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why i am your king!

“What makes you think you’re a king?” Sheila asked. James had shuffled up onto the bed on his knees in between her legs. His answer was to flex his groin muscles to lift his penis into a full, stiff, upright erection. The organ bulged with huge veins that wrapped around the shaft like lightning bolts of Zeus, showing every detail, every definition as they snaked under his satiny black skin. It was like the trunk of a great Sequoia rising more than nine inches above the base where hung his plump scrotum.

Inside the wrinkled sac rested his two testicles working 24/7 to produce the sperm necessary for his nut and the complete devastation of the on looking hubby’s sex life From the bottom of his scrotum to the top of his penis, a twelve inch ruler would be an inch or two too short for the king’s reproductive measurement.

James bent his shaft down and pushed the head against Sheila’s pussy, just below her clitoris.

Two wrinkly, pink inner lips protruded from between her two fat outer lips, and they all rimmed a vagina that was obviously never fucked by a dick bigger than her hubby’s five point five inch penis. James pressed the head of his big black penis into the vortex around which those lips rimmed and flexed his powerful black buttocks to violate her body with penetration.

Sheila immediately pressed her hands to the mattress on each side of her body and braced.

Her clitoris was stretched down into her vagina by the sulcous rim of James’ glans, and then with a soft, wet “pop” the sulcous rim slipped into her vagina. Her clit looked like a little cowgirl with the inner lips as her legs straddling an enormous black bull. The huge veins however proved it was not a bull, but a penis. Not just a penis, but the biggest penis she or hubby ever saw.

“Size doesn’t make a difference. ” He told her. Sheila read that in numerous articles and magazines too. But as her pussy lips continued to expand and stretch as James penetrated deeper, because the shaft of his penis was even thicker than the head, the sulcous rim rubbed the erectile tissue of her G-spot all the way from her clit to her bladder. James’ penis went under her bladder and made contact with her uterus.

He was already deeper than her husband or any other lover even went.

When the head of James’ penis popped inside for the first time, Sheila gasped and whispered “Oh my God!” James’ mind flashed silently- “Yeah honey. My penis is your god. ”

Her nipples immediately swelled into grotesquely beautiful, wrinkled points that protruded straight up from the jiggling round mound of breast fat, jiggling from the tremble of her body in response to the intense sexual pleasure and a higher level of aroused excitement than she ever knew.

Her nipples seemed to have a language all their own, and said, “Give us a baby to suckle us- to whom we can produced and feed warm, sweet mother’s milk. ” Deep inside her pelvis, James’ penis and her vagina answered her nipples softly, saying, “We will make a baby. ”

As James’ penis continued to complete its first deep stroke of the fuck, her vagina secreted a wet, slippery ooze of lubrication to overcome the burn of dry, tender skin rubbing across dry, tender mucous membrane.

The tube of James’ urethra was full of thick, viscous, salty seminal fluid, and pressure of penetration opened the hole in the head of his penis to deliver it. He thrust deeper and fucked the cervical wall of her uterus to move backward and tilt the entire organ. A pocket of her vagina formed and deepened, giving James’ huge penis something to penetrate into. That accommodation of her vagina never occurred with her husband, or any other lover.

James still had more than an inch of penis to insert to complete the deep fuck stroke. The hard sensation of his penis where the ligament attached it to the pubic bone bumped Sheila’s pubic bone, padded by the sexy mound of tissue and fat that made it bulge ever so slightly. His kinky black Negroid pubic hair tangled with her wispy, mousy brown northern European pubic hair and for a moment the lovers rubbed their pubic bones together.

Sheila flexed her buttocks and squeezed them together as hard as she could, to bend her backbone upward so she could feel the complete fullness and penetration of James’ penis. He wrapped her legs around James’ solid, muscular torso and pulled him into her crotch. Instinctively she rhythmically flexed her ass, humping James’ dick like a bitch dog in heat.

“Oh fuck!” she whimpered.

“Jesus Christ, ho0ly fucking Mary I am coming!”

“From just one stroke of his penis?” her hubby thought with disbelief. When they made love, he had to really work at it to get her to come once, and required a significant amount of foreplay. Granted James had eaten her pussy before fucking it. So she was wet, hot, and ready to be fucked.

James pulled his penis out after Sheila climaxed, and when the sulcous rim slipped through her wet lips, the sudden rush of air produced a pussy fart.

Then James penetrated for a second, faster stroke, and a third, a fourth, a fifth… the fuck was on. Sheila was incredibly relaxed as she floated on the after effect of her powerful orgasm. But the sensation of her clitoris bumping over the huge veins wrapping James’ big penis and his sulcous rim r****g the roof of her g-spot kept her horny nipples swollen into erect, hard points and in a few minutes she climaxed again, this time digging her fingernails into James’ buttocks, just above the small of his back.

