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Walking Dead Sex

There are no words between you and Beth. She is still on top of you and you are staring into each other’s eyes. You want this moment never to end, but Maggie will not let that happen.
“Ok Beth, get off that pig and let’s get you cleaned up. ” Beth looks at Maggie then back at you.
“That’s right… You are a pig. ” Beth says as she reaches down and playfully tweaks your nipple.

Then she bends over and gives you one more kiss. Then she goes upstairs with Maggie and the girls and leaves you alone.
As you get off the table you forgot how sore your ass is but even that couldn’t stop you from smiling. You just made love to the woman of your dreams while her sister fucked you in the ass. You’ve had a busy day. You get dressed and go to get something to drink.

It is mid afternoon when you hear a motorcycle off in the distance. You are thankful the group didn’t return twenty minutes ago, they would have walked into quite a show.
Rick, Laurie, Carl and Carol are the first ones to pull in. Glen pulls in and Daryl and Michonne are right behind him. Michonne is on Daryl’s bike and she has her arms wrapped around him.
“Who isn’t that guy fucking?” You say to yourself.

Maggie, Beth and the girls come outside and Maggie runs over to Glen and gives him a big hug and your pretty sure she grabbed his cock. You walk over to Beth and she takes your hand and gives it a little squeeze. You smile knowing that she said she loves you. She looks beautiful, she is wearing a dress you haven’t seen her in yet. Everyone in the group is talking and you see Michonne grab Daryl’s hand and they walk off into the woods.

Beth looks at you and smiles. Rick walks away with Laurie and Carl looks over at you and gives you a nasty look. Beth told you that he was always trying to get into her pants but she always told him he was too young. You guess he isn’t too happy that you and Beth are holding hands. Maybe Lizzie can help him out.
Glen and Maggie go off towards the old barn and Beth looks up to you.

“I bet they are going to go have sex. ” Beth says to you. You look over at the two of them walking away and Glen smacks Maggie in the ass and takes off running. Maggie takes off after him and you can hear them laughing.
“Yeah, I think your right. ” You say to Beth.
“We should go watch them. ” Says Beth. You can’t believe she is saying this.

She then says “It would be fair… Maggie watched us. ” You can feel your cock starting to get hard.
“That’s true. ” You say to Beth.
“Let’s go. ” She says as she grabs your hand and starts towards the barn.
Five minutes later you two are sneaking up to the barn. You guys crawl into the far end of the barn behind a bunch of old hey bails. You and Beth look around the bail and you see Maggie sitting on Glen’s lap.

They are locked in a deep kiss. She has her hands on his head and Glen has his hands on Maggie’s ass. Beth looks at you and smiles.
“What’s got into you?” Glen asks Maggie.
“Nothing, I just missed you. ” Maggie said to Glen. She takes her hands from his head and reaches down and pulls off Glen’s shirt. She leans in and kisses his neck. She slides off his lap and starts kissing down his chest.

She kisses both of his nipples and then keeps going lower. She kisses down his belly and then starts to undo his pants.
Beth reaches over and puts her hand on your leg. This does not help your raging hard on. Glen lifts his hips as Maggie pulls his pants off. Glen is fully hard and Maggie takes his cock in her mouth. He lets out a long sigh as she works her mouth up and down on his shaft.

It is so sexy seeing her blow Glen. You reach over and start rubbing Beth’s shoulder. Beth is rubbing higher up on your leg.
Glen reaches down and starts to rub Maggie’s tits over her shirt. Maggie sucks him a few more times then sits up and pulls her shirt off. Maggie’s tits are perfect. A little bigger then Beth’s but her nipples are rock hard. You are amazed. You have never seen nipples that stick out that far.

Beth is perfect for you but you have to admit you would love to suck on her tits.
Maggie leans back down and swallows his cock again. She starts going faster and faster on his cock. Glen grabs the back of her head and starts thrusting into her mouth. It looks like he is fucking her mouth. As you sit there and watch this you feel Beth’s hand on your hard dick. She gives it a squeeze and then rubs it over your pants.

You don’t waste the opportunity and move your hand from her shoulder to her ass. You start rubbing her ass and then move your hand down to her leg. As you rub her leg you start to rub higher and as you go higher you bring her dress up as well. As you go higher you find out Beth is not wearing panties. You rub her ass and lean over and give her a kiss on the neck.

She smiles at you and keeps rubbing your cock. And you both look back to the show going on in front of you.
Glen thrusts into Maggie’s mouth a few more times and then stands up and pulls Maggie up. They both smile and he leans in and gives her kiss. As he is kissing her he is undoing her pants. As he pulls her pants down you see that the two sisters think alike because Maggie is not wearing panties either.

