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White Farmers in the South Africa III (a white far

The white farmer Eric couldn’t pay his debt to Ayize when the expiry date had come. Ayize wasn’t an easy going man and everyone knew he wouldn’t tolerate this. Ayize threatened him by gaining his land and house if he doesn’t pay but the white farmer had no answer to say. Ayize got angry and told him that the 18 years old (legal sex age is 16 in the RSA) daughter of the white farmer shall live in his house till he pays the debts and white farmer couldn’t refuse it because he could loose his all property.

He only requested Ayize to keep his daughter in safe and Ayize just replied “Yeah, I will. ” The young girl Sonja had lived with Bongani family for 7 months. She was frightened of seeing young Bongani boys completely naked at home with their big hanging tools but she always hoped Ayize would protect her. Ayize was 43 years old when she moved to them. Ayize ordered his sons and young brothers to stay away from her but it was hard to control young boys.

One day, Sonja was having a shower and the naughty son Babanga entered to the bathroom and told her that he will have a shower too. She was trying to hide her feminine places but she could hide only her pink nipples, her big breasts were impossible to cover with her thin arms. On the other hand, Babanga wasn’t shy at all to be all naked in front of her and he had no reason to be shy.

He told her it is too late, he already saw her naked and no reason to hide. He ask her help to clean his back and she did. Later he helped her without her asking but finally his hands stop in her gentle place and massage it. This act destroyed her resistance and finally she kneel down because her legs lost all power. Then Babanga hold her arms and lifted her and pull her to him by grabbing her waist.

He was at least 4 inches shorter than her and her breasts were stucked on his necklace and chest, her stomach was just on his stomach she felt his penis between her legs. She looked at her first man’s brown eyes with her turquise eyes with a completely surrendering way. Finally, he started shoved his penis head inside her. It wasn’t easy but he was sliding into her slowly and all what she could do is lying her head on his large shoulders and receive his big black fresh manhood inside her fresh body.

After two hours of shower, they left the bathroom. She looked so red and shy and he was so proud. He told it to everyone immediately and they were laughing, screaming and celebrating it with an irritating way. Babanga wasn’t the last one. Every man in the family had her includes Ayize. Sonja accepted it as her destiny did what she suppose to do. Finally she got pregnant and the father paid his debt to Ayize.

White father was so disappointed to his daughter with a big belly and he cried but Ayize told him that he understands him but he can not do anything about it because he doesn’t know who is the father, it can be anyone in his family includes him but he assured him that it is a Bongani baby. Then they had to go back home father, daughter and a baby in the daughter’s belly.

When the father and daughter came home, it had become a very tragic scene. Sonja’s mother Caroline (38 yo) first time saw her daughter after 7 months and she was shocked of seeing her big belly. They hugged each other and cry for minutes. Then they started to talk about baby’s future. They had accept that it was an unwanted pregnancy but she had the baby in her belly already and there was nothing to do about it.

Sonja told that she wants the baby no matter who the father is. Caroline asked her if she is sure that she doesn’t have any clue about the father of the baby but Sonja told that she probably received maybe 1 liter of sperm per week from all 5 Bongani men before she got pregnant. Caroline couldn’t believe it but Sonja told her that in the early weeks, she had sex with each man at home and it took 3-4 weeks in total.

When Caroline heard that she got angry. She angrily said “horny a****ls, I will make them pay for that. ” Sonja said “take it easy mother, it is done and gone. Now I have a baby in my belly and we must focus on him. And nevermind about Bongani men anymore. They are on making babies but not on growing them up. ” Her daughter’s moderate mood made Caroline relieved but she was still so mad at Ayize Bongani and his kin.

Before the midnight they went to bed. Caroline told her husband that she can not believe that he let it happen to their daughter. She said that he is not a real man and whenever a stronger man challenges with him, he always looses. She asked him what he said to Ayize, after he saw Sonja pregnant. He told what happened and Caroline said that he is not enough to solve problems, tomorrow she is going to Ayize and solve it.

She said that they can not impregnate their daughter and continue living like nothing happened. Then they slept.
After the breakfast, Caroline drove to the Ayize’s farm. She had a black dress on her. The top was tight and indicating her body shape and the bottom was skirt with pleat. Her husband called Caroline as “my unicorn”. Because her body was like a horse figure. Strong but fit top and thick and strong legs with a remarkable curve on her bottom.

He had only a summer shirt on him and cotton trouser. She saw him sitting in front of the door and she said she wants to talk about her daughter. He proposed her to talk inside home and she agreed. They entered the living room. There was no body else at home. She directly started to talk about the certain subject. She was talking in a very furious way. Ayize was only listening with a reckless and bored posture.

