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Wife Willingly Services Friends

If you met my wife you would think she is the most innocent and proper girl you have ever met. And you would be correct to a certain extend. Let me tell you more about her.

My wife is a petit brunette with green eyes. She has the greatest skin, great body and the prettiest smile I have ever seen. She has one hidden jewel that she only lets me see and that is her pretty pussy and extra sensitive clit.

I swear she has the most delicious, tightest and beautiful pussy I have ever tasted. My wife and I have been together for a long time. We are still in love. She I don’t think has ever cheated on me. I admit I often think of her being with another man secretly for a quick fuck. And if she did that’s fine. I just hope she would share some details so I can jerk off in front of her as she is telling the story and watching me.

It excites me to think of her as a naughty girl, sucking some guy she met on a business trip and getting fucked like a complete slut.

Our sex life started out slowly when we were merely making love and giving pleasure to each other. Then she really started liking to suck my dick and to get fucked hard. Then she finally swallowed all my cum and let me explode all over her when I wanted.

From then on she has tried to deep throat, let me play with her ass, titty fucked me, masturbated in front of me, fucked me in public, jerked me off in a bar when the lights went off for a couple of minutes…she’s been fantastic. All her innocence went away last weekend when my good friends from the water polo team came for a game of poker.

I never really expected anything to happen when I invited my three friends for a night of poker at our place.

My wife had a bachelorette party to go to and she was going to be gone until late so I figured-let her go have fun and just chill with the guys.

My wife was just leaving when the guys showed up. We all whistled at her because she was dressed very sexy. The Johnny Walker and the Guinness were flowing, the good old times stories were being told and we were having a great time.

We were pretty buzzed and of course the conversation eventually shifted to sex. We started talking about girls and they mentioned how hot my wife was tonight. So, we switched to talking about our wives and girlfriends. Turns out all of them have discussed threesomes and group sex which was great. Jim for example shared that Kim told him she wouldn’t mind having sex with him and another guy if the other guy was only doing what he was told by her and Jim was there to fuck her or get sucked while she was ordering the other guy around.

Todd’s wife Shelly wanted to soft swing with another couple. And George’s girlfriend Lauren was absolutely for a threesome with another girl but absolutely no guys. When it was my turn to share I didn’t know whether to be honest or not. I thought what the heck and told them all about my wife and how she wanted to service a bunch of guys at the same time and jokingly said that maybe tonight would be a good night.

They all laughed but I could tell they were excited. We went on and on about what our women did and what they didn’t do in bed and it was great to know that Lauren loved to swallow and Kim would occasionally take it in the ass. I only told them that my wife liked to give head and to receive…which is true.

It was around midnight when I heard laughter and a car door slammed and my pretty wife entered the house.

She was loud and I could tell quite tipsy. She smiled at the guys and gave me a kiss. All of them were looking at her with lust in their eyes. Her sexy dress was showing cleavage and it was so short when she bent over to take off her heels you could see her thong covered pussy. She saw us watching her but just kept on smiling and went in the kitchen to get something to drink.

She then went to take a shower and came out wrapped in a towel which made the guys even more excited. She went straight for the hot tub on the deck without turning the lights on and we could see her because we were sitting in the living room. Only a window separates the deck from the living room. She took off the towel and hopped in the hot tub while everyone was looking with disbelief.

Although it was dark on the deck we could still see her breasts and her nicely shaved pussy. Todd was the first to break the silence saying he wouldn’t mind a nice soak in the hot tub right now. To everyone’s surprise I said go ahead. He had already lost all his money anyway I said and everyone else told him to piss off too. They wanted to be in his place I am sure but were real gentlemen and hid it pretty well.

Todd got up and walked out. We resumed the game but I kept my eyes out on the deck and I saw him go in the tub in his boxers. My wife smiled at him and they had a salute and drank their drinks.

After a few hands Jim had to go to the bathroom and I used the moment to go outside to check on my wife. To my surprise when I approached the door I saw Todd’s boxers on the deck on the side of the hot tub and I heard through the screen door my wife moaning.

While I was playing poker I guess my wife talked Todd into removing his boxers and then attacked him rubbing his cock underwater without anyone noticing. He had in the meantime been able to find her pussy and was right now rubbing her clit as she was stroking him. I backed off not to scare them I was immediately aroused. I went to get George and Jim and showed them what was happening. We then went back to the poker table and I asked them if they remembered what my wife’s dream was.

They of course did. So I asked them if they wanted to help her fulfill it and they did.

While we pretended to be playing we kept and eye on the action outside and Todd came soon after that. It was a good time to jump in the tub without scaring them so all three of us went out there, undressed to our boxers and went in. Todd and my wife pretended nothing happened but we could tell she was very excited.

Her nipples poking through the surface of the water, her eyes wide open breathing deep…I acted first and took my boxers off. I sat on the side of the tub close to my wife’s face and pulled her head towards my penis without saying a word. She didn’t resist at all. She stood up obviously enjoying four guys looking at her naked, bent over in the water with her butt sticking up and started sucking and licking my penis with passion.

Jim and George came closer and started touching her breasts and kissing whatever part of her body was above the water. They sat next to me on either side with their dicks sticking up and my wife started giving them hand jobs while sucking me. I saw Todd was already excited again and I nodded so he can go behind her. He started touching her pussy and she went crazy! She was sucking like a complete slut and the three of us just loved it.

She would suck us three one by one giving each of us about 3-4 strokes trying to go as fast as she could. Todd slowly entered her from behind and only a few strokes later she had her first orgasm. Todd’s 8 inch dick surely made a difference since my wife is used to the standard 6 inches I have. When she started coming Jim couldn’t handle it and started coming too. She immediately left me and went to swallow Jim’s cum.

Then she came to me and I was already there seeing her sucking off all that sperm Jim produced really excited me. George wasn’t far behind. She let him come on her face and neck and tits…She was looking gorgeous.

We all went inside then and without even drying ourselves put my wife in the middle of the living room on the thick new carpet. Todd had not come yet so he took her doggy style while Jim and I started recovering and stood again in front of her.

She couldn’t wait to take us in her mouth. Todd couldn’t take it any more and pulled out. He came all over her back and she just turned and smiled without letting go of Jim and my cocks. Now George went behind her and rammed into her with all he got. Jim was a 7 incher and George around 6 – I thought perfect for her small pussy. She was screaming with our cocks in her mouth and we were fucking her like a whore.

After George came on her Jim went to fuck her and then by the time it was my turn Todd was ready for his felacio again. Later we put her on the kitchen table on her back with her legs in the air. While Todd and I were having a drink Jim and George were taking turns fucking her and she was just laying there enjoying it. They managed to come almost together and had her get off the table, kneel down and let them come on her face and in her mouth…she was really getting fucked.

She went to shower and came back to Todd and me ready for her again…this time Todd wanted to have my wife sit on his face while she gave me a head. She loves that I know from her fantasies. We went on and on and she came maybe 6-7 times that night. We all went 3 or more times each. We fucked her brains out and she loved it. Just like she dreamt…yet another dream came true and her innocence was gone forever…I wonder what would be next?.

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