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Who else wants to join the prolapse fetish army?..

Hello guys and gals! I’m here to tell you about a fetish I’ve just discovered that is so exciting that it actually revolutionized my sex life with a mind-blowing new level of cumming. I’m talking about women [URL] their asshole in an unbelievable manner that seems to give them totally shattering orgasms and sends me into a sexual frenzy that I couldn’t believe how intense it was.

QueenPanther webcamgirl

I first discovered this amazing new kink as I was browsing through Live Free Fun pages.

I then stumbled on Queen Panther who’s not only an unstoppable sex machine, but also has the most elastic butt hole I’ve ever seen. Not only does she make it gape the widest and contract like a beating heart, but when she prolapses it, it blooms like a magnificent red rose at its peak; the fleshy petals of it quivering with pleasure as her swollen orgasmic pussy squirts abundantly. I was so excited by the eroticism of the scene that I shot my load farther than I ever did before.

Dirtygardengirl – prolapse

After Queen Panther, I found a few other chicks on Live Free Fun who are also into anal prolapse and I just became a total addict of this delightful fetish. My problem was that I have a very lovely and hot girlfriend with whom I love to practice all my fantasies. She is very open-minded and enjoys anal sex more than a little bit, but I was a bit shy of talking about prolapses with her.

I was not really afraid that she’d think I had become too much of a pervert, but, still, I thought she would find it too far-fetched and difficult to achieve to consider trying it.


I was also wondering myself how a girl can learn to perform such a feat and if it is dangerous to do it. So, I browsed over the internet to learn more. At first, most of the info I found was from medical origin and treated as if it was quite an undesirable medical condition that could cause a lot of problems.

It seemed so far from the sexual bliss I had seen in Queen Panther’s eyes and those of the other girls I’d seen prolapsing that I concluded that all this info came from puritans having hang-ups about anal sex to start with.

the Sphincterthe Sphincter

Then, here and there, I started finding bits of info on how nearly everybody who’s attracted by anal prolapse can learn to do it and, with care and time, increase it to amazing proportions.

The basic thing one has to consider before going any further is that the anus and internal membrane of the colon, which is projected outside during prolapse, are very sensitive; reason for which anal sex is so gratifying. But the inner membrane is also very fragile and damaging it can indeed be very dangerous medically. However, anybody who knows how arousing anal sex can be also knows that the basic reflex of the sphincter is to close-up; and, like any other muscle, it can be greatly strengthened and taught to fully relax.

That’s the basic trick to learn on the way to safe anal prolapse. If you want a butt hole to really enjoy sex, you have to teach it to fully relax, so it can be stretched open for the biggest cock without pain; but you also have to strengthen the muscle for it to tightly close when it’s not used for sexual pleasure.

enema homemade

The way to do this is to give it pleasure as you progressively teach it to stretch more and more as it relaxes.

With a little patience, the sphincter not only learns to open and close at will, but it starts to eagerly respond to sexual stimulation and easily open to its widest. Once an anus has been taught to gape, and there’s a lot of fun for all involved parties in the teaching, it will be ready for learning to prolapse. However, for prolapse to be safe as well as appetizing, the inner colon has to be made sparkling clean with a soft enema, which is by itself quite pleasant and will make it quiver in anticipation.

Butt plug

Then, with fingers or dildo, and even with fist once it’s thoroughly practiced, bring the well-lubricated anus to its maximum gape. As the feeling of pleasure increases, it will start to palpitate and heave. So, then, all there is left to do is to push out the tube which will grow out like a blooming rose. As it is extremely sensitive, licking or caressing it as it blooms will make it protrude even more.

A good clitoral orgasm at the same moment will not only be felt with a far greater intensity, but will literally make the girl’s ass cum as hard as her pussy.

Prolapse Girlfriend

Well, once I’d learned all those things, I profited from one of my girlfriend’s extra brazen moods to tell her I had something special to show her. As she knows that I often browses through DirtyGardenGirl cam shows and becomes quite horny herself with the blatant sexuality we find there, she was quite willing for us to go into an exclusive with DirtyGardenGirl.

Her prolapse and climax blew my girlfriend’s mind as it had blown mine and we both had a huge orgasm with her within minutes. After that, I told her all of what I had learned about the subject. By then, she was so frenzied with desire that she managed to have her first beautiful prolapse on the same night and, less than two weeks later, she’s now having fantastic ones and can’t stop cumming.


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