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Weekend Fun Pt 1

Mandy and I had been flirting online for a while. Often discussing risqué adventures we would have if we lived closer. Well it was all about the change one day when I received an email from her, she was finally able to get a weekend free from responsibilities and would be able to fly down. We made all the arrangements. Mandy and I had many a fantasy together, but we always came back to Owner/Slave scenarios it seemed.

Neither of us got to play out these scenarios often enough in real life, so we agreed to act this one out. She trusted me and I wouldn’t let her down. From the time she land, till she lifted off, she was mine. We were both horny just discussing it.

The weekend of fun was approaching and I took that Friday off work to get ready and to be able to pick her up at the airport.

While waiting by the baggage claim I spotted what could only be my little sex kitten. Her hair was done up in a professional style, her breasts were restrained by white blouse, just a hint of her magnificent cleavage showing at the top. Mandy’s black skirt stopped just above the knees, and her 4 inch fuck me heels had my cock straining in my pants. We noticed each other from afar. Her face lighting up as well approached.

As she approached me we embraced one another. Her breasts pressing against me. I asked which one was hers and grabbed it for her, then I e****ted her away. We made some small talk and just started to get relaxed around each other. Before we left the airport I stopped in front of the restrooms. I asked her if she was having any second doubts about our agreements, and she replied “of course not.

Smiling I told her it starts now then, from now on you will call me “Sir” no matter what, and go into the ladies room and take off your panties and bring them to me. Do not hide them, proudly bring them to me for anyone to see. Her face flushed, I think she was hoping for some time to relax after her flight, but I was not giving her any.

She was in there for a few minutes before she walked out with a white thong hanging from her outstretched hand. A few people noticed, but no one said anything. I could tell she was mortified, I was hard as stone. “Here are my panties, Sir. ” I smiled and took them, smelling them first I stuffed them in her bag. I told her that I don’t think she will need these for the rest of the weekend.

We headed to the car.

Once we sat down we started necking like teenagers, are hands all over each other. We finally tasted what we had been lusting after for too long. Her hands sliding down to my crotch, she grasped my shaft through my pants. Her eyes bulged, I think she thought I was exaggerating. Looking pleased she released my cock from its confines and started to stroke it, up and down.

At this point I had her tits completely out, just her lacey bra stopping everyone from seeing her fun bags. Noticing a few people walking by, I told her to ask them if they like her tits. She was caught off guard, but I did not I give her a chance to before I rolled down the window. With a bit of stammering she asked the people if they liked her breasts, I think they were just as embarrassed as she was.

Without another moment wasted I pulled out and started driving, leave both parties confused, and Mandy relieve, but horny. Turning to me with a fire in her eyes, my cock was engulfed by her warm mouth.

As I received one of the best blow jobs of my life, I drove us down town towards a local sex shop. I pulled into to parking lot as I was about to erupt.

Gripping the back of her head I press her all the way down, then I erupted all the way in her throat. She gagged and struggled, but I did not relent until I was spent. Releasing her, I instructed her to lick me clean, but not wipe the spit and cum running down her face off. Her face and hair a mess with cum and spit running down her chin I said “let’s go inside.


Knowing full well what she must look like, we headed in. It was early afternoon so there were only a few people inside, but I told her to start looking at the different bdsm stuff. If you see anything you like make sure you let me know. I headed to the counter to speak with the attendant. Asking if there were any rooms to “test” out some of the dvds he motioned towards Mandy.

I nodded, he understood. Giving me the key to room number “2” I hollered for you. “Cock Sucker” everyone looked at me, then you. You bolt over to me, I direct you towards the back, where there are 3 doors in a row. I unlock and pull you into room number 2 with me.
The room is small but clean. I slip in a 20 and the screen flashes on. Picking some DP porn you become engrossed by the film.

From behind I slip arms around you, I slip you skirt down, and your blouse off. You are just standing there in your bra, I snap that off. By now my cock is out and hard as can be. I bend you forward and start playing with your clit from behind. You are wet as a slut can be. My mushroom head rubs against your pussy lips. I press forward. Little by little, more and more.

Before long my shaft is driving in and out of your cunt, you begin moaning more and more. I muffle your moans with my hand, warning you to be quiet. My cock driving in and out before I pull out to blow all over your ass. I love your round beautiful ass, I could slap that ass for hours.

Before Mandy has a chance, I pull up the panels on either side.

Were greeted with cocks from both sides. Mandy looks at me, I look at her….

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