Glen starts kissing down her neck as his hands go to her tits. You see him playing with her tits and then he starts pulling on her nipples. Maggie moans as Glen twists and pulls on her nipples. He then bends down and takes her rock hard nipple in his mouth. You see him sucking and biting on her hard nipples. You can actually feel the precum dripping from your cock.
Glen keeps kissing down her stomach and then kisses her hips.

He then has his head between Maggie’s legs. Maggie moans and grabs Glens hair. It looks like she is grinding Glens face into her pussy.
You feel Beth start undoing your pants. And a second later your cock is out and she is stroking away at it. She looks at you and smiles and then looks back to Maggie and Glen. Her hand feels great on your cock. Her small, soft hand is making you crazy.

You move your hand from her bare ass and go down between her legs. She must like watching Maggie and Glen because she is dripping wet. You see her close her eyes as you touch her pussy. Her little clit is rock hard and she squirms a little as you circle it with your fingers. Beth leans back into your hand and starts stroking you faster.
Glen stands back up and you can see his face is wet from Maggie’s pussy.

She leans right in and starts kissing him. Glen turns Maggie around and grabs her tits from behind and kisses the back of her neck. He then takes one hand and puts it on her head and pushes her down so she is bent over. He kneels down and gives her another good licking from behind. He stands back up and you see him jam his cock into Maggie.
You lean over and kiss Beth then you move in behind her.

You lift her dress up over her hips and you are staring at her perfect ass. You bend over and start to kiss her ass. First one cheek then the other. Then you go lower and start to lick her pussy from behind. You feel Beth tense up as you start licking her, then you feel her loosening up as you keep licking her.
She starts to move her hips as your tongue finds her hole.

She pushes her ass against your face as you bury your tongue inside her. You do this for a few minutes and then stop because you have to fuck her right now. Your cock is throbbing with anticipation. As you pull your tongue from her pussy you look up and see her perfect little asshole. You don’t know why but you bend back over and start licking her asshole. You hear her gasp a little as your tongue circles her asshole.

Lightly you flick your tongue back and forth over her hole. Beth reaches back and grabs your head. You think she is mad at you for playing with her ass but shebgrabs your hair and pulls your face against her ass. You start to lick her harder and faster and then you grab both of her ass cheeks and spread them apart as you stick your tongue up her ass. She tenses up at first and then relaxes as you keep licking her.

You go to play with her pussy as you lick her ass but realize her hand is already there and she is rubbing away at her clit.
You can’t take it any longer and you kneel behind her and in one thrust, bury your cock into Beth. She lets a soft moan escape her lips as you pull out and slam it back in again. You try to be quiet as you start thrusting into her.

Beth covers her mouth as you pump your cock into her.
You look up when you hear Maggie moaning loudly. She is bent over with one hand on the chair and her other hand between her legs. She is begging Glen not to stop. He has his hands on her hips and is slamming into her. Maggie starts to moan louder and you see her legs start to shake. Waves of pleasure rip through her body as Glens slams her for behind.

You hear Beth breathing faster from her covered mouth and then you feel her pussy tighten around your thrusting cock. You know your not going to last much longer but you are trying not to cum yet.
Maggie’s moans die down and you hear Glen say he is going to cum. Maggie spins around and drops to her knees she leans her head back and opens her mouth. Glen starts stroking his cock and then tells Maggie to get ready.

He throws his head back as he starts to shoot his load all over Maggie’s face. Some of his cum goes in her mouth but most is on her face. Glen keeps pumping his cock and the last of his cum lands on her chin. Maggie leans forward and takes his cock in her mouth. She sucks him deep trying to get the last drop of his cum.
You feel Beth’s pussy tighten again around your cock and you know she is having another orgasm.

This is it. You can’t last any longer. You bury your cock deep inside Beth as you start to cum. You feel her tightening around your dick as you spray your load deep inside her. With your cock still inside her you bend down and kiss her neck.
Maggie takes her finger and wipes Glen’s cum off her face and into her mouth. Maggie then stands up and wraps her arms around Glen.

Glen has his back towards you and Maggie has her head on his shoulder. They hold each other and then right before they release each other Maggie looks up right at you two and smiles.
At first you are not sure if she really saw you or if it was just a coincident. But she kisses Glen and when they start to gather their cloths Maggie looks over again at you two. You and Beth duck down behind bail of hey and you look at each other and smile.

You hear them leave the barn and Beth climbs up in your lap and starts kissing you. You wrap your arms around her and return the kiss. Beth sits back and says
“That was so sexy”. You agree with her and then take her back in your arms. You love having her body against yours. The feeling of her tits against your chest, her breath against your neck and the smell of her hair.

You can’t believe everything that has happened today. You blowing your load all over Lizzie and Mika. Maggie fucking your ass while you fuck her sister. And you and Beth spying on Maggie and Glen while you fucked Beth.
Yes…. today was a good day.
Too bad it will not stay that way…..


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