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White Farmers in the South Africa (Controlling the

Kajsa Nilsson was a Swedish women who had moved to the South Africa when she was 25 years old. Her husband was an engineer in an Swedish energy company and they moved here for his work with their little daughter Josephine. The things hadn’t gone so well between Kajsa and her husband Nils and they decided to divorce. With all that Kajsa didn’t want to leave this beautiful and hot country and go back to the cold Sweden.

She preferred a simple life in the countryside of the South Africa. She had a patiserrie and it didn’t make her wealthy but she had a comfortable wife. She was interested in arts, yoga, buddhism and because of her hobbies, other people regarded her a kind of odd. Local people thought that her life view doesn’t fit to the South Africa.
Kajsa’s daughter Josephine was a highschool girl and she was attending to the same school with Ayize’s son Mondli and they were in the same classroom.

Josephine was interesting enough for Mondli as being a different type of white girl. He wanted to be with this Swedish girl obviously. When Kajsa heard that she didn’t worry about it at all. She refused all misjudges about other people and she didn’t know Mondli Bongani good enough and there was no reason to think something wrong about him. Even when Josephine told her how he tries to approach her by sitting on her chair in the classroom in the lunch break and refused to get up and finally she sat on his lap to get him get and sit on his chair but he was stubborn as her and he didn’t move till the teacher told him to get up.

Kajsa thought that teenagers can do such things but Josephine was annoyed by him. Josephine was talking about him all the time and not so happily and his insisting approach started to make Kajsa worry about it. One day, she told her daughter to invite him to their patiserrie after school and they could eat dinner at home. Josephine and Mondli walked to the patieserrie and after drinking tea after school, Kajsa drove them to the her house.

She was trying to know the boy who fells for her daughter. Kajsa observed that he doesn’t exactly know what is romance. He wanted to a female body to satisfy his man needs. He was inclined to the violance (because he was telling how many boys he beat at school). When the night is over and he was gone. Kajsa had already decided about her daughter and Mondli. She shouldn’t let him be with her daughter but how?
She had decided to know him first.

She wasn’t strong enough to prevent him so she must know him and she must convince him. He was a wild bull and she couldn’t stop or control him with chains or ropes. She could control him only by being on his side. She decided to invite him for a dinner but her daughter mustn’t be with them because she wanted to talk freely and comfortably with him. He accepted her invitation and next day he was ready for a dinner.

Kajsa braided her light blonde hair from two sides in Swedish way and she wore a stretch blouse which exposes her shoulders and open with decollete and her all curves were now more remarkable in this dress. When he saw Kajsa in his dress, she saw a grinch on his face but he was badly surprised of not seeing Josephine at home. After they ate their dinner at the desk, they changed their seats and sit on the sofa.

He was mostly talking about his beatings, how he beats the other boys and mostly they were white boys. She observed that he was prone to v******e and obsessed about his manhood and boldness. She asked him finally.
– Mondli, why do you always talking about beating other boys, are you proud of it?
– Yes I am proud and it means I am a real man but they are not.
– Why are you so aggressive on white boys especially?
– Because they live on our lands, they earn money, they use us but we are poorer than them.

– There are rich and poor people in both sides, do you think they deserve to be beaten by you?
– They don’t have any rights here. We let them live in our country but their lands, money and women belong to us.
She was terrified of his radical opinions but she had to continue and gain his heart.
– You can not have a woman if she doesn’t want it.

I am sure you will have a lot of white girlfriends but they must decide to be with you, they are not your property.
– They want us. Their men are not real men but we are!
– How do you know they are not real men?
Then he suddenly stood up and took off his t shirt. He showed his muscles and asked her
– You see how?
She was very surprised and shocked.

She eyed his body from top to till his stomach and said
-Uh! Wow!
She stood up and looked at his furious eyes. Mondli didn’t get softer when he saw Kajsa’s shiny smiling blue eyes are on him but he was even more proud. She gently stroked his one shoulder and chest. Then she said:
– Why do you talk like you are an enemy of white folks. I do not see an enemy body here.

Your body must bring happiness to the white women and it would.
– Why do you say it?
– I am a woman too and I know what your body could give a woman. Also you should remember a woman body would help you to feel more peaceful and happy. Believe me this is what you need. You have so much hate in your heart and you are very insecure. You must know white people better and especially the white Please, now lie down on the sofa, on your chest and let me smooth your nervous muscles.

