My favorite housework

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  • Datum: 07.01.2023
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Today it's time to clean the house again and I've been there for quite a while and I've been sweating quite a bit. As I clean the oven, I hear my boyfriend standing behind me and I wonder why he's slouching around. Until he points out that I'm not wearing any panties, of course it's clear what he wants. He comes closer and gropes my buttocks, there is a clear bulge in his pants which turns me on a lot! So I pull his pants down and start sucking his cock. My favorite housework! He gets nice and hard and big pretty quickly so I want to get right into sex, which my boyfriend doesn't take twice to tell. I crouch in front of him and spread my buttocks so he can penetrate me. His member slides gently but firmly into my pussy and it feels super cool! Immediately he starts to move, in and out, and I moan like crazy and just enjoy! The thrusts of his hard cock feel soo good! Soon he gets an orgasm and squirts his semen into my vagina. Have fun 🙂