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walkin my mate

There we were, me and Stephen both naked, sitting on the bed wanking each
other’s dicks when his Dad opened the door. We were both dead embarrassed,
me and my mate — my mate more than me. The second my mate’s Dad realised
what he was looking at, he shut the door and went downstairs. My mate was
sitting on the bed with the duvet wrapped around him. He was mortified that
his Dad had just caught us wanking each other off.

I bumped into my mate’s Dad a week later in the street. He said he wanted
to talk to me. I was just concerned about my mate. I hadn’t heard from him
since we both got caught wanking each other off in his bedroom.

“How’s Stephen?”

“He’s fine. “

“I’ve been worried about him. “

“There’s no need to worry. He’s fine. “

“I know I haven’t been round to see him but…well…”

I couldn’t really look my mate’s Dad in the face.

I just stood there
looking at my trainers.

My mate’s Dad put his hand on my shoulder. I looked up at him. I was
blushing big time.

“I’m sorry about…you know…what we did. “

“That’s ok. I’m cool with it. “

“Will you tell Stephen that I’ll come round to see him tomorrow?”

“I’ll tell him. He’ll like that. “

“That’s if I…that’s if you want me to.

“Of course. He’s your mate. You’re mates. “

“I feel so…ashamed. “

“Lee, there’s nothing to be ashamed off. “

His hand was still on my shoulder.

“But it’s so embarrassing, Mr Roberts. “

“I’m not embarrassed about it. It came as a shock when I saw you, I must
admit, and it did take me a few days to get my head round it but yeah, I’m
one hundred percent cool with it now, Lee.

Don’t worry about it. And I’ve
told Stephen that I’m ok with what you were doing. “

“We’re not gay, Mr Roberts. “

He could see that I was getting upset and he stroked my arm.

“You were just experimenting. I know. I did the same when I was your
age. Most 18-year-old boys do, I should imagine. Stop worrying about it. “

“We were just having a laugh, Mr Roberts, that’s all.

I couldn’t stop the tear rolling down my cheek.

Mr Roberts wiped it away with his finger.

“Come on. Stop upsetting yourself now. Everything’s fine. “

More than anything else I was concerned about Stephen.

“Is…is Stephen ok. Really?”

“I think he’s more upset about you not coming round to see him. “

I felt really bad.

“I’ll phone him. “

“He’ll like that.

“I’ll phone him tonight. “

“Come round. “

“I’d rather phone him first. “

“Ok then. “

He took his hand off my arm.

“All right then, Mr Roberts. “

I was about to go when he stopped me.

“It wouldn’t matter, you know. “


“If you were. You and my son. If you were gay. It wouldn’t matter. “

“But we’re not.

“I know but I’m just saying. If you were it’d be no big deal. “

“Yeah, well…we’re not, so…”

He put his hand back on my shoulder.

“I’m really ok with you and my son. And I’ve said the same thing to
Stephen. “

“I’ll phone him. He’s my best mate. “

“I know. I know how close you two are. “

“We’ve been best mates for years.

“I know you have, which is why it’d be stupid to let something like this
spoil it. “

“It won’t, Mr Roberts. I’ll phone him like I said. “

“It must be really nice. “


“Having a mate like that. A best mate. “

“Yeah. Well, like I said I’ll phone him and…”

“I suppose if I was honest I’m a little bit jealous. “

I didn’t know what he meant by that.

“What do you mean?”

“Well at least my son’s getting some. “

This was getting a bit weird.

“Me and the wife, we haven’t slept together for two years. “

“Oh, right…”

“The last time she touched my cock was two years ago. “

Fuck, this was getting really weird.

“I’ll see you later then, Mr Roberts. “

He took hold of my arm, stopped me from going.

“Nobody’s touched my cock in two years. Do you know that?”

“Well, I do now. “

“Two years. “

“Right. “

I felt proper uncomfortable hearing my mate’s Dad telling me this. I didn’t
wanna hear it. Then he came up real close to me, brushed his body up
against mine.

“What you doing, Mr Roberts?”

He took hold of my hand and he…he put it between his legs.

My hand was
touching his dick through his trousers. I could feel his dick.

“Oooh! That feels good, lad. Mmm. Yeah. Oh yeah. Mmm. “

This was the weirdest thing ever. I was feeling my mate’s Dad up in the
street for fuck’s sake. I looked round to make sure there was nobody
about. Luckily there wasn’t.

My mate’s Dad, he kept my hand pressed against his dick through his

“It’s been two years. Oooh! I’d forgotten how it felt to have somebody
else’s hand on my dick. “

He took his hand off mine. I should have taken my hand away and fucked off
coz this wasn’t right. He shouldn’t have done what he just did. I should
have fucked off and phoned his son to tell him that his Dad was a fucking
perve. But no. I kept my hand there and I had a proper feel of his cock
through his trousers.

The material of his trousers was proper thin and I
had my fingers and thumb on his bell-end. This was well dirty. Touching my
mate’s dick was nice. Touching his Dad’s dick was just fucking awesome.

I wasn’t gonna let it stop at this.

“Do you…do you wanna…”

No, I couldn’t ask him. It wasn’t right. I just kept thinking of my
mate. This was his Dad for fuck’s sake.

“What? Do I want to what?”

Oh fuck it. Why not? I was feeling horny as fuck and so was he.

“Do you wanna come back to my flat?”

Straight away I said it I thought: No, I shouldn’t be saying this. I felt
dirty for saying it.

