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White Farmers in the South Africa I

The africaaner family – Bernard and Anke Van der Eide has a farm in a rural area where mostly black africans live. They have enough land and income for the family and they had a good life. One day another family bought the land near their land and they built their own house and farm. In the beginning they were happy to have neighbors in a lonely area but then they noticed that the new neighbors are so crowded.

They had 10 children. One husband(Ayize Bongani), his 2 young brothers, and 3 wives of young husband and their 10 children. They were very loud and dynamic family. The children were everywhere without any control. They were entering even the Van der Eide’s land by passing the barriers and sometimes by destroying them. The Van der Eides didn’t have any kids so this was odd for them and Bernard was warning the children and repairing what they destroyed in their garden.

Finally he yelled at the children one day and the children complained about him to their fathers. Ayize beat Bernard so rough and their harassments continued in an increasing ratio. Finally Ayize started to use some part of the Van de Eide’s garden and then his truck, his other stuff and he could even used their refrigerator. Then Ayize started to give their dirties to the white wife to clean. In the meanwhile, whenever the white husband tent to object this situation, he was beaten by the black husband or his brothers and even by his 15 years old son.

Finally, Ayize and his kin had started to make jokes about the childless family and the sterile white husband. The harassment was in an unbearable level but there was nothing to do. They already lost half of their land, their car (Bernard had to pay money to use his own truck and car) and he was regularly beating beaten by the Ayize and his brothers and sons. Finally the children started the sexual harassment.

They were showing their penises to the white wife, they were touching her body without permission and they were watching her having a shower. There was no way to stop them. Finally she begged to Ayize to stop the harassment. His answer was shocking and so sad. He told her that her husband Bernard is not enough man to protect her and that’s the reason for it. Also they were just kids and she shouldn’t take them serious and the children see how her husband is inadequate to protect her and they have fun of it.

Then he told that she needs a real man to avoid from all troubles. She was shocked and confused and she went back home with a big disappointment. She told what they talked about and Bernard was literally down after that. He drank and get d***k and went to visit the neighbor but as you can predict he was beaten very very bad in that night.

Ayize paid a visit to the white neighbor next day.

He had a devil grin on his face. He ordered Bernard to get up and he did. He ordered him to get naked but Bernard didn’t want. He raised his voice and Bernard didn’t resist more. He took off his all clothes and the black father and his kin was laughing at him. Then the black father told his kin to leave the house. He said that he wants to have a shower and he wants Anke to help her for cleaning.

She had no power to resist and she accepted it. He got her get himself naked in front of Bernard and it was the last drop which destroys Bernard’s resistance. He finally accepted black father’s superiority and hegemony. When they went to the shower they stayed 4 hours in the bathroom and it was easy to understand what was going on because of the incredible noises and screams. Then she moved to the black family’s house.

When Anke came back to her house she was already pregnant for 6 months. The Ayize told Bernard that if he wants to save his land, he must pay half of the income from the land and he shall divorce his wife and she shall be his 4th wife, the land will belong to the wife on register records but the white couple can cultivate on the land but the Ayize can spend time with Anke whenever he wants.

They accepted it. The white couple lived together without an official marriage yoke (she had become Anke Bongani) and they had 3 more black children from her official husband. They continued paying their taxes to the Ayezi. One day Bernard argued with Ayize and after that nobody heard about him or see him after all. Then Anke had 2 more children from the black father. All of the lands belong to Ayize Bongani now this picture is the symbol of his victory.


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