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Why I am like this…

Charlie, Daniel and Bruce, three teenage ruffians, it is because of them that I have this insatiable quest to be used by men. When I was in high school, the three of them took advantage of me and violently used me sexually. From the very first day that they ****d me and took my virginity, they would induce me to service them, all three or one.

Bruce was the best looking one of the three, he had an angelic face that hid a mean streak.

His male organ was only about eight inches long, maybe an inch and quarter across. Charlie was vicious and cared little about who knew it, his penis was nine to ten inches long and probably two inches across. Daniel was their leader, very rugged looking and as seductively mean as a snake, his manhood was well over twelve inches long and close to three and a half inches across.

I had heard rumors about their viciousness but you don’t believe every thing you hear, so when I was cutting class and the three of them came running down the path telling me to run, I automatically took off behind them.

Looking back I think I may have be manipulated in going where they wanted.

As we scurried through the bushes, Charlie and Daniel ended up behind me and Bruce leading the way. Like a lamb I was lead to where they wanted to slaughter my innocence. I had never even held a girls hand nor thought of how two people had sexual intercourse, the farthest thing from my reality was two males having sex.

That Wednesday they spring their diabolical attack on an unsuspecting guy, as I thought I was aiding Charlie, Bruce attacked me by slamming his fist into my stomach with such f***e I almost passed out.

The three of them d****d me over and ottoman, removed my pants underwear and shoes and sexually invaded my body for their satisfaction. Bruce was the first to enter my virgin bung and deposit his seed, lubricating my anus for Charlie’s assault.

Charlie filled me with his substance adding to the load that Bruce had left and opening me up for Daniel’s assault

Neither was too gentle and Daniel only wanted to bust my butt and leave his load. For nearly four hours I was savagely assaulted by the three of them as they took turns depositing their seed in my rectum. In the months that followed the three of them would either all together or one at a time catch me alone and continue to invade my bung turning me into their private sex toy.

Bruce’s grown cousin was one of their relatives that took advantage of me and ripped my bung open leaving his seed as a calling card. Charlie’s Uncle Harry was another that sexed me over and over till I was craving for his companion.

There was times that the three of my tormentors would pass me around to their associates to be used sexually and often. It seemed that the three of them really enjoyed gang bangs and I was their favorite subject.

Sometimes at night as I sleep I have nightmares of those early experiences, now my room mate and most of my dorm come and deposit their seed in my bung as often as they want.

They other night I was entertaining this guy, he wanted something more and turned me on to a thing called poppers. It comes in a brownish bottle, that you inhale, I was totally not ready for the effects that a little snort would have on me.

As I was struggling to give him oral sex, his penile glans was enormous, I was straining to get it in my mouth. Once he had pulled his man hood out I was shocked to see the girth and length of his tool. I quickly agreed to suck him off but under no way was he going to stick his tube in to my bung, I was really sore from my weak end tryst with some of the football team.

Finally I manage to just suck the tip of his giant penis and lick his huge shaft as he said to me ‘…look up at me while you do that…you need to loosen up some and let me get what I want…’ Before I could answer he pushed my head back and reached into his jacket pocket and said ‘…I want you to take a good strong sniff of this, don’t worry it’s not d**gs or anything you can get in trouble with.

It’s just something to relax you a little…’

As I stroked his arm length tool I asked ‘…how will it relax me, I’m not gonna be knocked out or anything am I…’ He smiled at me and said ‘…just close one nostril and take a strong whiff than do the other, you’ll feel really, really good…’

Glancing over at the clock and wanting him to leave before it got to late, I said ‘…alright, we don’t have a lot of time…’ Like a dunce I took two strong sniffs of the bottle, I don’t know how to describe what happen next but I just had to devour his penis and get him inside of me as quick as possible.

I found myself gripping his penis in my hands, one in front of the other and still had six to eight inches to go. I licked and sucked his tool as he stroked my head and exuded pre-cum. He pushed my head away and placed the bottle under my nose again and said ‘…do it again…’ Two more sniffed and I was stripping off my boxers and lubing up my anus.

I pulled him down on top of me and wrapped my legs around him as I guided his anaconda size penis to my welcoming bung hole. His enormous head paused at my entrance just long enough for him to pass the bottle under my nose one more time. I grabbed his buttocks and lifted my legs and spread them as wide as I could as he entered my bung hole.

I was so sexually excited that I cared little as to how huge his tool was, all I knew was I wanted him sliding his monstrous weapon deep into me, that he did.

Slowly and methodically he worked his obscenely huge tool as deep into me as he could.

As the poppers started to wear off, and I came to my senses, I started to panic as I watched his snake like penis slid in and out of my straining bung. He noticed and quickly flipped me to my stomach, once on my stomach he stuck the bottle up one of my nostrils again and demanded ‘…sniff bitch, sniff this shit…’

Inhibition left as I tried to buck him up off my butt, his huge tool lodged as deep into me as it could go and I was trying to push back to get more of him in.

The two of us was like sex starved minx.

I had not noticed the tears streaking down my cheeks nor the door to the room as it opened and Daryl, my room mate entered. Daryl looked at us and closed the door, stripped off his clothes and presented his semi erect penis to my lips saying ‘…don’t stop, start sucking…’ The bottle was again presented to my nostril and this time I sniffed without invitation and devoured Daryl’s penis as if I was starving for his meat.

The two of them sexed me all night taking turns from my mouth to my anus and filling me with their sperm.

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