My mate’s Dad, his dick was growing stiff in his trousers and I carried on
touching it, stroking it through his trousers.

It was getting proper
warm. It was swelling up. I could feel it getting stiff in his trousers.

He didn’t say nothing.

Now I really felt dirty and I took my hand off his bulging trousers.

My mate’s Dad, he stroked my arm up and down.

“No, it’s ok. Yes, I would love to come back to your flat. That would be
lovely. “

Be both smiled.

So I took him back to my flat. We got to my flat and we both had solid

“Are you sure you wanna do this, Mr Roberts? I mean with you being my
mate’s Dad. It’s a bit weird, innit?”

He put his hand on my shoulder.

“Please. It’s been so long since I had fun with my dick. “

I sat down on the sofa.

My mate’s Dad sat next to me. We didn’t say nothing
for a while. Just sat there, me with my boner in my trackies, him with his
boner in his trousers.

Then I said, “Right. Shall we get our dicks out then and have a wank?”

My mate’s Dad, he looked a bit nervous, probably thinking about his son.

I put my hand on his thigh.

“I promise your son will never find out about this, Mr Roberts.

Let’s just
whip our cocks out and have fun. “

I pulled my trackies down. I lifted my bum up, pulled my trackies down to
my ankles. Fuck it. Why not? I took my top off as well. I felt well horny
sitting there naked next to my mate’s Dad with my dick on bone. I looked at
him and smiled, grabbed hold of my hard dick, rubbed it up and down.

“It’s what us boys do.

We wank all the time. “

Then my mate’s Dad pulled his trousers and boxers down. His hard dick was
well fat, proper meaty. I love older men’s cocks.

“Nice cock, Mr Roberts”

He had a really nice cock. It was well thick and I loved the veins that
wrapped around the thickness of the shaft. Well sexy.

He was more relaxed now and he even got naked.

We both sat there wanking
ourselves off. We sat there looking at how we wanked ourselves off. My
mate’s Dad was gently stroking the head of his dick with his thumb and
forefinger. I was using my thumb and three fingers.

“Do you do this, Mr Roberts?”

And I rubbed my dick against my flat belly. I rolled my hard dick back and
too across my belly. My mate’s Dad said I was a proper sexy boy.

“Right,” I said. “Let’s get down to why we’re really here. “

My mate’s Dad, he took his hand off his dick. He sat there waiting. He was
breathing heavy. I smiled at him then I took hold of his cock. The look of
pleasure on his face was intense. He closed his eyes. He was breathing
heavy and he was making these deep groaning noises.

“Oh yeah…mmm…yeah…mmmm…”

His dick felt nice and warm and it had a really strong throb.

When I
touched his dick, it twitched and throbbed in my hand. I had never had an
older man’s cock in my hand before.

His eyes were still closed.

“Oh that’s nice, lad. It’s been so long since I’ve had somebody else’s
hand on my dick. Oooh!”

I thought he was gonna shoot off there and then. Two years of built-up
frustration was being released in my hand. I could feel his cock throbbing
with heat.

It was getting hotter with each throb.

“Open your eyes, Mr Roberts. You’ll enjoy it more. “

He opened his eyes and looked at my hand on his cock.

I held it nice and gentle and I slowly moved my hand up and down on
it. This was amazing. Wanking my mate was good but wanking his Dad was

“You can do me if you want to, Mr Roberts.

“Yes, please. “

He took hold of my dick. We were wanking each other off. It’s so intense —
boys and older men wanking each other off, it’s the best. It’s mega.

My mate’s Dad, his dick was bigger than mine by a good inch or so and it
was much thicker. Mine was stiffer and my bell-end was well shiny and
purple. We sat there wanking each other off.

“Fuck it. I hope you don’t mind me doing this, Mr Roberts, but I’m feeling
well horny. “

And I got up and I straddled my mate’s Dad. I got on top of him and I
rubbed my dick over his dick. I held on to the back of the sofa and I
humped my dick back and too over his dick. He just sat there and let me do

He was just happy for the physical contact on his cock. I shagged his
cock. Shagged it real hard and fast, humping my hips back and too, bringing
my arse back, sticking my arse right out then slamming forward really hard,
shagging my dick over his dick, banging my balls against his balls. His
hands were round my slim waist and every time I pulled back, his hands slid
up the sides of my body up to my chest then when I pushed forward, his
hands slid back down to my waist.

“Oooh! Fuck! Fuck!”

I shagged his dick harder and faster and my balls were proper swollen and
tight. Me and my mate’s Dad, our hot cocks were slipping and sliding
together, my cockjuice over his cock, his cockjuice over my cock. The
underside of my big fat purple cockhead was sliding back and too over the
full length of his cock then I felt the spunk welling up in my balls and
surging up my cock and I warned my mate’s Dad.

“I’m cuming! I’m cumming! I’m…oooooh!”

I collapsed on top of my mate’s Dad as my cock squirted thick powerful jets
of cum, splashing over his belly, up over his chest. And when my cock
spunked up it triggered his cock and he spunked gallons of hot jizz all
over me.

My mate’s Dad, he lay back across the full length of the sofa and I lay on
top of him.

We just lay there together naked, me on top, his arms around
me, and we stayed there till we both got our breaths back, his hands
caressing my smooth hard soft-skinned teenage body.

A few days later I was wanking with my mate again in his bedroom while his
Dad was downstairs.

Just as my mate cum in my hand I said, “Oh by the way, me and your Dad have
wanked each other off.


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