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wife and her old friend

I had been out with the lads and came home and was surprised to see liz an ex wife of an old friend who we used to go out with years ago
I said hello noticing liz had put a few pounds on but was still sexy and had great tits she was wearing a black plain dress with low front showing her nice tits it had a long split up the side of the skirt and opened as she sat on the sofa drinking as her and ann talked about the old days liz asked if I enjoyed it back then saying she wished she had went with some of the guys she got offers from as her ex was fucking loads of girls and ann said you did also as she allowed you to asking ann if she was telling the truth as ann said to me to tell liz how I used to fantasise about her and I said laughing yes I did saying to ann you wanted me to at the time as long as you could watch us liz said to me stop lying asking ann if she said that as ann said yes that’s true I don’t think its bad as we knew you liz
liz said wish I knew at the time may have done it as I said to her you would have loved my 8 inches im sure as I went for a shower
I came back as ann said as liz went to the loo would I still fuck liz saying she said she would be up for a good fucking and I can watch she said I looked at ann saying honestly as liz came in and ann said to her he does not believe me as liz said to me would I come and chat in the hall as we went out liz said come up here going up to the top landing and saying were is your room pointing to a door she said come on as she took my hand leading me into my room she asked me if I had any porn as I said on computer she said put it on as I asked which kind she wanted she said dirty talking housewife as I put it on liz unzipped her dress letting it fall to the floor showing she had a nice curvy body still and still had big thighs
she had a lovely bodice on and I could see her pussy hair as she asked was she still sexy saying she was certainly as dirty and kinky saying she liked porn
she asked me who I had fucked that ann didn’t know about saying she knew a couple and saying I used to talk about her mum and how sexy she was saying to me you were dying to fuck her it was obvious saying you wanted to didn’t you laughing I said as I kissed her feeling her tits as she said she was horny for me to fuck her as I touched her cunt rubbing it saying to her I had been wanting to fuck her for years and I did want to fuck my mother in law then as she said that would be horny as fuck asking if I never tried saying tell her it turned her on I looked at her saying I had fucked her many times she stripped naked showing her pussy and wet clit as we kissed I fingered her then got on top of her putting my cock up her fucking her and told her I had a movie of me fucking anns mum she said as she pushed me of her show me it asking does ann know I said I will put it on as she watched it I was licking marys cunt as she groaned saying I was so good and asking whoever was filming it if she liked seeing me lick her and fuck her a voice said yes as mary said put the camera on the stand as it showed the bed as I fucked mary to climax as liz watched she saw another girl come to the bed as I put my cock up her the camera moved as mary said did you like watching us as the camera showed her face it was ann as liz said you fucked them both together as I said I still was saying they are a pair of cows watch they will lick each others cunt in a minute liz was fingering her cunt watching saying fuck its horny as she heard ann say to me who would I like to see her with as I said liz she was licking marys cunt as she moaned saying lick it take my juices as ann said licking her to climax her cunt was so wet then turned saying to the camera as she fingered her cunt she wanted liz so much liz looked in amazement as it ended we went down as liz said she enjoyed me fucking her so much then said to her she did not know she liked girls also as ann said yes asking had she ever kissed a girl as liz said no ann sat next to her saying could she kiss her saying just for a minute liz said okay ive been curiuse for years as ann kissed her I could see her tongue running over her lips as liz stopped she said its nice telling ann it got her horny ann had a bathrobe on and opened it saying to liz did she think her body was nice ann had a great curvy body with small tits with big dark nipples and a shaped pussy as liz looked she said she was sexy I said to ann liz had a great pussy very hairy it was as ann asked her she loved a very hairy pussy asking to see it
liz hesitated for a bit then took her dress of and was naked as she never put any underwear back on ann looked at her big bushy dark pussy as she went over and kissed her as liz did not object ann ran her hands over her body and then over her pussy as she rubbed her clit as she moaned.

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