Strapped on in RUBBER BOOTS | Sexy PISS and MUD games

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  • Datum: 19.01.2023
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Finally spring. I enjoy every sunny moment outside by the stream. I put on a tight miniskirt with no panties underneath and a short crop top. In addition, suspenders and rubber boots. I pose sexy and I admit it: the cheeky outfit excites me a lot. I piss horny in my rubber boots and then put them back on. It's a great feeling when your feet are surrounded by warm golden showers. So I climb into the creek and don't get far because I'm sinking in the mud. That's funny, I have a lot of fun with such actions. I splash and jump in the mud and sink completely. The boots go under completely. I can hardly free myself. But finally I succeed and I save myself on the shore. There I empty my full rubber boots first. Do you like my sweet fetish…?