside me, and sigh.

It had been a couple of months since I last took my wife out for a drink,
I was planning on taking her out tomorrow for the Saturday night,
but it seems Josh has beat me to it…

A very short while later, I heard the keys jangling in the lock of the front door,
and my wife walking into the house.

She headed strait for the kitchen, clutching a couple plastic bags of groceries and putting them onto the dark grey marbled kitchen counter.

“Hey babe. ” I get up to the kitchen to greet her.

“Hey sorry I’m in a rush to get ready. ” She briefly replies, and whisks on past me,
heading up the stairs.

“Put the shopping away!” She calls down below from the top floor hallway.

“Ok!” I call back up to her and immediately set about doing what my wife told me.
There was just a few bits and pieces of food and groceries in the bags so took less than 2 minutes to put it all away into its rightful place.

All done, I headed up the stairs and into our bedroom.

My wife’s clothes, a dark green top and faded blue jeans was piled on the floor beside the bed, along with her white bra and knickers, and the sound of the shower blasting down from the en suite bathroom filled the air.

I couldn’t help myself but to sit down on the edge of the bed,
and lean down picking up my wife’s plain white knickers.

As I inspected them, I noticed there was a little damp patch around the crotch.
It dawned on me that she must have been horny a very short while ago.
No doubt, whilst talking to Josh.

I closed my eyes, and bought her knickers up to my nose, the soft damp fabric briskly touching the tip of my nose, as I took a subtle sniff.

Oh that smell, that wonderful smell, like a sweet warm summer breeze,
filling my lungs with exotic delight. With each sniff of her seductive scent, the bleed coursed through my veins, like a d**g, kicking my adrenaline off, making my heart beat fast, and giving me the most wonderful natural high I could ever experience.
My palms began to sweat, my hands tremble. My cock swelling and bulging in my shorts.

My tongue hesitantly presses lightly against the soft grey damp patch, nervous of contaminating the natural subtle smell emanating from the source, but proceeding to lick it anyway,
desperate for a taste. Tastes so sweet.

With my eyes closed and tongue out, I picture my wife standing in the aisle of the small shopping market, standing before her ex Josh. Twiddling her beautiful thick blonde hair between her finger and thumb as they talk, so excited to be talking to him again.

The flame of sexual lust and previous love reigniting in her green eyes upon seeing him,
and the sweet moistness seeps out from her pussy, making it glisten in the sexual dew.

The dew, that I am now licking, knowing my wife has gotten so turned on by the sight of her attractive manly ex.

The sudden sound of the water from the shower stopping, made me gasp and quickly threw the underwear back down onto the pile of clothes.

Hoping my wife won’t notice.

I licked my lips and to my delight, I could still slightly taste my wife’s essence on them.
Her sweet smell lingered in the back of my throat for a short while after.

After a couple of minutes of silence coming from the bathroom, I decide to check on my wife.

“Baby, you in there?” I ask, gently tapping my knuckles on the white wooden door.

“Yeah hon, just doing my legs. ” She replies, her voice slightly echoing inside the white and yellow tiled bathroom.
“You can come in and help, if you like?” She asks.

I opened the door and walked in, ever eager to help.

She was sitting on top of the white porcelain closed toilet lid, a pink towel wrapped around her.
Her minty coloured shaving cream covering her legs, with a couple streaks of exposed flesh.

“You want to do them babe?” She asks with a grin, twiddling the pink razor in her grasp which had some of the cream on the blades.

“Sure thing, babe. ” I beamed a big smile at her, like a child given permission to have a sweet.

I knelt down infront of her, she put her foot up onto the rim of the bathtub,
and gave me her fancy pink razor.

I took it and shaved her leg for her, just like she wanted. With every couple of strokes, I stopped to dip the razor in the bathtub, which she had left a little water in.

“Is it nice and smooth now, babe?” She asks,
running her fingertips across the smooth canvas of her sexy long leg,
after I finished shaving her first leg.

I slowly ran my fingertips from the ankle of her foot, all the way up to her firm round thighs.

So soft and smooth, like a warm freshly waxed and washed car covered in silk.

“It’s amazing baby, like pure silk. ” I tell her, before leaning in to kiss her smooth shin.

“Now the other one. ” She smiles, putting her foot down and putting the other one up onto the tub.

After I shaved her, she inspected her long smooth leg and was pleased with the result.

“Good job. ” She praised, still stroking her leg,
as I drooled over how amazing her long sexy legs are looking.

“And now, my pussy. ” She chuckled, pulling the towel off of her body and dropping it beside her.

My jaw nearly hit the floor. Despite being married for 2 years, I still can’t believe just how amazing my wife’s body looks. Her youthful skin so taut and tight on her body, despite her being just ever so slightly on the puppy fat side.

