Was that for THREE??? YOUNG TAIL tutoring given in FACESITTING!

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  • Datum: 20.01.2023
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From time to time I like to give private tuition to earn some extra money…unfortunately it's not easy at all, because if the tutor student lacks the motivation to learn, it becomes difficult!!! But he didn't count on me…hihi….Sexology in biology is exactly my topic (especially practiced practically;))) So I thought maybe I'd explain to eighteen-year-old Stoffel how biology gets very interesting. First I asked him if he already had a girlfriend and if he had ever licked her to an orgasm…oh how sweet…he wasn't sure. A clear case for the tutor FRAU STURM: I sat down on his face with my already wet cunt and explained to him with hot dirty talk how he should lick….uppppss that he is so teachable and in the end even me brings to squirt …. who would have thought? DO YOU NEED ANY HELP;)))????? #milf #blonde #facesitting #cunt