WET AFFAIR – wet in someone else’s bathroom

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  • Datum: 18.12.2022
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I'm really getting naughtier, I think oO At the beginning of the week I was visiting a friend. Actually, it should only be a few hours, but then I was there much, much longer! We had a lot to talk about and sometimes I almost wet my pants because I just couldn't tear myself away from the conversation. Well, I've been in the bathroom a few times in that long time ^.^ But once I wasn't just in the bathroom to relieve myself.. Actually, I didn't want it to escalate like that oo I just thought the idea was funny , to make a short video secretly with her, I've already done that more or less secretly several times with different people. That I then first had to wipe the floor – I really didn't expect that! Hopefully my girlfriend didn't notice anything, that would be so embarrassing oO