Everyone always mistakes her for being 18,
even though she’s in her mid-twenties.
Her breasts so perfectly round and plump. A natural DD cup, with nipples so perfectly pert.
When she’s horny, they rise like little round pieces of dough being baked in an oven.

“Perfect. ” I softly utter upon looking up at her in all her curvaceous naked glory.

I reached for the can of shaving foam.

“Uh uh, baby, I’m waxing it. ” She quickly corrects me.

“I’ll apply it, you can pull. ” She softly chuckled.

“Ok, you’re the boss!” I chuckle along with her, still kneeling infront of her.

She opened her legs so I was in the middle of them, as she lent back and put the wax strip onto her exposed pussy. It didn’t look like it needed much waxing,
it was just starting to grow a little tuft of blonde fur around the edges of her slits,
as well as bits of thick light brownish stubble around the top.

After applying the strip to it, and waiting a few moments, she finally gave the order.

“Alright baby, grab it good and tight,” She instructed, as I took hold of the tip of the strip,
“ready…? Pull!”

I pulled it as hard as I could, the short sharp noise of it being yanked off echoed in the room.
My wife didn’t utter a sound, apart from a little quiet gasp.

“Oh god, sorry!” I quickly apologise, fearing that I just hurt my wife’s delicate little pussy.

“It’s ok. ” she just laughed, before applying another strip to see to that stubble.

After I pulled it off, I apologised again.

“You’re so silly, hon. ” She laughed at me. I sheepishly grinned at her.

“Tell you what, while you’re down there, you can blow on it.

” She grinned playfully.

“Ok. ” I smiled and leaned my face in close to her.
Getting a much stronger smell of her wonderful erotic scent.
I started to gently blow cool air onto her ever so slightly moist lips.

“Ahhhh that’s lovely…” She tilted her head back, closed her eyes and groaned.

“Give it some kisses too. ” She told me. I eagerly obeyed. Nuzzling my lips against her soft silky smooth waxed flesh of her pussy.

Giving it lots of little sweet adoring kisses.

“Ahhhhh yeah…” She moaned some more in delight.
“Now go back to blowing on it. ” She commanded.

I did as I was told, blowing some more cool air onto her.

“No, no, let me try blowing on it. ” She said, pushing her hand against my forehead,
making me lean back.

I looked up at her, a puzzled look on my face as she stared at me with a big playful grin.

I suddenly realised what she meant, as she let rip a fart on the toilet seat.

It rattled so loudly under her asshole and the porcelain.

“Ahhh that’s better!” She laughed, as another, slightly quieter fart rattled its way out.

I just looked up at her, like a puppy dog.

“Sorry, you can kiss it some more now. ” She chuckled.

“Don’t be sorry.

” I quickly forgive her, very much in love with my wife.

I leaned my face back in close to her, the sweet scent of her pussy now being overpowered by the strong sickly sweet musky smell of her fart that’s lingering around her crotch.
Undeterred, I continued to kiss her pussy for a few minutes.
She lovingly stroked my black hair as I did.

“I’ll be late at this rate, Josh will be picking me up in about 15 minutes!”
She suddenly stated, nearly knocking me back as she stood up.

I stayed kneeling on the floor infront of the toilet as she rushed into the bedroom.

I then decided to help my wife get ready.

I saw picking out an outfit from the wardrobe.

“Which do you like more?” She asked, holding up 2 tops. One was a small purple sequined vest top that shows off her belly. The other was a long dark vest top that came down to tops of her thighs.

“Erm, I think the purple one will look best, hon. ” I opined.

“Ok,” She threw it onto the bed and hanged the other top back up,
“And which skirt will go best, this one, or this?”

She showed me 2 white skirts that looked pretty much the same, except one was a more silky fabric and the other had small little pleats in it around the hip.

“I think that one.

” I pointed to the pleated one.

“Ok good. ” She threw that skirt onto the top on the bed, quickly hanging the other skirt back up.

She sat down on the bed with a large swivelling make up mirror, and began brushing her now dried, thick blonde hair.

“Get me some sexy bra and knickers out baby. ” She ordered me,
as she plugged in some hair straiteners.

I picked out some sexy looking frilly bra and a matching frilly black thong.

“Are these ok?” I ask.

“Yeah, they’ll do. ” She replied, briefly looking up at my choice.

She started straitening her hair.

“Put them on me. ” She told me, looking into the mirror.

I put the bra on her first, and hooked it up at the back.

She then stood up, still focusing on straitening her hair, as I held the thong down for her to step her feet in one at and a time, and then pulled it up over her long sexy soft legs and watched as the thin black strip of fabric disappeared into the crack of her glorious peachy ass.

“Lucky thong. ” I thought to myself!