From the lower rim of her stretched inner lips, a glistening, frothy, bubbly goo emerged, raked out by the pumping action of James’ penis, and dribbled down her butt crack onto the sheet. There was a significant wet spot, and a little bleed. Even though Sheila was by no means a virgin, James was so much bigger than hubby; his penis tore more tissue in effort to stretch it to accommodate it.

There was no pain from the tear, except at the actual moment of tear, and as the warm, salty ooze of vaginal secretion and precum was smeared over it, the wound was soothed and the bleeding stopped.

After Sheila’s third orgasm, James pulled out and they changed positions. She rolled onto her hands and knees and presented her ass like a bitch dog in heat. James flexed his huge, glistening wet black penis and mounted her from behind like a stallion.

He spread his legs apart and ordered hubby to crawl up in between his knees and roll over on his back so he could look up and watch James’ huge penis ream Shelia’s pussy. As they fucked, frothy ooze was pulled out of her vagina, where it ran over her clit and then drooled down onto hubby’s face. The profound contrast between his wife’s tightly stretched pink pussy and James’ big black, veiny penis was profound and showed him in every detail what the fuck was doing to her.

“Kiss my balls. ” The king said.

Hubby craned his neck and puckered his lips to gently press them against James’ hairy, wrinkly scrotum. He smelled the musky scent of nigger sperm – more virile and pungent than his own. This was baby-making sperm. Hubby kissed them several times.

“Now lick my dick.

” James commanded.

“While you’re fucking my wife?” hubby asked.

“You are not to question your king. I said lick my dick and that’s what I want. “

James pulled out to expose three inches of his huge penis. A whitish, bubbly froth clung to the groove on the right side of his urethra.

Hubby pressed his lips to the penis, winced and pulled away suddenly.

“Good God!” he exclaimed.

“What?” James replied.

“Shit!” Hubby exclaimed. “I think I burned my lips. ”

“Burned your lips?” the king replied.

“Yeah. Your dick is fucking hot, man.

I mean really hot. Intensely hot. It feels like hot, freshly oiled iron rebar. “

He tapped James’ penis with his finger as James resumed fucking Sheila. The veiny, bumpy penis slid over his fingertip smoothly and effortlessly, like a well-oiled, precision piston. Hubby tried to insert his finger into her vagina along with James’ penis. Many times when he fucked her, he reached down and did that to feel what his penis did and give her extra sensation.

But the rim of her pussy was as firm and hard as James’ penis, and there was absolutely no room for his finger. Her pussy could not possibly stretch to accommodate that.

Again he pressed his lips to the thick central ridge underneath the penis and slurped it and the clit with his tongue, tasting and swallowing the gooey, salty discharge oozing from her vagina. The king’s testicles swung in his scrotum like two lovers together in a hammock.

They spanked Sheila’s clit, except when hubby was licking, and then they spanked his chin.

Doggy was James favorite position in which to cum. He reamed Sheila’s pussy, stretching her vagina through two more orgasms, and then as he reached around her back and grabbed her flopping breasts, tweaking her hard nipples in his fingers, he shouted,

“Get ready baby, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! Oh fuck I’m cumming!”

Hubby watched the thick chords of perineal muscle stretched between his anus and his penis pulse, making his anus rhythmically pucker and the sides of his huge penis base flex.

Each contraction sent a ripple up the two grooves on the underside of his penis, which disappeared through the tightly stretched pink rim of her vagina. He knew James was in fact, at that moment, delivering his semen deep into Sheila’s body.

James held still while his penis ejaculated. The head was buried nine inches deep in her body, his pee hole perfectly aligned with her cervical hole. A dozen times his penis fired a creamy rope of semen blobs which splattered the cervical wall, filled the uterus inside and plugged the cervical hole.

This was how he was able to so easily, effortlessly impregnate women.

His sperm didn’t have to swim for their lives in the acid vagina. They were delivered deeper and safely in the uterus where they could do their magic. Well- one of them could do his magic. It only took one, and James ejaculated enough to repopulate all of Los Angeles and New York combined.

As if that devastation wasn’t enough for hubby, when James pulled out, he saw directly a huge, dark, gaping, cavernous maw that was once his wife’s tight pink vagina.

Ribs of pulsing muscle flexed to keep it open. In the bottom, a translucent pool of pearly white nigger semen filled the dark well from wall to wall. Slowly he watched the thickening pink walls of wrinkly vagina contract and swallow the pool of semen deep into her body, to keep it safe and prevent it from dripping out, or any other male from getting at it to remove it. It was like her pussy was saying, “Mine! All mine! You can’t have any!”

From the deep inside out, her vagina contracted to close up, until it was a gooey pink slit in between the pussy, swollen, stretched and battered inner lips.

James slapped her buttock with his right hand, leaving a splotchy reddish mark.

“Your hubby is a smart man. ” James said. He recognized his place and so brought you to me. From now on I will be fucking you, breeding you, and you will deliver our children. You and he will provide for them, and I will love and play with them, and when I want more, we’ll fuck again.

“That’s what makes me your king!”.

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