He did what she told and seeing how she could turn this savage bull to a easy going young man made Kajsa so happy. women. Then you will understand what I mean. She started to make a massage on his back. She was touching every single muscle of him and his eyes were closed. She knew that she made him feel in secure finally. She asked him if he would like to take his tracksuit bottom, so that she could give a massage on his legs too.

He didn’t answer but he immediately did it. He had really thick legs with muscles and now he had only his tight slip on him. Then she made a massage on his calfs, feet. He looked completely smoothed. Nobody could think that he is the trouble boy of the school. Then she told him to turn and lie down on his back. He didn’t wait a second to do that. Now Mondli was lying down on the sofa like a king with just a slip underwear.

She first started to massage on his legs and then she moved to his six packs. Then she made a massage on his chest. She sat down near by him and said that “-It looks like we are done with the massage. ” He didn’t answer. “-You seem much better now. Do you need something more. ” While she was saying it, her eyes were flashing glances on the bulge between his legs. He caught her shy glances on his bulge.

She felt ashamed but tried to handle it. She eyed his young and masculine body from his head to till his feet and said: “You have a healthy body. ” Then she stroke his tummy and put her hand on his bulge which looks like a mountain on his body more than a bulge now.
She asked him: “Are you nervous? I can ease you, if you let me. ” He didn’t answer, he just stood up and took his underwear off, while her eyes were locked on his big long thick hammer.

He lied down again on the sofa. She gulped down and reached her hand on his big manhood. After her divorce, first time she had seen a man naked but it wasn’t something like with her husband or any other man in the world. She was holding the manhood of a young african boy whom she can never think to be a couple. She was stroking it back and forth and she was looking at it, as if she was trying to know it.

While she was stroking it, her other hand was touching his six packs. Then she realized his bulls were unusually big and full. It seemed like a big raddish. On the other side, Mondli was watching how his manhood amazed a white blonde blue eyed Swedish woman and she was playing with his manhood as if she is playing with a shiny gem or gold. Then she started to kiss his cock and then the balls and play with it in her mouth.

It was the best moment of Mondli in his life to see the Swedish lady is polishing his salami and her golden hair is on his black tummy and legs. He felt better and higher than the strongest Zulu Chief ever. He had to stop her because he could empty everything if she continues sucking it. He told her to stand up and she did. Then he started to unzip her dress. He was amazed by her pale, buxom body.

Then she took of her panty and he took off her bra. Her big white breasts shook like a jell. Then she knelt down in front of him and started to kiss and suck his balls and cock. For a moment they were eye to eye. She saw his manhood like a monument, his strong chest, big nipples and cruel posture on his face. She was holding his legs and his buttocks and stroking slowly.

While she was worshipping his manhood, his feet were on the same line with his shoulders and he was feeling like a king when he looked down and see how a smart educated blonde Swedish Lady was worshipping his manhood.
She put her hands on his butt cheeks and gently stroked them. Then she said:
– You are a very powerful young man…
And she kissed his stomach in lust while grabbing his butt cheeks.

Then she grab his big thick strong penis and said:
– And you are a gifted plentiful man, you have many beautiful things to give and get…
Then she stood up she grabbed his waist and pull him against her body and he grabbed her waist as well. He was at least 5 inches shorter than her and his cock was between her legs (not inside, just between her legs) yet and and he saw that his cock is out of her ass.

She also felt the thick hard meat between her legs and some part of this meat was out of her ass. She felt so excited and sad:
– You are a black man, I am a white woman, we are not enemies and soon we will make each other feel really good.
Then she hold her hand, lead him to the sofa, spread her legs and lead him to take his place between her legs.

She hold her cock and put it’s head on her vagina. He was pushing it into her slowly and his big cock head needed some time to enter her body. In the meanwhile, she was looking at his dark eyes with love and stroking his back from his shoulders till his calfs. She was touching him very gently. She saw a savage man’s looks on his eyes while he was entering. He looked very lustful and decided to enter inside her but she also realized he feels still insecure with her.

