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It had been too long since she’d felt a man’s body working into her and fractions of each second passing fueled the fire growing inside her, a ball of need and gnawing desire. As she and her date sat across from each other, there became a natural pause in conversation and his eyes played against hers with promising tension. Smiling, she leaned across the table and set down her wine glass.

“So,” she said, “would you like to go back to your apartment and masturbate with me?”

Dark enveloped them inside his apartment and cushioned their fall, sinking down onto the sofa, their mouths meeting, inseparable. The windows, decoration, paintings, furnishings and surroundings dissolved around them, their focus funneled into the sensation of lips parting, overflowing in feeling. Their bodies shifted against and across each other. She felt his hardness grow beneath her, coaxing a soft tingling between her legs.

Her hand slid down his chest, the curves and swoops of his musculature, and smooth skin of his abdomen to his erection. Slow strokes up and down, back and forth. His warmth filled her hand and she could feel his arousal grow vibrating within him. His breathing became deeper and longer and he reached down between her legs. Just then, she felt his fingers caress her ever so slightly sending a ricochet of shivers up her body.

Then again, his finger dragged along her clitoris, hot with anticipation. He pushed her onto her back, making his way down on her. She felt his tongue enter her and move into her wetness. Reaching inside her with his tongue, he drank her liquid. His tongue slid rhythmically from inside her across her wetness up to her clitoris and back, again and again.

She rocked against him until the warmth spread across her body and then she drew him back to her mouth.

The simple, comfortable stimulation was too much to not take to the next step. In silent agreement, he slowly lowered his body onto hers and she felt the pressure of his abdomen against hers. He took his erection in his hand and smoothly guided his cock into her. Her lips were already sensitive and parted easily in wetness. One thrust and he was halfway inside of her. Two slow thrusts and he penetrated her completely.

The delicious sensation came of him thrusting deeply within her, and an indescribable feeling enveloped them both. A moan emanated from her throat and he began pounding himself into her, again and again. She opened her legs wider and rocked herself against his cock, her clitoris embracing him. Her wetness swelled as she spread her thighs further apart, the intensity overwhelming, and each of his thrusts brought her closer onto him. Their rhythm became a dance, and the f***e of him inside her infused them both with sublimely pleasant and good feeling, hastening towards orgasm.

“I want to feel how much you can cum,” she whispered breathily to him.

His speed started to overtake them. He couldn’t last any longer and arcs of sperm erupted inside her, sending her into waves of orgasm. She gave in, encompassed by sensation, to the cascading waves of orgasm, long and full. Convulsing together, his ejaculation spurted up inside her until they were spent, totally relaxed and laying still on sweat-soaked sheets, night sky content above them.


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