She seemed to effortless straiten her hair and put on some make up onto her already beautiful face in no time at all.

She then stood up and I helped her get dressed.

She looked incredible in her purple sequinned belly top and short silky skirt.

“Pass me my boots babe. ” She told me pointing to the white knee-high heeled leather ones,
before sitting back down onto the bed.

I grabbed the boots, put them down at her feet and without her even asking, I lifted her foot up and eased the boot on, pulled it up to just below her knee, then did the same with the other.

I zipped them up, and she was ready.

She got up, patted herself down, and with a quick spray of sweet flowery perfume,
she walked back down to the living room. I followed her down.

Within a few moments, a car horn beeped outside.

“That’ll be Josh. ” She stated excitedly. She grabbed her white leather clutch bag.

“You got everything, got enough money?” I ask her at the front door.

“Yeah thanks. ” She replied with a quick brush of her hair in the hallway mirror.

“Ok well, I’ll see you later babe, have a good time, enjoy yourself. “
I bid farewell.

“Thanks, I’ll be back late so don’t wait up for me. ” She told me, grabbing me for a quick kiss.

I then watched as she headed out the door.

I saw Josh standing by the door of his fancy red sports car.

He had very short blonde hair, and his muscles on his arms were almost bursting out of the smart white buttoned shirt. He had a macho physique about him, you could tell her was rocking great washboard abs underneath the shirt.

I couldn’t believe she had ever split up with such a fine example of a man.
He was slightly tanned.

He greeted her with a kiss on the cheek, his hand slipped around the back of her and gave her gorgeous bottom a little pat, without a care in the world that I was looking.

He then opened the passenger door for her, and held her hand as she got in.
Closing the door, he then walked over to the driver’s seat, got in,
and drove away with my wife.

The hours ticked by so slowly the rest of the night for me. All sorts of images and scenarios ran through my mind about what they were getting up to.

Finally, at about 2am, I managed to drift off to sleep.

I was awakened by the sound of the keys jangling in the front door, and my wife clattering about taking her boots off. I was going to get up but I then heard the stairs creaking,
indicating that she was heading up to bed.

I looked over at the tableside clock, and saw that it was 4:23am.

My wife stumbled into the bedroom. She was a little d***k, but I have seen her d***ker!

“Hey baby.

” She softly whispered to me.

“Hey, you have a good time?” I softly ask, sleepily.

“Hm-mmm, real good thanks. ” She quietly spoke, taking off her clothes.
I noticed she didn’t have frilly black underwear on.

Now naked, she kneeled down at the foot of the bed, lifted the cover up, and crawled up.
I turned onto my back as I felt her crawling her way up my naked body.

Her tits brushed against my cock. I softly bit my lower lip.
She started kissing my belly and my chest as she continued her way up.

She lifted herself up and straddled me. Her perfect gorgeous plump bum resting on my belly.

“Baby?” She softly cooed.

“Yeah, babe?” I reply.

“I been a real naughty girl. ”
She looked at me like a little girl with her hand caught in the cookie jar.

“Have you? What have you done?” I lovingly ask her.

She leaned down pressing her lips to my ear and whispered,
“I slept with Josh. ”

She then kissed my cheek and sat back up, her hands pressing against my chest, holding herself up.

“What? You slept with him?” I asked in no shock at all.

“Hm-mmm, yeah…” She softly moaned with sexual tension, nodding her beautiful head.

“That is very naughty. ” I licked my lips.

“Yeah, but it felt so good. ” She told me, her voice in a soft groan.
She started softly grinding her wet pussy on my stomach.

“I bet it was. ” I moaned with her.

“You want to taste him on me?” She asked me, moving up a little further on me.

“Yes please.

” I nervously respond.

She moved right up on my body, and sat down right on the top of my chest, her naked bare wet pussy pressing down against my mouth. I instinctively opened my mouth and began licking her.

“Hmmmm that feels good too…” She moaned,
grabbing my head with both her hands and tilting her head back, softly riding my face.

As I pushed my tongue deep inside of her, I felt a warm gooey thick cream trickle over my tongue,
which tasted rather salty combined with the sweetness of her juice.

“Do I taste different having had him inside me?” She enquires, looking down at my curiously.

I could only nod my head and moan, with my tongue so deep inside her.
I realised I was licking his cum, and he must have been well hung, I’m only beginning to get at the deposit of his cum pooling inside of her and it’s so deep up inside.

She moans with pleasure and smiles knowing I’m licking up his cum.

“You want me to tell you all about him baby, what he did to your slut of a wife?”
She asks, rubbing her big horny nipple with her fingers.

“Hmm-hmm. ” I moan, nodding my head.

“Good, ‘cos I was going to tell you anyway. ” She softly chuckles.

“It started in the car really, as he drove he put his hand on my thigh, rubbing me.