He was like a conqueror who invades a stranger land with passion of conquer but he didn’t feel safe in the stranger lands. Because of that, she became more supportive to him and said supportive words. Half of his cock was just insider her and she was telling him that “You are a strong man, go on Mondli, you will feel happy inside my body, go on…”
On the other side, Mondli also felt like a conqueror and his biggest victory was seeing her shiny blue eyes open wide, each time he pushes his cock inside her.

Her deep breaths and supportive words encourage him and he felt like a Zulu King who rules a European town.
After sometime Mondli started feel more comfortable and he was fully inside Kajsa. In the beginning Kajsa could observe his face, posture but after some time she has lost her ability of thinking because his penis was very long and thick and she could feel it in her every single nerve cells. Now, Mondli had the all control and all what Kajsa could do was just moaning, stroking Mondli’s muscles and doing supportive spanks on Mondli’s fit butt.

Each tine, Kajsa spanked Mondli, Mondli was hittind deeper and harde inside her.
After 15 minutes, Mondli wanted to change the position and Kajsa just did what she was told. She stood on her fours and Mondli took his place behind her. Mondli inserted his cock inside her suddenly and it hurted so much but then he pushed and pull it with an energic musical rhythm. She was very surprised of her capacity of taking a huge thick meat inside her.

She also knew it’s Mondli’s natural skill. After sometime, Mondli got faster and faster. Kajsa was feeling earthquakes inside her body. She was screaming of indescribable pleasure but on the other hand, she was feeling like a a herd of African buffalos were passing on her. She was in shocked of a teenager boy could do this affect on a mature lady like her. She couldn’t call him a man but his physical power and skills indicated something different for her.

Then he suddenly pulled out his cock and she felt a big hole inside her and a lot of air. She told him to lie down. She wanted to take the control finally and she did. For a moment. She mount on his cock. First she took it’s head and then she let it slowly slide inside her. She felt the different in it’s every single inches enters her. She finally had everything inside her.

She started to move it as if she was dancing. She was happy to see the peaceful and victorious posture on Mondli. She hoped that her way of gentling him works. Her hands were on his strong breast and she was dancing with his cock inside her body and he was eating his big white plentiful breasts. With all that, Mondli’s case wasn’t just mental. He had a lot of hormouns which turns him a bull.

Then Mondli started to bounce her. After a minute those bouncings again get her lost the control. Her breasts were like flying in the air and she was like bouncing on a rodeo bull. She could only scream and finally she couldn’t stand and hugged him to make him slow down but he was even harder and faster. She squirted helplessly when he was done and laughing. It was really brutal.
Then again he get her lie down on the sofa and place himself between her legs.

Kajsa wasn’t sure, if she was the one who controls a wild strong bull or if she was herself who was dominated by the bull. She couldn’t imagine that letting him empty his energy inside her could so hard for her. She though he is just a boy and he was an immature person but his physical capacity was the same with an African buffalo. She realized that she also had to accept his dominance and power.

She was ready to deal with it if it will save her daughter from Mondli’s brutality. She couldn’t imagine her sweet daughter in her place.
Finally he was inside her again. He seemed more tired than in the beginning but the lust and wildness was still there. After 5 minutes he increased his tempo and Kajsa decided to make him finish while he was still between his legs and inside her body. She locked her blue eyes to his black eyes and started to support and provoke him.

She was stroking his masculine arms, shoulders, face and buttocks without stopping and she was telling him
“- Come on Mondli, come on… You were right, you were a real man, you are strong and now show me what you can do to me. “
Such words turned Mondli crazy and he literally started a cock attack inside her. She lost her conscience. For a moment, she couldn’t see, she couldn’t hear but she could only feel something unpreventable not to feel.

When she opened her eyes again, both bodies were in full contact, his butts were working on her like a pumping machine, his arms hold her like a crampiron, he had a very strong posture which anyone can’t clearly define it as anger, lust or victory. She was grabbing his skin and spanking his butts. Finally they both screamed and he emptied his all energy inside her. Finally he looked peaceful while he was on her and he was in her at the same time.

It was the victory of both Mondli and Kajsa. Then they stayed in this position (Mondli between her legs, inside her body) for 5 minutes and then he stood up and left. Kajsa was just watching her young conquerer who just squeezed her like a wet sponge or lemon. She was in shocked and breathing deep. Then she took a shower and went to bed. She slept 10 hours after all.

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