Then he asked her to leave. She stood up and went till the exit door. They very close to each other. She couldn’t control herself and she grab his throat as she tends to choke him. She was crying and screaming “How could you do it to my baby, how?????”… It made him angry finally. He was holding himself so hard not to punish her. He stared at her from top to feet as a reflex.

Then she caught the pleased and appetiteful expression on his face. It irritated and made her more angry. Finally she lost her all control. She opened her eyes wide said:
“What was that?? Now, you covet on me, after my daughter??? Do you want to empty your dirty balls in me too???? What kind of man are you? What could stop you??”
She felt so helpless against him and defeated. Then she continued:
“If you want me, take me here now, don’t stop!!!!”
She saw his reaction from the bulge on his trouser first time and she understood what waits for her.

Then she said:
“Ok, you are the man. We are just women. So do what you suppose to do and finish it. ”
Ayize quickly took off the top of her dress. She looked so excited and aggressive in the same time and her marblelike big breasts were getting up and down by breathing deeply. Her nipples were already erected. He liked this view asked her to button of his shirt. She did it.

Then he took of the skirt and underwear and she was completely naked now. She looked like a marble sculpture. Then he took off his trouser and pants proudly. He caught her eyes are locked on his cock and he saw the shock in her eyes. He took step to her and lifted her. She automatically wrapped her legs around his body. He started to kiss and lick her nipples. He was eating it like first time he sees a woman.

Although she had bigger breasts than average, he could take almost everything in his big mouth. She felt like her body is invaded by a stranger. Then he started to rub his cock head on her pussy. It got her high and it took a few minutes. Then he slowly shoved his cock inside her. She felt like she is being digged inside by a thick hammer. Then she felt everything inside suddenly. It gave a strange feeling with ache in a level.

Then he started to go faster. He was getting fast and fast. She was feeling the air when he pulls out and she felt so clearly that she was being filled when he shoved it inside. Then he started to be very fast. She was screaming now. She was screaming “Do it! Do it! Is it best you can?! Do it like you did it to my daughters!!!”. It was really hard to understand her because she was trying to breath in the same time and she was screaming crazily and it turned Ayize even more crazy.

He pumped it even harder. He was banging her standing for 10 minutes and there was no sign of tiredness. On the other hand, she was blacking out and she had no power to say something. Her eyes were looking languid. Her mouth was wide open and he was getting faster and faster… Finally she cracked a scream and squirted boomingly. He didn’t stop and after a minute he also got it and emptied his full balls inside her wombs.

It was oozing from her after her wetness. Her head was on his shoulders. She had no power to do or say something. He carried her to the bedroom without changing the position. Her legs were around him, his cock was inside her and he was holding her from her legs and carrying her to the bed. He lied down on the bed and she lied down on his chest without changing position and yes his cock was still inside her.

She was breathing very deep and lying down on his chest. She kept this position for 10 minutes and finally she straighten up. She couldn’t believe that the thick and long meat inside her was still hard as in the beginning. She told him:
“Is that still hard? What kind of vigorous man are you? Is that a weeble what you carry?”
He laughed at these words but she was serious. She said “Can you go on, big man? Aren’t you ashamed of impregnating my daughter? Aren’t you ashamed fucking a gentleman’s wife?” She was curling her waist in the meanwhile.

It was a kind of challenge for her. She wanted to show that she is still up. With all that, turning Ayezi Bongani on wasn’t a joke. He wasn’t a kind of man who can just lie down and wait. Then he started to pump her up on his position. Before he got so fast, she put her hands on his strong chest. After her husband’s fiasco, she needed to feel a man’s power and Ayize was the perfect fit to satisfy this need.

Then Ayize hold her hands strongly and started his pumping. He did it so hard and finally he emptied his balls inside her again. But he didn’t stop because Caroline hadn’t had her lesson yet. She was still asking him if it is his best, if he is enough man. She got the certain answer when she squirted her second time loudly. Her legs were shaking. She was u*********s. She had no power to get up and dress her clothes.

She lied down on his chest for 15 minutes more till she recovers again. After 15-20 minutes she felt better and wore her clothes slowly. She requested Ayize to drive him till her house. He laughed and accepted it. No way, her legs could take her home.
White farmer husband saw his car parked near their house but it was Ayize driving. He get out of the house and run to Caroline who barely can walk.

He asked her what happened but she even couldn’t answer. He went to Ayize and asked him what he had done to his wife. Ayize said: “I had done what you can never do to her. ” Then Ayize walked back home. The defeated husband was only looking at the walking man who just impregnated his daughter and worn his wife out….

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