I didn’t tell him to stop, so he carried on. I almost forgotten how amazing the touch of his big manly hands on me felt. ” She began telling me.

“When we got to the club and parked up, he told me not to worry about how much I drink, he’s going to look after me real good, he’s such a gentleman babe, you’d like him really. Made me feel so safe and protected, just like before when I was going out with him.

” She continued.

“In the club, he was buying me my drinks, he refused to let me buy my own drinks because he says a woman should never have to pay for her own. Isn’t that so sweet of him, hon?” She asks.

“Hmmm yeah. ” I submissively agree,
taking a second to breathe before diving tongue first back up into her.

“After a few drinks and chatting loads, he took my hand and went onto the dancefloor.

Oh baby, I had forgotten how good a dancer he is! He had his manly hands all over me, making me grind my body up against he’s, his manly hands all over my ass, he even put his hand up under my skirt to feel me up properly. ” She grinned,
“Your fault for making me wear such a short skirt!”

I let out another submissive moan.

“He fingered my bum a little too, he always knew how to be both manly and yet so soft with me,
he touches and caresses and tickles me in ways you could only ever dream of!
Oh he’s amazing baby!” She groaned passionately.

I moaned as I felt my stiff hard cock beginning to throb loads.

“He got me all steamed up baby, so I told him to have me, and he did. He grabbed my hand and walked me to the toilets, and fucked me senseless! I know it’s such a slutty thing for a wife to do, fuck another guy in the toilet of a club, but I needed his cock so bad baby,
you understand my needs, don’t you?” She asked, digging her nails into the pillow.

“Hmmmmmm hmmm-hmmm…” I moaned in pure sexual ecstasy as I submissively nod my head.
My tongue working so hard inside of her, licking her out loads, cleaning out so much of his cum.

“And what a cock he’s got, oh baby you have to see it to believe it, it’s such a huge juicy cock, the type of cock that’s just made to be sucked, and that’s exactly what I did!
I sat him down onto the toilet seat, took my rightful place kneeling infront of him, grabbed that big hulking manhood and gave it a sucking like I used to do for him all the time!
Hmmmmm it felt so good tasting his cock again.

She groaned and began tickling her clit with her fingertip.

“I sucked and sucked and sucked, and before long, he gave me a real big mouthful of his amazing creamy spunk! Tastes so good, doesn’t it baby?” She asks, looking down at me, making sure I’m still licking his cum from inside of her soaking wet pussy.

“Hmmmm…” I nod in submissive agreement.

“After that, he got up, quickly tucked his big monster into his pants, and took my hand, he always takes exactly what he wants baby, and he led me back to his car, we got in and drove back to his place, and guess what we did there, babe?” She coyly giggled.

“Hmmmmmm wha?” I softly ask with a moan.

“He ripped me out of my clothes, took his off, bent me over and fucked me more!
Fuck baby, my tight little pussy never has quite gotten over how big his cock is inside it, I felt my pussy stretching over his big raging beast just to accommodate it once again hmmmmm fuck yeah!
He fucked me over and over again baby, he never tired out he kept fucking me making me cum like I haven’t cummed in such a long time, fuck!” She let out a little cry of pure intense pleasure.

“Then he finally filled me right up with his hot thick cream hmmmmmm yeah that’s what he did baby, and now you better lick it all out or I’ll get pregnant, and I’m so going to keep the baby!”
She warned, still moaning in pleasure.

I licked her out even more enthusiastically, fresh from her encouraging words, and within moments,
she squirted out loads of cum. She showered me in it, and it wasn’t just her juice splashing out of her, there was plenty of his creamy spunk gushing out as well, all over my face.

“Ahhh fuck yeah, there’s a good boy. ” She praised, patting my head.

She then got off me, and rolled over.

“All this fucking and cumming as worn me out babe, I need to sleep. ” She softly uttered.

“Awww yeah you do, you’re all fucked out, aren’t you? My poor baby. ” I cooed over her, softly stroking her hair. I got up, went to the bathroom so as not to disturb her from fallen asleep,
and had the most quickest masturbation I’ve ever had, literally cumming in seconds!

I then cleaned up, and went back to bed.

I snuggled up close to her, spooning my wonderful wife.

“Hope you don’t mind baby,” She softly began to whisper, “but I left my underwear in his car,
I’ll have to go round to him tomorrow to get it back. “

“Ok that’s fine with me babe. ” I reassure her.

“Good, but he will want to fuck me again, you don’t mind if he does, do you?”
She softly asks.

“Not at all. ” I submissively agree.

“Thank you, good night. ” She replies.

“Good night. ” I return and lovingly kisses her cheek, and laid my head down to hers,
and soon fall asleep, deeply excited about tomorrow.

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